Island Line Trains: New Invitation to Tender labelled ‘wholly discriminatory’

The campaign group set up to fight for Island Line trains to remain part of the wider franchise express their disappointment at the contents of the Invitation to Tender issued today.

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David Pugh from Keep Island Line in Franchise (KILF) shares this latest news. Ed

The Department for Transport (DfT) has finally published the Invitation To Tender (ITT) for Island Line.

Requirement to become a “self-sustainable business”
We (KILF) are hugely disappointed that it includes a requirement on the franchise bidders, as set out below, which we have been campaigning against:

One of the objectives for the franchise is to “work with the Isle of Wight Council to secure a long-term sustainable solution to the future of the Island Line during the course of the next franchise that will enable it to become a self-sustaining business”.

Singled out
No other rail service in the country has to become a self-sustaining business. Island Line is being adversely singled out in this manner.

This is wholly discriminatory and we will now step up our fight against this, and challenging the Island’s MP Andrew Turner to also oppose it.

Details of the ITT can be found on the government’s Website.

Image: tompagenet under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 30th June, 2016 1:08pm



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Email updates?

You only had to watch the televised meeting months ago with the minister to know that this was a done deal.

Politicians. Consultations just a sham. Always know what’s best for us. Or not.

Good luck with working with the IWC during the next franchise. Will it still exist or be solvent or have any money to do anything?

My first point to raise is that the government is using the wrong model for the entire UK rail network. As an essential public service, the railway should be in public ownership and operated by the state; not for profit but to provide a useful service and to support the national economy. Public transportation should always be the primary objective of public transport, not profit (the clue’s… Read more »
shy susie

How about a petition/referendum on this?


That’s not such a good idea, the politicians will lie about it and when they do that, we the public can’t be trusted to understand what is true and what isn’t. We simply don’t have the intellectual capacity to critically appraise the information put before us…


Rod Manley


What we have to hope for is a complete lack of bidders. No bidders, means no way forwards on this approach, which would mean it would need to remain in the current franchise, or be publicly operated. The last time this happened was with the East Coast Main Line when the government made £250m whilst it was operated by the public sector – thank heavens they managed… Read more »
mark francis

The Island’s tourist industry was founded on the railways & is still dependent on it to a limited extent. With the ending of EU subsidies the farmers are stuffed so its back to the other traditional IOW industry,which with increased tariffs, will probably be a growth industry.