Controversial tidal power scheme gets approval

The scheme was strongly opposed by residents on the south coast of the Isle of Wight, but is being hailed as a world-leading scheme that will put Isle of Wight on the map.

Rob Stevens

News just in from Rachel on behalf of PTEC. Ed

A state-of-the-art tidal energy generation project, to be constructed off St Catherine’s Point, has today been given approval.

The Marine Management Organisation has given the go-ahead to the offshore elements of the Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC).

The onshore part of the project, at Ventnor, was given planning consent by the Isle of Wight Council last year (8 September 2015). At 30MW, the project is the largest consented tidal stream energy project in England and Wales.

PTEC is set to become a world leader in large-scale tidal power production, which uses the perpetual motion of the changing tides to generate clean and reliable electricity. A number of tidal turbine manufacturers have already expressed interest in partnering with PTEC to install their turbines, to generate green energy for the UK’s grid and advance their development and growth.

Clean energy creating new jobs
Not only will PTEC generate enough clean electricity to power the equivalent of a quarter of all Isle of Wight homes, it will create jobs, business and training opportunities locally, as well as encourage investment.

The EMEC marine energy project in Orkney has been shown over its first 10 years to have led to the creation of 250 jobs locally. Where possible, PTEC will also source materials and services locally, utilising the extensive marine and engineering related supply chain on the Island and around the Solent.


Project Director Mark Francis said:

“We are delighted with the decision. PTEC will be pivotal to the future growth and success of the UK’s tidal energy industry.

“Work began on the PTEC project back in 2010, and we secured the seabed Agreement for Lease in November 2012. Following a lengthy and detailed consultation, we submitted our application to the MMO almost 17 months ago.

“We have created a project that will deliver reliable power to the UK’s grid and has attracted world leading turbine manufacturers to partner with us in its implementation.

“We will continue to work closely with all relevant stakeholders including the MMO, local planning authority, the local community, those in the fishing industry and local sailing clubs, throughout the next stage of the project prior to construction. We are keen to ensure that there is as little disruption as possible.”

PTEC is operated as a joint venture between private company, Perpetuus Energy Ltd, and the Isle of Wight Council. It is hoped that the construction of the project will start in 2017, with potential to be generating electricity from late 2018.

Wednesday, 20th April, 2016 4:26pm



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Mason Watch

Excellent news, the Green credentials of the Island are at last being seen. It appears that an outbreak of common sense is occurring.

Darren Irving

Absolutely brilliant news, about time too, I have for many years witnessed the power of the sea in that area, great that the greenness of the island can now be quantified by our energy production too!
A top story!


We live on a small, windy island surrounded by tidal waters. Not using the wind and the sea to generate our electricity would be criminal!

Darren Irving

Yes too right DaveIOW!

Vix Lowthion

Our tidal resources off St Catherines are second to none. Tidal is the future of energy generation – reliable, secure and we are surrounded by it. We need to play on our strengths – and sun and tides are very much part of our island resources. Positive news.


Missing wind from your list there, Vix?

Is that deliberate, or do you value our landscape more than some people who think we should have ostentatious displays of on-shore wind power generation dominating our AONB?

Tidal and solar generation on and around the IW are superb outcomes.

Steve Goodman
A lot of us value both our AONBs and our shared atmosphere and oceans, and recognise that continuing our present (and increasing) consumption levels is almost unbelievably stupidly suicidally harmful to us and to so much more of the nature we depend on. The science is against our present wishes; something has to give. Wind works, and if we don’t use enough of it from many small… Read more »

One of the things that the anti wind power brigade bang on about is the fact that wind turbines produce power when its windy, not when the power is needed.

That excuse is about to evaporate with new research from the US ARPA-E (US Govt’s energy research dept) has discovered a method of reliably and cheaply storing energy until it is needed.


I’m not anti-wind-power, I’m anti huge structures dominating our historic landscape when they are better located in the sea away from such visual intrusion. Maybe some people want to see such ostentatious intrusion for limited power returns (and a risk to our tourist trade), but when the solar arrays on the IW are already delivering many tens of MW to the grid, it seems rather absurd we… Read more »
Darren Irving

Thomas you do make me giggle, all that about historic landscapes from someone who likes tearing up our countryside for fun using 4×4’s!


Don’t like huge structures dominating the landscape, eh?

So Carisbrooke Castle needs to go, then.

Mason Watch

That’s ironic considering that you want to cover most of the middle of the Island in concrete and make it a suburb of Southampton…

Steve Goodman

Clean and green makes much more environmental and economic sense, and should therefore be much more welcome on the Island, than the dirty dangerous stuff like the fracking our government wants us to pay for.

This is wonderful news ! Well done Isle of Wight for looking to the future ,with clean Green energy. Who needs fracking and fossil fuels and least of all Fracking which ruins the earth Tidal ,wind and solar are the best alternatives and we have all in abundance ,some of us even have hot air ..don’t they Steve Goodman. Why have a dig at Vix who has… Read more »
Highway to Hell

Not wishing to spoil the party, but work will commence when?

I like the idea of tidal energy, but there seems little meat on the bones of this announcement…

Awaiting the red arrows…

This is clearly biased. The title mentions controversy and yet nothing of the other side of the story is mentioned at all in the article only the positive PR spin from PTEC and the Council. The naïveté of the comments only proves that none of those commenting have taken a moment to examine the proposed plans and what they actually involve. Amazing how easy it is to… Read more »
Darren Irving
Oh I am blind am I? A generalised comment towards someone you do not know! The only blinding fact is if we as humans do not start taking action for our inaction towards ecological and greener energy matters now it will not matter, some might say that we may already be too late! The is certainly controversial because most that appeal against certain projects like this have… Read more »
Sally Perry

@ James This is a press release from PTEC, so it is not surprising that the content is positive. It clearly states at the top of the article that it is written by “Rachel on behalf of PTEC.”

We have reported much on the opposition to the plans (including the onshore element) in the past 2/3 years.

You can find all PTEC-related articles here

Well done PTEC’s pr on these comments… you certainly lined your commentators up. We all want to be green but this project destroys local jobs, industrialises South Wight and is ill conceived. Long term energy consumption is going off grid. This project is likely to be a half finished relic that will be cleaned up by the tax payer who has already paid for most of it… Read more »
Black Dog
Instead of spouting about just how good this for the island councillor Bacon let us have some asdurances. 1 can you confirm that the council will not invest any more of OUR monies in this venture without the other shareholders stumping up with their portion? See 2 below 2 when will the other stakeholdres start putting in their bit of the finance as they hold allegedly an… Read more »
Black Dog

Should read assurances above

Bruce Webb

Great news. Finally the eco island vision has something to be proud of. Lets hope we can get wind turbines too so we can be a 100% self sustaining island and lead the way for the UK.

m coakley
Professor David Mackay was a Cambridge University physicist and until his recent death Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Energy and Climate Change. He said that he loved renewables but he also was aware of arithmatic. He wrote a best seller called Sustainable Energy Without The Hot Air – published free on the internet. With all the vast resources of information at his disposal he expressed… Read more »
Darren Irving
All too often I read of projects like this not being able to meet the needs of our energy usage, this is an entirely skewed way of looking at it. We all need to reduce usage of everything, power, fuels and food! Livestock is by far one of the biggest pollutants to our atmosphere, methane produced by livestock that is bred to satisfy humans selfish wants, outweighs… Read more »
Chris B
I had some doubts about the figures m coakley attributes to Prof. David Mackay. I suspected that these statistics are the kind of makey-uppy pseudo-scientific rubbish that is touted to try and diminish the value of renewable energy resources. I did a little arithmetic on just the first statement that ‘you would need to cover 75% of England in biomass plants to produce 25% of UK energy… Read more »
m coakley

President Obama will be lunching with the Queen tomorrow. He will be offering his advice to the UK that the US would prefer us to remain in the EU> Perhaps we could offer advice that Darren Irving proffers.

Darren Irving

Just in case you thought I was suggesting that Americans should be the only ones to make that sacrifice, then no that was not the case.
Those figures were quoted, as they were the dataset that I had to hand, I could given time probably convert that to a “UK spec” statement, providing of course if I could find enough stats for the UK!

richard callan
PTEC Ltd is a £100 “off the shelf” company formation -& that £100 appears to be only private financial investment it has made to this project so far. PTEC has been primarily supported by the Isle of Wight Council,in terms of finance, time, & human resources up to an estimated £3.5 million- & the Isle of Wight Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr John Metcalfe, is on PTEC’s… Read more »