Isle of Wight Green Party release ‘For Our Future’ vision

One of the ideas the Isle of Wight Green Party will be campaigning on is securing an Isle of Wight trial of a Universal Basic Income

Green party members with flag and banners

News shared by Vix on behalf of Isle of Wight Green Party. Ed

The Isle of Wight Green Party are proud to publicly release their bold and comprehensive vision document which details the platform that Green Party candidates will be standing on for the May elections, and beyond.

Entitled ‘For Our Future’ the document outlines five key areas which Green candidates at Town, Parish and County levels will be campaigning on in the coming weeks: our local economy, our community, our recovery, our education and our environment.

Highlights include:

  • A focus on supporting local Island businesses, and ensuring that Council Tax money is spent wisely, including replacement for the failed Floating Bridge 6
  • Opposing inappropriate housing developments, supporting genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy
  • Building resilience in our recovery after the Covid-crisis through addressing new, progressive ways forward to ensure that Islanders never again have to be put under such emotional, physical and financial stress.
  • Securing an Isle of Wight trial of a Universal Basic Income, to include carers, volunteers and the self-employed
  • Appointing a ‘rewilding officer’ to coordinate schemes to grow essential habitats for wildlife, and to develop our Biosphere status
  • An Islandwide ‘laptops for students’ scheme to refurbish unwanted tech hardware and ensure that all young Islanders can extend their learning outside of school hours
  • Explore a designated site for ‘flexi-schooling’ such as the proposals by the community in Chillerton
  • Develop a network of new cycle-paths for residents, tourists, families and commuters to get around the Island safely

Palin: Voting Green is a positive choice
Cameron Palin, Green Party candidate for Osborne said,

“Over the last four years we have seen a Conservative Council that has completely lacked ambition and innovation. Our Green vision “For Our Future” gives a new approach with polices that have environmental, economic and social justice at their core.

“Going Green not only benefits the environment, but our local economy and the pockets of Islanders too. Voting Green is a positive choice which an increasing number of Islanders are choosing to make.”

Lowthion: A truly outstanding list of candidates
Green Party chair, Vix Lowthion, said,

“In 2017 we had the best results ever for the Isle of Wight Green Party in local council elections, with more Green voters than both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats. 

“Now in 2021 we have a truly outstanding list of candidates standing across the Island on the strongest platform for change. A vote for the Green candidates on 6th May will be a vote for a positive and resilient future. It is a real team effort!”

The full list of Green Party candidates will be released next week, but in the meantime voters can get in touch with the local party via social media or email the team via [email protected]

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Green For Our Future: Our Vision
Green For Our Future: Our Local Economy
Green For Our Future: Our Community
Green For Our Future: Our Recovery
Green For Our Future: Our Education
Green For Our Future: Our Environment

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By far the most professional looking release from the parties so far. There’s a vanishingly small chance that with the broken state of contemporary politics, the Greens might be seen by some as the least bad option. Unfortunately there are far too many people who vote Tory by reflex. You could put a blue rosette on a bucket of untreated sewage and people would still vote for… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

If the rest of the island can end up looking as happy as the people in this photo then they have my vote

Food for Thought
Angela Hewitt are you seriously saying we should vote for people because they look happy? Senior members of this group – the Isle of Wight Green Party – are advocating building on Woodland in Bembridge. One extremely senior member is helping the applicant, another serving Green Parish Councillor seeking election to the Isle of Wight Council has also worked on the plan. The Leader of the Isle… Read more »

We need to focus on keeping the hard left marxist cult of Island Labour away from any power in our beautiful peaceful island. They will turn it into a tip-hole


Publicly conflating Democratic Socialism with Marxist Communism is either a play from the Donald Trump Bumper Book of Bull or the result of being dangerously ill-informed.

If it’s the former, you’re on your own. If it’s the latter, this might help…

Steve Goodman

Surely we need to focus far less on imaginary reds under the bed and far more on our existential environmental emergency and the stupidity that has already turned too much of our beautiful world into a tip…

What a joke the heartless Tory party have imposed unnecessary austerity for over a decade with Britain broken, inequality, homelessness, crime, the use of food banks, inadequate housing, zero hour contracts all rising under class rule. The NHS and social care underfunded and run down for years, don’t tell me about a tip hole. Labour is the party for change, equality and a better society. As for… Read more »