Buzz at end of term Ventnor council meeting

The mayor says the town council will continue to fight to save the Coastal Centre for community use.

Ventnor Coastal Centre

Many thanks to Evelyn Knowles for this report from Monday’s Ventnor Town Council meeting, Ed

There was an end of term buzz to the meeting of the Ventnor Town Council on Monday evening. However, no agenda item was given any less cover than usual.

‘Distress’ over Coastal Centre decision
Strong determination to pursue the issue of the Coastal Centre came from the Chair, Cllr Stubbings. He spoke of his ‘distress’ on finding that the decision given by the officers, that the building would not be of community value, was based on guidelines written by the officers making the decision.

These guidelines were put in place after the Ventnor Town Council submission had been received.

“This reinforces the fact that the procedure has been a sham and a farce,” he said. “This Council will continue to fight.”

Public toilets
The availability of the Market Street toilets is now back on the agenda and, recognising the changes brought by the local elections, any discussion will wait until the next meeting.

The Town Clerk’s Report contained an update on the work of the Council and can be read online. See Report 35/13.

Finances well handled
The Mayor and Cllr Rees congratulated the staff on their excellent financial management over the past year. This had the support of all the Councillors.

Thanks to Cllr Debbie Robinson for her contributions over the past few years was said by the Mayor and a member of the public.

All reports can be found on the Town Council website

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Wednesday, 17th April, 2013 2:18pm



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Nice to know someone’s holding the IW Council’s feet to the fire (a mental image I rather like). Roll on May 2nd!


I think a part of the anatomy a littlet higher than the feet would have a more beneficial effect (clue for location – where Boy Blunder keeps his few brain cells)


Advice on Judicial Review should be sought when a local authority has not correctly applied the required process of decision-making. (Time limits apply but can very occasionally be stretched).


tyrme: thanks for the suggstion; you can be assured that Ventnor Town Council is taking advice from the best in this business.


That’s good to hear, thanks!