Isle of Wight Cabinet Agree to Dispose of Ryde and Shanklin Theatres

Cabinet agree to rid themselves of the theatres

Members of the Isle of Wight Cabinet tonight voted to dispose of Ryde and Shanklin Theatres from their property portfolio.

Isle of Wight Council to Dispose of Ryde and Shanklin TheatresThe Cabinet heard from members of the public concerned about the closures and discussed at length the viability of the Council continuing to run the theatres.

It was agreed to dispose of the buildings, with a newly formed community group intending to take over Shanklin Theatre as a multi-use arts centre and Platform One Music College to take over Ryde Theatre.

Read full details of the Cabinet discussion as reported live.

Tuesday, 19th January, 2010 8:11pm



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Mr T

The sad truth is, it disposed of them years ago.

roger regular

Agree! but lets hope things now get better

One big question remains…Why does a not-for-profit organisation (which I hope and has my blessings on doing well) need the freehold and what are the clear conditions they would be allowed to sell on the building? How much does this benefit Ryde in the long term? Platform 1 already boast one of the finest studios in music education on the south coast and enjoy a monopoly that… Read more »

Fantastic comment muso and needs to be said.

Why is this building effectively being given away? Perhaps because if the council only leased it then the “£1ms” that needs to be spent would be their responsibility.

A agree with others who say that someone should be held accountable for the disgusting neglect that this council has shown to this historical building.


I beleive there is a condition on Ryde Theatre that they not sell it for 20 years and that the council have the first option


To be used as a music venue for 50 years and allowed to be used by the public for 21. What’s to stop the price of hire to the public being even higher than what it already was? What if the sale figure is too high for the council to re-purchase?….Who is making here?


Oh I agree. Shanklin has to move into a new era and look for new avenues.

Ryde has to make the most of what it has and I’m not sure Platform 1 are going to be able to do that


Not a worry if you can sell the plot though.

Mr T
Some really valid observations here muso. Hopefully P1 and the council will have no problem making sense of them (indeed you would hope the council have already thought things like this through): they’re community concerned (as I said, observations, not criticisms), but they’re all points that need to be addressed in the interests of democracy/transparency. One thing that did concern me is the council’s confidence in a… Read more »

and how are they going to payback the deferred loan they will receive?


With Platform One running the theatre, would the college itself re-locate there?
Making use of the building, perhaps having a studio there and it being used day and night would be fantastic in my opinion although some valid points have been made.

roger regular

Every one has assumed Pugh is telling the whole truth about platform one running ryde theatre.
Lets wait to see if this does happen

Mr T

Roger… the council haven’t told the truth over the theatre yet. I’m certainly not expecting a career politician to start now.


yes he is


so far…but there still may another twist

Sadly I feel Ryde theatre is doomed. No new business plan can be sustainable because there will never be sufficient use or revenue to make it work. The council have no choice but to sell the freehold. Without it no-one could raise the funds needed to repair the building properly. There is a big risk to the taxpayer. If as I believe, it cannot be made to… Read more »
Mr T
As you say, it’s the repairs that are the problem Shobba. As far as use and profitability go, it managed to run on a subsidy of 26K for years EXCLUDING any profit made on the bar (bar-take could be well into the thousands for one night, and around 2yrs ago there were plenty of very popular nights there regularly that each turned over significant bar profits). Bit… Read more »

Ryde Theatre has every chance for success given effective management.

Shanklin has made a loss for years thanks to some idiot not renewing the alcohol license…another indication of the level of management at these estblishments

I have one last thing to say on this (Hopefully) and I apologise for the rants over the last few years…. When members of the local community put together an effective, cost saving schedule of programming for Ryde theatre (as ‘theatre assistants’ on £6ph), rather than support their efforts, the council (A decision making team of 4/5people on a combined salary of goodness knows what.) diminished the… Read more »

Muso-activator for council leader! Well said mate, it’s about time that the island population really understood how negligent those in charge have been


Spread the awareness here…..Plenty more council neglect reports here…

Latest news is that to take down the pictures of town mayors that have stood in the council chambers of Ryde theatre for many, many years. The council have hired inside scaffolding at a cost of £500. It really is a simple job that could be done with a ladder and further proof of money drain shenanigans. Seems none of us got told that Ryde Town council… Read more »

Thusday 6th May sees the start of Shanklin Theatres regulars shows under the new operators.

Starting with Songs of the Musicals every Thursday

Tickets avialble from Shanklin Theatre Box Office