200 Isle of Wight councillors elected uncontested onto town, parish and community councils

Due to a lower number of candidates in 48 town, parish and community councils residents will only be voting for their Isle of Wight councillor

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Almost 200 councillors have already been elected into town, parish and community councils on the Isle of Wight — as their seats have gone uncontested.

In ward areas of the smaller local councils, a certain number of seats are available for councillors to stand for.

For example, the East Cowes North Ward of East Cowes Town Council where four seats were available.

In some areas across the Island, this has meant councillors have discovered their fate before election day on 6th May as their seats went uncontested.

This means there were enough seats for all the candidates who put themselves forward without having to be voted in.

Already elected
For 48 parish and town wards, the only elections people will now vote for, on 6th May, will be for their Isle of Wight councillor and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner.

So, who has been elected into the wards so far? Find out here:

Arreton Parish Council (Eight seats)

  • Heather Calloway
  • John Cooper
  • David Healy
  • Martin Kimber
  • John Orchard
  • Vivian Roberts
  • Venetia Very

Brading Town Council (Eight seats)

  • Stephen Bonsey
  • John Graney
  • Richard Hudspith
  • Chris Johnson
  • Gerry Ramsden
  • Joost Spit
  • Richard Whiting

Brighstone Parish Council (Eight seats)
Brook Ward

  • Roy Haviland

Mottistone Ward

  • Neil MacLennan

Calbourne, Newton and Porchfield Parish Council (Six seats)
Calbourne Ward

  • Sally Chaucer
  • Carol Weeks

Porchfield Ward

  • Richard Mathrick
  • Lynda Pike
  • Philip Pike

Chale Parish Council (Six seats)

  • Peter Gosling
  • Liz Groves
  • Ron Groves
  • Mary Kershaw
  • Dian McWilliam

Chillerton and Gatcombe Parish Council (Five seats)

  • John Hobart
  • Sara McWilliam
  • Nigel Phillips
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Peter Whiteman

Cowes Town Council (16 seats)
Cowes Medina Ward

  • Stuart Ellis
  • Lynn Hammond
  • David Jones
  • Lora Peacey-Willcox
  • Jock Rafferty
  • Vanessa Slade

Cowes South Ward

  • John Nicholson

Cowes West Ward

  • Linda Brown

East Cowes Town Council (Eight seats)
East Cowes North Ward

  • Karl Love
  • Bob Packham
  • Tracy Reardon
  • Margaret Webster

Fishbourne Parish Council (Six seats)

  • Cheryl Fontana
  • Malcolm Hector
  • Ed Hopper
  • Weronika Nowak
  • Sarah Talbot

Freshwater Parish Council (14 seats)

Freshwater Colwell Ward

  • Terry Dimmick
  • Michael Locke

Freshwater North Ward

  • Brenda Hobbs
  • Daniel James

Freshwater South Ward

  • Anne Bamford
  • Carol Bray
  • George Cameron
  • Brian Hinton
  • John Medland
  • Tom Murphy
  • Natalie Thomas
  • Jonathan Young

Godshill Parish Council (Six seats)

  • Pat Button
  • Alison Child
  • Carl Donoclift
  • Yasmin Nigh
  • Amanda Taylor

Gurnard Parish Council (Nine seats)

  • Marie Budgen
  • Mark Franklin
  • Paul Fuller
  • Alan Jacobs
  • Terry Nolan
  • Jan Williams
  • Nikki Wood

Havenstreet and Ashey Parish Council (Six seats)

  • Bob Blezzard
  • Veronica Hattersley
  • Karen Hull
  • Mick Lyons
  • Sue Lyons

Lake Parish Council (Ten seats)

Lake North Ward

  • Naomi Goodall
  • David Hardy
  • Susan Hardy
  • Susan Horton
  • Tig Outlaw
  • Adrian Whittaker
  • Bette Young

Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council (Ten seats)

  • David Adams
  • Barry Elliott
  • Rebecca Hardie
  • Michael Ward

Newchurch Parish Council (Eight seats)

  • Roy Bevan
  • Bob Blezzard
  • June Davidson
  • John Earley
  • Rodney Harris
  • Clare Mosdell
  • Adrian Whittaker

Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council (14 seats)

Carisbrooke and Gunville Ward

  • Bev Hastings
  • Terry Martin

Fairlee Ward

  • Matthew Price
  • Michael Smith

Newport Central Ward

  • Julie Jones-Evans
  • Vix Lowthion

Newport West Ward

  • Joe Lever
  • Ray Redrup

Pan and Barton Ward

  • Joanne Ballington
  • Geoff Brodie

Parkhurst and Hunnyhill Ward

  • Andrew Garratt
  • Cara Lock

Niton and Whitwell Parish Council (Ten seats)

Whitwell Ward

  • Tim Addison
  • Benjamin Attrill

Northwood Parish Council (Eight seats)

  • Steph Burgess
  • Mark Coventry
  • Paul Fuller
  • David Jaggar
  • John Nicholson
  • John Pullen

Rookley Parish Council (Seven seats)

  • Michael Jones
  • Ian Rigaudbarret
  • Colin Willis
  • Elizabeth Wills

Ryde Town Council (16 seats)

Ryde South East Ward

  • Jessica Higgins
  • Jo Park

Shalfleet Parish Council (Six seats)

Shalfleet East Ward

  • Helena Hewston
  • Shirley Stables

Shalfleet West Ward

  • Ian Broad
  • Pamela Broadhead
  • Steve Cowley
  • Thomas Cowley

Shanklin Town Council (15 seats)

Shanklin North Ward

  • Patrick Barry
  • David Cable
  • Stephen Knight

Shanklin South Ward

  • Lyn Fleming
  • Mike Hailston
  • Denyse Larner
  • Robert May
  • Stephen Parkes
  • Chris Quirk

Shorwell Parish Council (Six seats)

  • Giles Alldred
  • Geoffrey Butler
  • John Harrison
  • David Rimmer
  • David Russell
  • Peter Turner

St Helens Parish Council (Eight seats)

  • Jonathan Bacon
  • John Norman
  • Sarah Elliott
  • Gilles Gergaud
  • Phil Jordan
  • Joost Spit
  • Ian Thomson
  • Kevin Tutton

Totland Parish Council (Eight seats)

  • Hilary Benns
  • Steven Blamire
  • Jan Cave
  • Vince Fennell
  • John Howe
  • Michael Locke
  • Helen Wood
  • Gareth Wyre

Ventnor Town Council (11 seats)
Bonchurch and Ventnor East Ward

  • Brian Lucas

Lowtherville Ward

  • Colm Watling

St Lawrence Ward

  • Stephen Cockett

Whippingham Parish Council (Six seats)
Whippingham North Ward

  • Peter Clark
  • John Kirkwood-Slack
  • Brian Taylor
  • David Thursby-Pelham
  • David Walter

Whippingham South Ward

  • Matthew Price

Wootton Bridge Parish Council (Ten seats)

  • Barry Abraham
  • Dave Burley
  • Christopher Cory
  • Trish Evans
  • Barrie Hailstone
  • Lee Lemon
  • Daryll Pitcher
  • Linda Pitcher
  • Barbara Port
  • John Ward

Wroxall Parish Council (Eight seats)

  • Susan Chilton
  • Adrian Gallop
  • Helen Little
  • Kai Wacker

Yarmouth Town Council (Eight seats)
Thorley Ward

  • Thomas Cowley
  • Gill Head

Yarmouth Ward

  • Jamie Allen
  • Rod Corbett
  • Steve Cowley
  • Peter Cronin
  • Debbie McCleary

Contested seats
But who will be voted for on 6th May to fill the seats in town, parish and community councils?

Bembridge Parish Council
North Ward (six seats)

  • Jay Chapman
  • Martin Groom
  • Paul Kenny
  • Rosamond Poncia
  • Alasdair Steane
  • Mike Tarrant
  • Richard Weaver
  • Liz White

South Ward (six seats)

  • Harriet Brabazon
  • Iain Delaney
  • Margaret Donlon
  • Josh Lake
  • Liz Mitchell
  • Grant Stillman
  • Marianne Sullivan
  • Sheila Weedall
  • Ray Widger

Brighstone Parish Council
Brighstone Ward (six seats)

  • Pearl Adams
  • Doug Alldred
  • Colin Bridges
  • John Cirrone
  • Steve Hastings
  • Matt Huxley
  • Nick Stuart

Cowes Town Council
Cowes North Ward (six seats)

  • Anni Adams
  • Paul Bertie
  • Paul Fuller
  • Richard Hollis
  • Neil Oliver
  • David Walters
  • Wendy Wardrop

East Cowes Town Council
Osborne Ward (four seats)

  • Stephen Hendry
  • Sharon Lake
  • Michael Paler
  • Cameron Palin
  • Simon Walker

Lake Parish Council
Lake South Ward (three seats)

  • Patch Barry
  • Paul Brading
  • Jenny Hicks
  • John Marshall
  • Robert May
  • Stephen Parkes

Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council
Mountjoy and Shide Ward (two seats)

  • Jaimie Bundell
  • Shirley Smart
  • Fred Turgut

Niton and Whitwell Parish Council
Niton ward (six seats)

  • Jon BG
  • Simon Biles
  • Sherlie Burridge
  • Claire Critchison
  • Wendy Loader
  • Alison Logan
  • Lorraine Sheerin

Ryde Town Council
Binstead Ward (two seats)

  • Diana Conyers
  • Simon Cooke
  • Christopher Cory
  • Ian Dore

Haylands and Swanmore Ward (two seats)

  • Les Kirkby
  • Sue Lyons
  • Malcolm Ross

Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward (three seats)

  • Lisa Carter
  • Paul Hampton
  • Michael Lilley
  • Jenna Sabine

Ryde Monktonmead Ward (three seats)

  • Georgie Carter
  • Charles Chapman
  • Karen Lucioni
  • Mick Lyons

Ryde North West Ward (two seats)

  • Phil Jordan
  • John McLagan
  • Steven Sheridan
  • Phil Truckel

Ryde West Ward (two seats)

  • Richard May
  • Ian Stephens
  • Lou Temel

Sandown Town Council
Sandown North Ward (six seats)

  • Debbie Andre
  • Sue Betts
  • Paul Brading
  • Ian Fletcher
  • Dan Haynes
  • Heather Humby
  • Alex Lightfoot
  • Robert May
  • Stephen Parkes
  • Joan Solomon

Sandown South Ward (six seats)

  • Frank Baldry
  • Emily Brothers
  • Pauline Evans
  • Jenny Hicks
  • Paddy Lightfoot
  • Ian Ward
  • Toby Wilcock
  • Gary Young

Shanklin Town Council
Shanklin Central (six seats)

  • Michael Beston
  • William Boustead
  • Sue Godden
  • Wendy Hilton-How
  • Esther Knight
  • Robin Lansdell
  • Adrian Whittaker
  • David Williams

Ventnor Town Council
Ventnor West Ward (six seats)

  • Ian Bond
  • Steve Cooper
  • Matthew Didge
  • Julie Hutchinson
  • Mark Jefferies
  • Jamie Macaulay
  • Steve Milford
  • Lester Slade
  • James Toogood
  • Steph Toogood
  • Phil Warren
  • John Watkins

For those that will need to vote for town, parish and community councils on Thursday, 6th May, polls will be open between 7am and 10pm.

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Image: secretlondon under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 22nd April, 2021 12:18pm


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19 Comments on "200 Isle of Wight councillors elected uncontested onto town, parish and community councils"

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Hence the reason that so many Councillors sit for years on a Town or Parish Council. How disheartening for many residents knowing they are stuck with the same for another 4 years. So many have been sat on their council for so long that they treat the residents who dare to question them with utter contempt, as has been shown at many council meetings. Many also play… Read more »

Alisonjane, are you a local councillor? If not the answer lies in your own hands – you sound an ideal candidate. I would not want the job myself, I am just grateful there are a few local people prepared to give up their valuable time.


Ah, thank you for the compliment chippy2.

Benny C

All folks can and should do is give them a hard time, force them to account for themselves , justify 5heir cost in terms of delivery and value for money. Check their attendance levels, voting record and expenses. Call out misbehaviour to those who voted for them. It’s not an overnight fix but either they start performing or they start losing followers. It’s their choice.


I’d like to see a new rule where the winner of an uncontested seat can only sit for one year at a time, not four.


Or if there’s only one candidate, still have a ballot but with the option of NOT electing that person.
If they don’t get 50% of votes cast +1, then they are not elected!


If they’re not elected to the uncontested seat, who sits on the Parish Council?

Benny C

Phew, got there eventually!

Mr Magoo

When a seat is uncontested is it correct to say a person is elected to a council or are they co-opted?


They are elected, because they put themselves up for election and no decision of the council itself was involved. Co-options are a decision by the council, not involving the electorate.


From the list of 12 in Ventnor West, I couldn’t find any that I’d want to represent me, much less the 6 I was asked to select.
There must be a problem when we all end up voting for the least bad candidate rather than one we’d be happy to elect.


Why aren’t you standing if you feel that’s the case?

Hi ThomasC! I’m not standing for the same reason I’m not in the bowling line up for the England Test team. I can identify where the problems are, but also have the self-awareness and insight to know that I am not necessarily the solution to those problems. If only some of those standing were equally aware of their limitations! (Besides, there are already quite enough self-confident, boring,… Read more »
Benny C

What a great answer. Respect.


I can’t claim to add to the diversity, but like you I do know where some of the problems are, and have been doing my best to get these addressed since joining the TC three years ago. For a start, it needs to ensure issues are properly discussed in public, and not just at private meetings behind closed doors.


Our voting system puts very many voters in that position every time.

It’s worth noting that you have “up to six” votes – it isn’t compulsory to use them all!


I’ll try to select one I can live with myself for voting for!

Benny C

Prepare to feel bad later.

Walter Sobchak

Yarmouth Town Council and Shalfleet West Ward…running in the family, as was and ever shall be, Amen