Beach huts costing £2.5m+ for sale on the Isle of Wight. Tempted?

Fancy hanging out in one of these two storey beach huts in Seaview this summer? You might need to speak to your bank manager first.

If you love spending long days down on the beach in the summertime (or winter), what better way to make your life more convenient than to own or rent a beach hut.

Having somewhere to store your beach gear, perhaps have a kettle to brew a cuppa and of course, a place to change out of wet and sandy swimwear away from the voyeuristic eyes of other beach-goers sounds dreamy.

And if you happen to have a spare £200,000 Seaview Developments can make that dream come true.

High-spec beach huts
If you’ve been along the Seaview Duver in the last six months, you’ll have seen their latest offering.

Fourteen high specification beach huts with “magnificent views over the Solent”. These two storey ‘beach huts’ are up for sale from a whopping £195,500.

All mod-cons
The beach huts sport first floor balconies on either side of the huts and French doors that open out onto the seafront. There’s an electric roller door on the ground floor leading to an area you can store your watersports equipment and upstairs has a lounge area, sink, electric hob and toilet.

If you were thinking you could downsize and live in one of these bijoux properties, think again, as we understand you’re not permitted to sleep overnight in them.

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Friday, 21st February, 2014 11:55am



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8 Comments on "Beach huts costing £2.5m+ for sale on the Isle of Wight. Tempted?"

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Email updates?

Astonishingly high prices to buy somewhere that planning law prohibits occupancy overnight.

They have been selling them for a year or two now, no takers so far. What they replaced were decrepit single skin 50’s holiday chalets. I wonder if the developer out at Atherfield had in mind before Island planners said no?

Paula Jones

Ididn’t think there were any chalets there before just the shack where you could hire/book windsurfing?

Humungous price tho!!!


The area was empty before & looked much better. These buildings have now spoiled the entrance to the Hersey Nature Reserve!

Mr Magoo
Headline on this article was journalistic hyperbole, I thought, although I can see how you came up with a figure of £2.5million (although £2.73 million might be closer to the mark). It is not unlike an estate agent selling 40 homes worth £200,000 each on a new development advertising them as “Homes for sale for £8 million”. A good story nonetheless and I can see why, at… Read more »
pete jenkins

If only they were £1950.00!!
A few confusing prices all along in this article and comments.

Mr Magoo

@ Pete Quite right, if I am going to be mildly critical I should at least ensure my own contribution is error free!


Interestingly, the developers website has them priced at £199,500 while the board outside shows the lower price.

They also have a shower, not mentioned in the article, so I might buy 2 or 3 now.

As they are simply constructed my guess is that they cost 10 to 15% of the sale price to build, plus the land cost. Very nice, if only someone would buy them!


Just like most things developers build on the IOW they play the waiting game. These huts got the planning permission to build for day use only. Price them out of nearly everyone’s reach so they remain empty. Now want them for 24/7 use to push up their profit. Council Planners / Councillors should take heed to this. They are what they are and should be priced accordingly.