Isle of Wight UKIP candidate revealed for EU Elections

Former Isle of Wight councillor and prospective parliamentary candidate in 2017, Daryll Pitcher has confirmed his position in the EU elections.

daryll pitcher

Daryll Pitcher shares this latest news on behalf of Isle of Wight UKIP. In his own words. Ed

Island UKIP figure Daryll Pitcher was confirmed today (Thursday) as the party’s third-placed candidate on their South East list for the unexpected EU elections being held on 23rd May.

These elections, held due to the failure of the UK to leave the EU at the designated time and the subsequent extension of the Article 50 process, will select ten MEPs for the South East Region.

Daryll is well known to many Islanders as he stood for UKIP in the General Election of 2017 and represented Wootton Bridge on the Isle of Wight Council for four years, leading the UKIP Group there.

Campaigned tirelessly to leave EU
Announcing his confirmation Daryll said,

“It is a sad for democracy that we have to hold these elections. I have campaigned tirelessly for many years to leave the EU and just as I thought we had achieved it, it is being snatched away from us.

“I cannot back down and watch the betrayal of 17.4 million people so I will fight for Brexit and deliver the UKs freedom from the EU.”

Would set up Island office
Regarding the Island, Daryll had this to say,

“While delivering Brexit for the 62% of Islanders who voted Leave is vital, so too is representing the other interests people have. If elected I will set up an office here so that I can get the feedback that I need.

“While I would represent the whole South East, the Island is still my home.”

In 2014, UKIP got 32% of the vote and four MEPs in the South East. In that election, Diane James was UKIP’s third placed candidate.

Thursday, 18th April, 2019 12:40pm



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How bizarre that Mr Pitcher thinks elections are sad for democracy. And how strange that he’s so willing to submit himself as a candidate to participate in something he thinks is sad for democracy. Doesn’t that make him, by his own reasoning, an anti-democrat? 😉 So, Mr Pitcher wants represent us in the European Parliament yet the only he issue he mentions is to “fight for Brexit”.… Read more »