Council’s IW Adult and Community Learning college ‘Requires improvement’ say Ofsted

Council-controlled college slips from Good to ‘Requires improvement’ in the last three and a half years.

Ofsted today released their latest report on the council-run Isle of Wight Adult and Community Learning college, finding that it ‘Requires improvement’, a fall from their previous report (May 2009), which judged it as ‘Good’.

Leadership and teaching criticized
While Ofset judges the ‘Outcomes for learners’ as Good, both the ‘Quality of teaching, learning and assessment’ and ‘Effectiveness of leadership and management’ were judged as requiring improvement.

The Ofsted report (in full below), lists Steve Beynon, chief executive of the council, as the Principle/CEO of the college.

Points requiring improvement
The key points the inspection body give for finding it needed were:-

  • Standards of teaching, learning and assessment vary too much and in some curriculum areas require significant improvement.
  • Learners from minority ethnic backgrounds do not achieve as well as other learners.
  • Self-assessment is not accurate or self-critical enough.
  • Observations of teaching and learning are not frequent or effective enough to bring about improvement.
  • The service does not monitor the quality of commissioned provision closely enough.

Points judged as good
Those things Ofsted did think the college did do well at were :-

  • Learners on short courses and those taking family learning programmes achieve well.
  • Learners gain good personal and employability skills.
  • Highly effective partnership working leads to productive engagement with learners facing disadvantage.
  • Community learning champions effectively support and engage with new learners in the community.
  • An effective strategy prioritises and meets adult learners’ needs well.

Contact details
Westridge Centre
Brading Road
Isle of Wight
PO33 1QS
01983 817280

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  1. How soon is now?

    15.Jan.2013 11:53am

    Yet another slip in educational standard overseen by Steve Beynon. Isn’t it about time he had the honor to hand in his resignation? Failing that, when will the elected so called leaders of this council demand it?

  2. Island Monkey

    15.Jan.2013 12:16pm

    Another decline supervised from County Hall. The council Tories have given us an awful lot of promises about young people in recent years. However, the facts are clear. They have actually delivered; the Cowes school fiasco, some of the worst KS2 school results in the country, woeful GCSE results and today, children’s services slammed and this college failure.

    That the Tories must go is pretty obvious. But If he is to have any chance of re-election David Pugh must now realise he has to sack Steve Beynon soon? We can but hope he does not depart for the mainland with half a million of our pounds in his pocket?

  3. Old learner

    15.Jan.2013 8:21pm

    Whatever happened to the Community Learning? It used to be so good and I learned such a lot from their courses in Ventnor but now there is nothing! You would think that at this time of austerity, the one thing you would like to invest in is skills for the long term unemployed so that they can get work.There used to be so many courses in art and craft and even culinary skills etc.Education is one thing in which you can invest even if there is no money for direct investment in jobs. From new skills can come new enterprise and industry. Why can’t these people see past the end of their noses? All of it is counter productive, negligent and even destructive.

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