Cowes Enterprise College: Handover date discovered, buried in council papers

By scouring council papers a handover date has been discovered, but how much longer after this it will take to open to the pupils has to be estimated due to a lack of information. Parents of CEC pupils may find out more at this week’s Parent Council meeting.

Cowes Enterprise College

Following up on previous OnTheWight articles on Parental engagement and the Meeting for parents following the Ofsted report, Parent Council member Dave Miller offers feedback and welcomes further parental input, in his own words. Ed

Following the last Cowes Enterprise College (CEC) Parent Forum meeting on 25 February (Draft Minutes), parents should have received weekly newsletters as part of the improved communication, and an invitation to attend a meeting by the new Interim Executive Principal, Mrs Hardman, alongside a positive letter.

The next Parent Council meeting is on Wednesday and agenda items requested include updates on the Improvement Plans and new building, and consideration of parental feedback. It is understood the first Ofsted monitoring visit occurred on the 20 March, and was anticipated to be one officer and mainly a desktop exercise with no lesson observations.

New Building handover ‘Autumn 2013’?
Following the BBC News article and subsequent College Statement, many parents may be frustrated by the lack of information, especially following the positive progress statement in the last Parent Council minutes. Unfortunately the anticipated communication never emerged. Parents may also recall the statement read out by the (then) council Chief Executive “We will be able to provide a proposed completion date only when we are satisfied with the remedial programme proposed by the main contractor.”, and have expected the programme to be complete, even if the works were not.

Dates discovered in council docs
Interestingly, a statement deeply-embedded in council paperwork reports – “The new building for Cowes Enterprise College has been subject to significant delays. The Council is working with the contractor and the college to achieve completion and handover in Autumn 2013.” (Council Cabinet papers,12/02/13, Paper C, Appendix A2 – page 2 (C-13)).

Sadly the handover is the first stage along the path of it being used to educate children.

Actual opening date?
Given the previous official statements on having a six-week staff familiarisation following handover, and a non-term-time move, this could lead to a February half-term move in 2014. Questions over contingency plans therefore seem in order.

Have your say – Input sought
Future Parent Council meeting dates are 17/04/13, 05/06/13 & 08/07/13 (members only). Draft Parent Council minutes should be published on the website, within a couple of weeks, for parents to read. An open (informal) Parent Forum meeting is also anticipated shortly.

Input to the Parent Council can be provided via the clerk, elected year-representatives, or parent governors (contact details on the Parent Council section of the CEC website), and I am happy to receive any input at (No personal matters please.)

Dave Miller (CEC Parent Council member & co-opted Educational representative on Scrutiny Panel)

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Billy Builder

[comment removed by moderator pending investigation]

Billy Builder
I would like to apologise to ‘OnTheWight’ for the posting that has been removed pending moderator investigation, as I had no intention of posting anything that could lead to actions against the OnTheWight team, as they are doing a fantastic job. However, I am some what frustrated by the fact that the person and/or organisation objecting to this posting can do so on the grounds that, I… Read more »
Island Monkey

You can sum this up in a single word: incompetence.

The council, governors, trustees and probably builders are all responsible yet none of them admits responsibility.

Billy Builder
Hi Island Monkey, You’re undoubtedly right, all parties to this fiasco are to blame to a greater or lesser degree. But the fact of the matter is Pugh, Love and Wells decided that the school was not fit to move into, even though all the professionals involved said it was. It would seem however that a Data Comms technician who has never project managed the building of… Read more »
Oh boy, talk about shooting yourself in the foot, this is just one more (in a long line) of reasons for the electorate to dispense with the incompentent services of Boy Blunder and his motley crew, well those who haven’t already jumped ship (those who have actually read the writing on the wall)! Come on people of the Isle of Wight- make May 2nd 2013 a real… Read more »
Morgan B.
Hmmm, interestingly enough i heard from a source that the school would indeed open for September 2013. The source spoke with one of the workers who told him that the interior was done, and they were pratically able to move the children in tommorow if they wanted. All that needs doing is the outside. Considering those papers are from Feburary and the said discussion above occured last… Read more »
Billy Builder
Hi Morgan B, In reality the school could have been and should have been completed in November/December last year. I believe that much of the external works that is still on-going has no bearing on the functioning of the school, and much of that work falls within phase 3 that is not part of the current delivery (Phase three is for the demolition of the old school… Read more »
alex davies
This really is a trail of broken promises to the children, staff and parents. We were promised good communication. Well if this is Mrs Fiddlers, Mr Wells and Mr Simmonds idea of good communication I can see why the school is in such a bad way. Why can’t they stop treating the parents and council tax payers as stupid, we care about the islands children and want… Read more »
I’m sorry but this saga makes me and my children so cross. These people on the trust and governors really do have no idea what this is like for the pupils at Cowes. The new lady in charge appears to be going along with all the old ways and there is no urgency from anybody. To keep going past the new school, and seeing how impressive and… Read more »