Isle of Wight: VR is on its way! It should be wild (Video and HD photos)

A large-scale Virtual Reality (VR) experience is coming to the Isle of Wight next month. Looking at the photos, it should be wild.

VR is coming to the Isle of Wight

Virtual Reality really is one of the most exciting things that has happened in technology/media for a long time. It truly promises to change the entertainment in a big way.

VR, as it’s more commonly known, involves putting a headset on to experience it, and because it takes over what we see and what you hear, it feel like it transports you to another place.

Samsung Hypercube studio
Samsung is keen to introduce VR to the public so they are bringing a three and a half storey tall structure to Bestival. They call it the Samsung Hypercube studio.

Once inside, up to 50 festival goers at a time will be able to put on the supplied Samsung Gear VR headset and experience watching Biffy Clyro’s new video that has been specially shot in 360.

As it’s VR, they’ll be able to look in any direction, including down and up.

360 video
The 360 video was created with the band performing in a Perspex box lifted up above water in a warehouse.

As the laser and fireworks fly in all directions, those watching it with the VR headsets on will be able to float around enveloped in what’s going on.

From the photos it looks pretty dramatic, so the potential to impress is high.


Click on the images for full sized images.
Samsung Hypercube 3
Samsung Hypercube 1
Samsung Hypercube 13
Samsung Hypercube 9
Samsung Hypercube 6
Samsung Hypercube 16
Samsung Hypercube 14

Friday, 19th August, 2016 9:36pm



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