IsleVote21: Find out which 2021 Isle of Wight council election candidates took part (updated)

Find out which candidates in the 2021 Isle of Wight council elections took part in the IsleVote21 interviews and hear what they have to say

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Stephen Cockett – as Spokesperson for IsleVote21 – shares this latest news in connection to the upcoming Isle of Wight council elections. In his own words. Ed

The grassroots democracy project IsleVote21 have just concluded hosting meetings for each of the 39 seats that are being contested in this year’s county council election.

Over four days our six volunteers asked pertinent questions of would-be councillors to learn more about their experience, aspirations and personality.

One third of candidates attended
In total 46 of the 138 invitees attended (exactly one third – breakdown listed below) sadly the Conservative Party declined to partake, and in eight of the seats no candidates took part in this resident led grassroots project.

Those who did partake found our hosts to be friendly and completely unbiased in their approach, as is well reflected in the final output, we also moved six of our meetings when requested to try and accommodate as many candidates as possible.

Door remains open for late entries
The candidates themselves were extremely impressive and it’s been a pleasure to get to know them through this process.

We apologise most sincerely to those who wished to partake and for one reason or another were unable to do so – the door does remain open for late entries.

A great start
We have learnt some lessons that will be applied in four years’ time for IsleVote25, but it wasn’t a bad start for a national first exercise in local democracy.

Thanks once more to all those who were willing to come before the camera to take questions from us and the public.

Here’s the breakdown of how many people took part

  • Our Island 5/5
  • Greens 10/19
  • Labour 10/28
  • Liberal Democrats 7/12
  • Island Indie network 1/6
  • Vectis Party 1/3
  • Freedom Alliance 1/1 
  • Conservative 0/39
  • Independents 12/26
  • Total 47/138

See below for a message from the organiser, Steve Cockett.


  • Alasdair Steane
  • Jonathan Bacon
  • John Graney
  • Alex Buggie
  • Nick Stuart
  • Doug Aldred
  • Verity Bird
  • Julia Lawsen
  • Claire Critchison
  • Richard Quigley
  • Steph Burgess
  • Phillip Attfield
  • Paul Fuller
  • Michael Smith
  • Daniel James
  • Gary Clarke
  • Paul Wilson
  • Sarah McCarthy-Fry
  • Stephen Reynolds
  • Stephen Rushbrook
  • Julie Jones-Evans
  • William Collins
  • Cameron Palin
  • Geoff Brodie
  • Pauline Hunter
  • Andrew Garrett
  • Michael Lilley
  • Phil Jordan
  • Tracy Mikich
  • Natalie Thomas
  • Emily Brothers
  • Ian Stephens
  • Steve Double
  • Debbie Andre
  • Stephen Parkes
  • Pauline Evans
  • Robert Thompson
  • Mark Voller
  • David Moorse
  • Mike Hailston
  • Chris Jarman
  • Mike Locke
  • Phil Warren
  • Martin Godden
  • Daryll Pitcher
  • Rodney Downer
  • Ian Dore

Watch the videos by popping over to the IsleVote21 You Tube Channel.

Article edit
12.40pm 20th Apr 2021 – Ian Dore added and Freedom Alliance added

Image: Jonathan Farber under CC BY 2.0

Sunday, 18th April, 2021 4:07pm



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Geoff Brodie

Although I will never be a star of video, I thoroughly enjoyed my session. A great pity that more did not take part and that the Conservative candidates preferred to hide away entirely. Including my own mysterious opponent.

Out of 31 sitting councillors seeking re-election just 8 took part.

Benny C

Presumably they think it’s a better tactic given their current position. Pretty disappointing, though. Disrespectful bordering on arrogance or fear of poor performance under questioning or they believe voters think it’s pointless and won’t make a difference. Which is it?


Thanks for attending Geoff, I watched a tiny bit of yours and I think you might be understating your videogenic qualities!
But seriously, you clearly have a handle on the ward priorities..


Is it possible that your “mysterious opponent” didn’t want to make an appearance for fear of the rumours of her non-disclosure agreement with Boris Johnson being questioned?

Or is it more likely just the usual arrogance of Conservatives and their utter contempt for the electorate?


Why should I bother to vote for any Party candidate that’s not prepared to take part in democratic debate before an election?


Such a good idea. Great video for my ward, very easy to see who’s serious about their community.


@ truth. I whole heartedly agree, great idea and I’ve learnt plenty about the candidates in a short space of time. Excellent effort.

No surprises here, it is the mind set of many that doesn’t matter what the issues or concerns are if they want it they will vote for it so why should they take part in IsleVote21? This is why all these stupid expenditures are approved with no consideration for impact, end results etc. and if necessary steps have been taken with other departments, or heaven forbid consultation… Read more »
Benny C

Well said. Ability, not political colour, is what counts. Understanding the role, the behaviours, the way to resolve complex decisions, the impacts, the comms, the customers (us). Track record equals more of the same every time. Ian Ward. Vanessa Churchman. Enough said.


Whilst I am named as a participant no reference is made to my party which is
Freedom Alliance standing in Ventnor and At Lawrence Ward contact [email protected]

Benny C

Freedom from what? Leaflets? Badgers digging up the daff bulbs?


It seems that the Freedom Alliance wants to break free from the burdensome chains of reality.
They seem to think that a deadly viral pandemic responsible for the death of over 3 million people is not just cause to ask people to curtail their lives for the greater good of society.
I don’t imagine there’ll be many people voting for such drivel.

Lies Damn Lies and Statistics May I just respond to Ventnor Lad with a short quote from an article by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick who,to the best of my knowledge,has no hidden agenda and writes as a GP. “Even if you truly have COVID19, then die, how do we know if the main cause of death was COVID19, or something else? I have seen terminally ill patients close… Read more »
Kendrick’s “agenda” is that he likes to sell books to supplement his already handsome wage as a GP. It seems that he sells his books to the people who like to challenge received wisdom and presents instead the conclusions that they want to hear. In short, he is preaching to the choir. I’m glad you cited your parents’ generation who fought for our freedoms. Although I’m surprised… Read more »
Ventnor Lad I dont recall my parents being prevented from visiting their elderly relatives,having to social distance,being prevented from going to their local pub and have a sing song.having their local dance hall shut down,having their theatres closed,being prevented from going to their local cinema,being prevented fromgoing on a date on with a stranger and having a cuddle,being ordered to stay at home when fit and healthy… Read more »