Don’t fall for Isle of Wight damp treatment and insulation scam

If you receive a call saying your “property has been flagged up as eligible” tell the salesman to buzz off.

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The Isle of Wight council share this latest warning. Ed

The council’s trading standards team are warning of a potential damp treatment and insulation scam on the Island.

This follows reports received that a trader is phoning residents for damp treatment and insulation, saying their “property has been flagged up as eligible” and that a salesman will then be sent shortly to “assess the property.”

As might be expected, the ‘trader’ finds damp and insulation issues at the property and pressurise the homeowner into signing a contract for a large sum of money.

Cancel the contract
If anyone has entered into a contract for damp and/or insulation, they can cancel within 14 days by writing to the company. You can telephone but we would strongly advise following the telephone call with a letter confirming the cancellation. The information is on the contract from the company.

If you have contacted and are worried, you can contact the Trading Standards Service on (01983) 823371.

Warm up Wight
Please be aware that the Council supports the Warm Up Wight Scheme as it meets their Code of Conduct.

More advice and support relating to insulation and keeping heating bills low can be obtained from the Footprint Trust

Do Not respond to calls such as this – calls that are “out of the blue” carry the hallmarks of a scam. Reputable traders would not pressurise customers in this way, or charge such extortionate fees.

If you feel that you may benefit from home insulation or suffer with damp,  make your own enquiries with reputable Island traders. Trading Standards will always recommend contacting a trader on the  Trader Approval Scheme.

Reporting a Scam
• For advice on scams call – Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline: 03454040506

• To report a scam call – Action Fraud: 0300 123 2040

For more information on scams visit the Website.

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