Change of use for redundant agricultural buildings could improve economy say CLA

Good news for farmers and land owners as regulations change on the use of disused farm buildings

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The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has scored a major lobbying victory following the Government’s decision to allow changes of use for redundant agricultural buildings.

john-harrison-claCLA South East director Robin Edwards said the Association had lobbied successive governments for nearly a decade for disused farm barns and other agricultural outbuildings to be eligible for redevelopment under permitted development rights.

He said: “This is a great victory. It means farmers and landowners can use their old agricultural buildings for new purposes without having to go through the difficult and costly full planning application process. We are very pleased Defra has worked with the Department of Communities and Local Government to finally make this happen.”

“Will help to underpin our local farming businesses”
CLA Isle of Wight Chairman John Harrison said: “This change will help to underpin our local farming businesses and speed up the planning and development process. Making use of the many redundant agricultural buildings on the Island will boost the rural economy by assisting in the creation of new jobs and businesses on the Isle of Wight at a time when they are greatly needed.”

Responding to the announcement made by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Planning Minister Nick Boles, Robin Edwards added: “We are also pleased that the new permitted development rights will allow changes of use for redundant office buildings to houses.

“This will apply in rural as well as urban areas and give more flexibility for owners of redundant office buildings to provide much-needed homes in rural areas.”

Friday, 25th January, 2013 12:14pm



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