Council Chief Exec to leave

We’ve been told it’s not if, but when.

OnTheWight understands that Steve Beynon, who is currently Chief Executive of the Isle of Wight Council and Director of Schools and Learning, will be leaving.

It is expected that his departure will be announced in today’s internal newsletter circulated to IW council employees, called The Vine.

When would he go?
What isn’t currently clear is the date of his departure.

Back in November, Steve told OnTheWight that he had “no intention” of leaving before the election in May.

If it is to happen before then, the date of 26th March is likely to be important, as the council goes into ‘pre-election period’, a self-imposed, virtual lock-down before the election, when no controversial items are to be acted out.

Caretaker to be put in place
We understand that Stuart Love, currently Director of Economy and the Environment, will be placed in a caretaker role and that the role of Chief Exec will be removed (as has been discussed), opting instead for a senior director role.

Stuart has long been the name mentioned as the likely successor to Beynon.

Image: Stephen Edmonds under CC BY 2.0

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Thursday, 31st January, 2013 8:51am



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Email updates?
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For anyone in any doubt…this IS how serious the conservative ruling group see the upcoming elections and together with the 3 or 4 councillors not seeking re-election this is an enormous broadcast of getting rid of the past and planning for the new…. don’t ever be fooled. In fact, it just fits with the whole conservative approach to hanging on to power… do something positive and start… Read more »
Steve Draper



Three cheers for the little guy, then again perhaps not!

Billy Builder
Whilst we must rejoice at the departure of a poor CEO, I can’t help thinking that its out of the fryingpan and into the fire. At least Steve Beynon had some expertise in the field of Education and Childrens services, although it was very well hidden. Stuart Love however, has no expertise in this or any other area that would make him a fit CEO. However, as… Read more »
sam salt
I hope Mr Beynon enjoys his nice pension pot, not bad for a primary school teacher. Complete disaster putting Stuart Love in caretaker charge, nice guy but oh so wet. Why does the Island go from one crisis to another? Might it be because of lack of experience and expertise by the Leader and his cohorts, I could cry when I see the decline in our Island.… Read more »
Sandy Banks

Is this the next stage of becoming a Local Authority that is managed jointly with Southampton City Council?


Can we get a refund?


Same procedure as the PFI clique. Clearing off with a fat payout before the sh*t hits the fan.

This was a very badly kept secret – but welcome news nonetheless. His appointment by the Tories was just plain wrong. I agree, the news also reveals Mr Pugh’s growing desperation. He wants, needs to win the forthcoming election at all costs. If he fails, what else can he do except leave politics and find a proper job? Blaming Mr Beynon for everything is worth a try.… Read more »

Some people claim that in order to attract the top people, top dollar must be paid.

Beynon and Duckworth are living proof of just how wrong that statement is.

Don Smith

Duckworth is now with the LACS – Oh dear yes! Very dear.

So Mr Beynon is leaving. Well, that’s a ‘worst kept secret’. Mr Pugh didn’t want him to leave before the elections because it would ‘look bad’. He obviously could no longer resist the pressure of those who wanted Mr Beynon gone sooner rather than later. Mr Love will be slotted into the senior post (whatever title they wish to give the post). That Mr Love has been… Read more »
Black Dog
Beynon a walking disaster, Love – a Train crash waiting to happen. There is only one current officer who is capable and if the Independents get it I will be putting her name forward. I will remind those rats jumping ship that should any of the negotiated contracts prove to be, all or in part, fraudulent it is a criminal offence and legal remedies will be sought.… Read more »
Island Monkey
Speaking of badly kept secrets, Sandown High will soon be declared in special measures. With claimed expertise in education, both Messrs Beynon and Pugh could not expect to remain in their jobs when the one thing they said they could make better, they made worse. Our schools are an embarrassment, buildings and attainment. Quite rightly, in any area of life – when you carp on about having… Read more »

One things for sure when Pughy is kicked out he cant go back to selling paper clips on this Island. I for one would boycott any business employing the weasel.

Billy Builder

Hi Black Dog
I would be interested to know which current officer you refer to when you say that there is only one current officer suitable to be ceo ?

Black Dog

Billy Builder, given the current state of the council and the culture of bullying that exists I would fear a witch-hunt to drive this person out.

I can assure you given my dealings with this person that the are not only competent but care about the Island and Islanders.



Does he intend to apologize as well? Not just for being an arrogant, obnoxious little no account but for being so incompetent and hopelessly out of his depth as well.

Peter piper

Another badly kept rumour – Benyon already has a new job lined up as a consultant in Kent County Council working for the same people he just “forced” cowes enterprise college into contracting for improvement and who have been contracted to help with primary improvement on the island!! Feathering the new nest already!!

William House

Rumours abound that the ‘relationship’ with Kent County Council has other tangible benefits for a number of interested parties, and this re-unites past acquaintances. You could not make this up. Dont know what HMRC think about such things?


So we will constantly be having to refer to ‘Love’ for a number of years? I don’t think I can bear dragging the beautiful word ‘love’ through the inevitable mire, time after time. Someone think of a nickname, quick….


(I’m thinking prewitt parrot will come up with ‘Lovey’……)




Good thinking, how about ‘Dead Loss Lovey’


Keep working on it! Short & not necessarily sweet, would be good….


Stuart Louse

Man in Black

Better start thinking up new names as it’s been announced that ‘Dave Burbage Consulting Ltd’ will be taking over Beynon’s responsibilities, not Lovey.


…& ideally, funny….Take your time!


As seems to have trouble putting his signature on essential bits of paper, perhaps he has been messing about on computors for so long he has forgotten how to write. So I would suggest that Mr.X would suite him down to the ground. Please mister Independant, stop this man getting any position on the management. I mean would you buy a used car from him?

Billy Builder

I’ve been trying to find out a little more about our soon to be CEO Mr Love, but google has failed me. I cannot find any trace of Mr Love that predates his arrival at IOW Council. Therefore perhaps he should be ‘Mr Nobody’


Please tell me about the severance package and am I able to contribute to the whip round?

Billy Builder
What might be an interesting project here for ‘onthewight’, would be for them to identify the top runners and riders in the IOW Council, and present a resume of each person including their CV and any specific achievements whilst at the Council. I would suggest looking at say the most senior 15 individuals, excluding Steve Beynon and Dave Burbage, as both would appear to have short shelf… Read more »