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Ocean Hotel a ‘funeral pyre to years of neglect’ and ‘shameful legacy’ say residents

Kings Head in late 19th century from the Jeff Brett Collection

Paul Coueslant of the Our Sandown Group says inaction has enabled the tragedy at the Ocean Hotel to happen and that the event should be a funeral pyre for the years of neglect by those who know who they are

Sunday, 9th May, 2021 9:28am

By Sally Perry with 3 readers' comments

Our Ryde councillors help town council become more diverse and ‘truly representative’

Three Our Ryde women

Our Ryde made good on one of its election promises – to make the town council more diverse and ‘truly representative’

Sunday, 9th May, 2021 9:07am

By Sally Perry with 3 readers' comments

Isle of Wight 2021 town, parish and community council results

Photo of Video screen showing the count at Medina Leisure Centre taking place

The votes were counted on Saturday and revealed some interesting results, with lots of new faces on Isle of Wight town, parish and community councils

Sunday, 9th May, 2021 8:46am

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 2 readers' comments

Here are the turnout figures for 2021 Isle of Wight Council election broken down

photo of count at medina

Looking at the turnout figures in the Isle of Wight council election turns up a few interesting items

Saturday, 8th May, 2021 8:21pm

By Simon Perry with 6 readers' comments

Who won Isle of Wight council election 2021

Ballot boxes at IWC count - copyright IWC

Find out who won which seat in the Isle of Wight council 2021 election

Saturday, 8th May, 2021 11:49am

By Sally Perry with 3 readers' comments

MP Seely asked for comment after IW Conservatives lose their majority at council

Bob Seely with the Island coastline in the background

Seely thanked now-deposed Dave Stewart for leadership and said he’ll be writing to the new councillors to ‘outline a common agenda’ he believes elected leaders of the Island should be working towards

Saturday, 8th May, 2021 10:25am

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 22 readers' comments

Conservatives lose majority in 2021 Isle of Wight council election

Tables at the count

Here's what's changed at the Isle of Wight council since the count started at 9.30am this morning

Friday, 7th May, 2021 9:16pm

By Sally Perry with 33 readers' comments

2021 Isle of Wight council election: All ward results as they come in

Votes at the count being poured out

As the election results come in News OnTheWight will update the searchable table so you can see how many votes candidates got in your ward

Friday, 7th May, 2021 6:03pm

By Sally Perry with 24 readers' comments

Conservative leader, Dave Stewart, thinks he’s lost his IWC seat to his Green opponent

dave stewart on Teams call

Dave Stewart, who has been Isle of Wight council’s leader since they gained power in 2017, has said he thinks he’s lost his seat

Friday, 7th May, 2021 6:01pm

By Sally Perry with 13 readers' comments

I’ve voted in the 2021 Isle of Wight elections, what happens now?

polling station sign outside Bonchurch church

Here’s why you haven't woken up this morning to the results from the local elections

Friday, 7th May, 2021 8:27am

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

The Alchemy Arts Club plans tattoo studio in heart of Cowes

Drawing of Alchemy Arts Club

The tattoo studio would have no outward signs of tattooing but instead, the general look of an art gallery

Thursday, 6th May, 2021 1:53pm

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter

→ Find out about your Isle of Wight election candidates ←

person putting voting slip into ballot box

News OnTheWight's searchable table includes links for many of the candidates to more information to help you choose who to vote for on Thursday

Wednesday, 5th May, 2021 6:55pm

By Sally Perry with 5 readers' comments