IW Conservatives tried to persuade UKIP to drop Newport West candidate

UKIP say that the falsified-nomination accusations only came to light once they said no to Conservative requests to withdraw their candidate from Newport West.

Before their big falling out, the Isle of Wight Conservatives were in active discussions with UKIP in an attempt to get their candidate to withdraw from running in Newport West.

Drafted a press release for UKIP
In the email exchange that OnTheWight has seen, the Conservatives went as far as volunteering a pre-prepared press release to UKIP, drafting quotes for the Chairman of the Island’s UKIP Party and the candidate, Neville Westlake – all put together in a mocked-up UKIP letterhead.

Headed “UKIP candidate stands aside to secure removal of councillor convicted of indecency in public toilets”, the suggested press release declared that “Labour and Liberal Democrats are not fielding candidates in Newport West and the UKIP move leaves pro-family Conservative, Chris Whitehouse, as the only contender to take on Cllr Whittaker.”

‘Over 3,000 children’ cited
It went on to point out that “Over 3,000 children daily attend five schools in and around Wellington Road, Newport West. They have been denied representation by an effective councillor for three years. That Whittaker is seeking to inflict himself on them yet again is outrageous.” That paragraph ended, “Whittaker and his proposer Tony Couldon should hang their heads in shame.”

UKIP said no, Nominee signatures come to light
UKIP claim that when they refused to drop their candidate, Alan Wells then unleashed the news that one of UKIP candidates, Richard Wilkins, had a falsified signature as one of his nominations.

A highly-placed insider at UKIP told OnTheWight, “We weren’t going to say anything about it, until they started all of this business with nominations.”

Heated exchange
Subsequent to that, Alan Wells and UKIP leader, Nigel Farage have exchanged heated emails over the last two days.

Thursday, 18th April, 2013 4:32pm


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Chris Whitehouse
I was astounded that UKIP was not prepared to put first the interests of the children and residents of Newport West. UKIP openly admitted that their Candidate in Newport West, who lives in Ryde, would certainly not be campaigning in the ward. For years the local area has been denied effective representation and so I campaigning hard for every local vote despite UKIP refusing to stand aside.… Read more »

Why did you not “put first the interests of the children and residents of Newport West” and step aside in favour of the UKIP candidate?

Chris Whitehouse
Quite simply, because the Chair of UKIP on the Island told me personally that their candidate, who lives in Ryde, has no interest in serving as a Councillor in Newport West and that they do not have the members or resources to campaign there, but is simply a “paper” candidate. As a father of four children I am heavily involved with the local schools. As a parent… Read more »
A fair point from Chris Whitehouse. Since you has such passion for Newport West, why not just stand on your own merits and trust in the electorate to select the best candidate? Why do the tories seem intent on running a bullying smear campaign? Is it the only way they can get votes after so many years of sheer incompetence? Or are they just so used to… Read more »
sam salt
@ Chris Whitehouse, what candidates from different parties tell each other at election time bears no relevence to this situation. Why does a man like you from Totland want to serve in Newport? You are very quick to pick up about the UKIP candidate living in Ryde and it seems to trouble you, yet your own location does not. It should be of no concern to the… Read more »
sam salt
So Mr Whitehouse what gives you and your cohorts the right to demand that UKIP should withdraw their candidate? This is a free country and one where if the UKIP candidate from Ryde wishes to stand against the Conservative candidate from TOTLAND then he is within his rights to do so. You and your fellow tories should hang their heads in shame for trying to rig and… Read more »
This man just cannot be serious! If any Tory was indeed to put the interests of children first then they would withdraw themselves. In the last four years we have seen them put the most vulnerable children on the iw at risk (officially stated by Ofsted) and have overseen some of the worst academic achievements in the country. I understand that Chris Whitehouse sees himself as council… Read more »

Actually, you should be aware that Chris Whitehouse is a Director of the Westminster Education Forum, a former governor of no less than 5 schools, one of which he turned around as Chair of Governors from failing to award-winning in just 2 years. He is a national expert on education policy and is just the sort of guy we need on the council whatever his party politics.


yes he is, so what a shame him and the conservatives feel the need to run this sort of smear campaign


@Westie. “…He is a national expert on education policy”

Strange? One might expect that his being a “national expert” would be mentioned in the bio for his consultancy company in the Westminster bubble.

Now who else in Island politics acts as an educational consultant having a “particular focus on providing support on education, community engagement and campaigning initiatives.? :-))

Wow he must be good then. Single handedly rescuing the education of all those students and converting poor teachers into educational gurus overnight! Does any of his election canvassing explain why his Tory colleagues have destroyed the chances of many students on the iow have of gaining good gcse results? Is any of his election canvassing criticising the governors of the railing cowes enterprise college? Now I’m… Read more »
A quote from Mr Whitehouse’s blurb on the island conservatives web site. “ABOUT CHRIS Chris lives to the west of Newport with his wife, Anni, and their four teenage children, all educated at local schools. He knows Carisbrooke and Newport well having lived on the Island for over 10 years.” Now I suppose this is factually correct as Totland is certainly west of Newport. However either he… Read more »

This is what gives politicians such a bad name. Reading Nitonia’s leaflet excerpt I took it that Chris Whitehouse lives in west Newport. To be uncovered as a manipulator in this way reflects on him very poorly.


(That should be ‘website excerpt’)

steve s

If I were the Conservatives I wouldn’t be talking about schools at all after the appalling mess they’ve made of education on the Island.

phil jordan
Philip Warren’s leaflet to postal voters (arrived today in the post…..franked letter) has “Our Record” as a quarter page (A4). No 4 on this list reads…. “Implemented Education changes leading to the best ever results for 11 year olds, which will lead to future improvements.” I don’t really know what to say or where to start on this little gem. Maybe he hasn’t yet heard about the… Read more »
phil jordan

…should have said Philip warren is conservative candidate for Ryde West.
(so not my Ward…)

Phil Jordan
Independent candidate for Ryde North West

Davy Jones
Mr Whitehouse – a few questions for you. Are you sending out the same letter to postal voters – pretending to be proud of the Island Conservatives’ record on schools? Or will you be telling the truth? Are you one of those(like the Tory on my doorstep last week) pretending everything is hunky-dory between the Boy Pugh and the MP? Or will you be telling the truth?… Read more »

talking of schools at least UKIP have in there manifesto to sort out the mess pugh has made ? and all for a grammar school ?


Wells talking about schools – he’s having a laugh! I’m disgusted that Whitaker is standing again and equally disgusted that a Labour candidate (or anyone) would endorse such a person.Thanks VB for your recent articles, you seem to be the only media outlet on the Island covering all angles of the politcial debate. Keep up the good work.

I would say to everyone to think hard when voting about what this country needs and what has gone wrong and vote UKIP The tories on the Island just like the rest of the UK are incompetent, self interested and do not care about Britain, they have made countless promises about immigration, the EU, education, housing and have failed on every matter. Give UKIP a chance to… Read more »

A UKIP County Council will take the Island out of the EU,introduce grammar schools and have border controls to prevent immigrants (EU and Commonwealth)from getting off the ferries. Right ?


I’m appalled that the rules allow Whitaker continue as a Councillor let alone stand again!

As for the Nasty-Party versus the Provisional Nasty-Party handbag fest fought out on neutral territory, it just about completes an all round disgrace situation.

I don’t see how voting UKIP on the Island is going to save the nation. If we take UKIP policy to the extreme then they should be claiming independence for the Isle of Wight, banning anyone from the mainland moving here and their own candidates should probably be able to prove that they are at least 3rd generation caulkheads! But that would be a bit silly. They… Read more »
I’m confused. Conservative & UKIP like latter day Don Quixote & Sancho Villa, in turns delusional & world weary, tilting at windmills, riding the decrepit Rocinante (electorate) to actions beyond its means. Both support the idea of extreme fiscal consolidation as a means of averting imagined economic collapse, which just the week has been royally busted. (blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ambroseevans-pritchard/100024122/debunking-austerity-claims-makes-no-difference-to-europes-monks-and-zealots/) We have on one hand someone whose party imagines that… Read more »

That’s a good last paragraph.

I’m not so sure the candidates are even aware enough to give a pragmatic answer, let alone an electorate wanting to know it.


Memory man
Mr Whitehouse – the process you are participating in is the democratic election process. You are entitled to stand. The UKIP candidate is entitled to stand. Mr Whittaker, whatever you may think of him, is entitled to stand. The RESIDENTS of the local area are the ones who have the VOTE to decide who should become their Councillor. YOU and WELLS are abusing the principle of our… Read more »
Well I would rather vote UKIP than all the others , Tories done so many u turns there lost ? 32 so far i believe, and we have all had enough of Pugh etc , And only a nutter would vote labour ! An independents have no party can change there mind do as they please , nope looking at it locally and on policies alone UKIP… Read more »

Busy in Brussels? I thought Farage was being sarcy in Strasbourg. Ironic really for the head of UKIP

phil jordan
@Hunter: The mortal failing you have in your assessment is that you seem to think you need a “Party” to make things work…… you don’t. You can have democratic committees, for example, that manage things so very well…. Look at Epsom & Ewell for example…60 years as an Independent Council..no “Party” mechanism whatsoever. The trouble with you Political adherents is that you think (as do this ruling… Read more »

Hi Hunter.

Would you share the plus points of these policies, and why you think they will be beneficial to the island please?



Well the two tier reform was botched and children suffered, we are now second from bottom nationally and the school building program as per cowes is a mess, and UKIP believes in a grammar school AND further education collages,education IS very important i think ?

Hunter, that’s nothing that the independents can’t tackle though, we all know education is very important, I’m asking what sets UKIP apart to deal with it better than any of the others. It’s no good locking on to a defined concept of a grammar school, indeed…such things lead us to compartmentalised world views which have contributed to our current predicament. Having said that, there is something to… Read more »
I don’t think that a dislike of the Conservative warrants voting UKIP – which to my mind are an even more extreme version. If you think that UKIP are going to stick to their election promises more than any other candidate then you may be sadly disappointed. My local UKIP candidate has made huge promises with no explanation of how he can achieve those things, or where… Read more »
Fast 'n' Bulbous

Feel sorry for those of us who live in a ward where the only choices are Conservative or UKIP then. Vote UKIP in order to try and keep the Tories out or don’t bother/spoil the ballot paper and risk them getting in again?

@Hunter. Care fot the little guy? Nigel was a commodities trader and is a very wealthy man. We’re only making plans for Nigel We only want what’s best for him We’re only making plans for Nigel Nigel just needs this helping hand And if young Nigel says he’s happy He must be happy He must be happy in his work. What does he know of the ‘little… Read more »

Also i might add, having wandered into the UKIP shop in Newport for a look while passing and see policies etc
I think we all would be surprised at how plain talking and same view as most of us they really are ?
certainly a change from the nasty parties!

Voting UKIP here !

When it comes down to it we can all either keep voting in the same self centered nasties or say “enough is enough” and vote a new lot in ? UKIP, im fed up whining and moaning about council mess ups, Indian head rubs anyone remember that ? the thousands on new laptops for them all ? they spent thousands up grading council web site ?why, did… Read more »
I concur with some of your arguments, particularly relating to past events. But to reinforce Phil Hunter’s points, these activities occurred under the control of parties. Independents I believe would take a much more pragmatic view, and would attempt to choose solutions that benefit the people of the island and not themselves nor their Westminster masters. At the same time, I confess I rather like Farage’s style,… Read more »

Sorry, I meant Phil Jordan!!


UKIP are not bound by party whips ?
and you are voting for a local councilor pick one born here ?
this argument might have legs in 2015 but not a local election for the council ,the winning councilor can be contacted by phone or e mail and is answerable to the voter for whom he or she will stand.


“Voting for a local councillor, pick one that’s born here”, go on, I’m interested enough to know what you mean my that.

“UKIP are not bound by party whips?” Of course they’re not, they haven’t got any MPs. “and you are voting for a local councilor pick one born here ?” Don’t you mean pick one ‘living’ here…? Are you saying that those who choose to live here are not capable of representing residents? “… the winning councilor can be contacted by phone or e mail and is answerable… Read more »

you can vote Tory or Ultra Tory (UKIP)…but you are still a self serving money grabber with no thought for the Island or its residents….

UKIP is not different from Conservative..just more Tory

Its good to see alot of support for UKIP on here.This is there local manifesto for those who want more information, some very good polciies for the island. -stop wind farms -protecting green spaces -more police on the streets -controlling immigration -social housing, schools places, nhs care for local people not immigrants -local referendums for important local issues -specific policy to stop excessive council expenses which the… Read more »
Luisa Hillard
Why does the UKIP Local Manifesto have national issues on it that a County Councillor has NO influence over? Voting UKIP on a local level has absolutely NO effect on immigration policy of the current Government. Not only that but the Island is one of the WHITEST places in the UK – we certainly don’t have an immigration problem here, unless you count all these mainlanders. Out… Read more »

It’s not a choice of just Conservative or UKIP in most wards, thank god. It’s not a case of choosing the lesser evil.


So, Independants will stick up for their residents and communities will they? So what happens when only certain areas are affected by a policy (such as TICs or such like) The concensus then falls apart and no decision is reached. Seem’s like it could all fall apart, like it did before!


Hi Bayboy,

When you say “Seem’s like it could all fall apart, like it did before” are you saying that things have held together under the Tories, if so I must be living on a strange but parallel island, because on my Isle of Wight the Tories have been a complete disaster.

sam salt
@bayboy, yes independents will stick up for residents and communities, mine has tried for the last four years. The only problem he has had is that Mr Pugh and his cohorts won’t listen or work with any other party than their own. The whole island were against areas that were affected by policy (such as TIC’s) but would those in power listen – NO. Why has my… Read more »
phil jordan
@bayboy: That’s not how democracy works nor is it, indeed, how it will work in the future if a majority of Independents are successful on May 2nd. I’m not sure why you seem to find this difficult to understand. Ideas, proposals motions will be brought forward from Councillors and committees, put in front of full Council and debated. At the end of the debate a vote will… Read more »
phil jordan


I should have added this. It is a Public document and a Framework for Change from the Independent candidates. The changes I am telling you about are contained within and are the bare bones of how we are going to change things once and for all.


Phil Jordan
Independent Candidate for Ryde North West

Robert Jones
Another way of looking at that might be that a council dominated by Independents – if that’s not a contradiction in terms – would be formless, leaderless, rudderless; too easily controlled by powerful officers who will have an agenda even if councillors haven’t. I’m not by the way saying I necessarily believe that: it will depend very much on who those Independents are. The assumption however that… Read more »
“…. the people who actually get elected, rather than the political clothes they wear…” is precisely the Island Independent request of the electorate, and what will happen when an Island Indie is voted in. For anyone voting Tory, it has turned out you don’t get the individual, you get the Tory whip. We don’t have the choice, of course, of voting for some kind of balance in… Read more »

Perhaps the salient question for voters should be:

“Do you want policies for the Island decided in the IW Council Chamber or the Island Conservative party’s committee rooms, following diktats from their masters in Westminster?”

Luisa Hillard
How can consensus ‘fall apart’? A vote is taken and the majority wins, a decision is reached. That’s called democracy. Historically all Councils had no party politics, so they were all ‘independent’, and it is to this model that I wish to return to – when Councillors realise that they are all on the same team and pull together, rather than try to further their own Party… Read more »
phil jordan
@Robert Jones: I have posted this before but… Take a look at Epsom and Ewell who have had an Independent Council for around 60 years! There is very little in the way of politics involved in the administration of the Council (run through committee and ‘residents associations’) and it does demonstrate that a Council can be run and managed without political grouping. I understand there are not… Read more »
Council run by load of Independents ? all squabbling for the top position and superiority political point scoring and missing the whole point of the job in hand , nope , one or two yes that makes for a good debate on things i guess and defiantly want mr priest to OUT that pugh boy,but i would rather give UKIP a go even to just slap Westminster… Read more »
Because the choice is more than jumping from the frying pan & into the fire! The Tories may be daft, having have tried & failed to turn the island into a ‘little England’ theme park, but ukip are dangerous. The truth is the island needs economic growth, to achieve this we need a sustainable plan, which requires input from ALL sections of society, everyone! The council debating… Read more »
Best thing i ever bothered to go look at was youtube i think ukipmedia and look for GODFREY BLOOM ARMCHAIR ECONOMICS now i defy anyone to watch that and say ukip do not have a clue , that chap has been in economics his whole working life and knows his stuff go watch it all you septic wingers and whiners who think ukip are not worth a… Read more »
@Hunter. I watched it (couldn’t help myself), that wasn’t anything to do with economics, that was gibberish peppered with cheap digs and pap. The only interest this man has in money is making it, he hasn’t a clue how it works or what it represents, mind you most eCONomists don’t. He is an interesting chap though, I only had a glance at the wiki entry, big on… Read more »

The Island’s too important to us, hunter, to “give UKIP a go, even to just slap Westminster in the face”.

Stewart Blackmore
Hang on a minute Phil. Of the 38 Councillors in Epsom & Ewell they are made up of: 3 Con, 3 Lab, 6 LibDem and 26 Residents Association. Coincidentally, I have family who live there and they say that the RA group are not very different from the Tories. They are a very well organised single group with no Leader. Do you guarantee that there will be… Read more »
phil jordan
Stewart, the Council is Independent by virtue of the ‘residents association’ who truly are Independent. But you know that! The fact that there are other political party Councillors doesn’t change the fact…in exactly the same way we regard the Island Council to be conservative yet there are 16 other Councillors who are not conservative…! Coincidently (and also why I know a bit about it..) I lived in… Read more »

It is my understanding that all Town/Parish councils are supposed to be non-political i.e. independents.

Historically (pre-1970s) all County Councils were also non-political and candidates did not run on a Party ticket.

Just looked on the county press web site and seems the tories havent bothered to go to police with the accusation of falsifying a form ? didnt wells say he would on Wednesday PM ? if i was that bloke i would go file a charge of harassment against that wells and the tories ,tory member works at IWCA then denies signing ? how would or could… Read more »
Island Monkey

Speaking of the County Press – they seem to have nailed their colours to the mast today by printing a letter from David Pugh detailing his good works in Shanklin and an article by la Hofton, bashing the Mp’s partner. They even make the UKIP story pro-Tory!

True friends, true blues? Trebles all round.

@IM “Speaking of the County Press” Erm yes! Speaking of the County Press, does anyone know how much the Conservative Party flyer cost to prepare and distribute? Also how that cost is shared among the 40 candidates and does it count towards their £625 limit on spend? If the Conservative Party was as good T managing the economy as managing the “economy with the truth” as demonstrated… Read more »

So economical in fact, that there’s no mention of the library service, public toilets, tourist information centres, children’s services, nor mainstream education.
That’s a pretty big black hole!
Still, no matter, they’ve ‘frozen’ council tax so they don’t have any money to spend on them, even if they cared.

martin william wareham

Speaking of the County Press. Don’t buy the Tory biased crap save your money every Election year its the same filled with Conservative propaganda.


Cowes North only have a choice of Conservative or UKIP so tactical voting may well be in order!

History Geek

The NAZIs came into power following the financial collapse in Germany using a 25 point manifesto which seemed fairly reasonable to most people, at first, but it played on their fear and insecurity.

The EU was created to prevent a third World War whereby no fascist state could again lead to division and conflict, and yet leaving the EU is one of the main policies of UKIP.