Kids walked miles in dark after being told school bus not going Yarmouth

Kids say they were told by bus driver she wasn’t going to Yarmouth, so got off in Freshwater. The council say the bus did go to Yarmouth but at end of service.

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Schoolchildren claimed they were left to walk several miles in the dark after their bus dropped them off at Freshwater, instead of Yarmouth.

The Isle of Wight Council said the route was being operated in reverse, however, parents have said their children were told to get off the bus in Freshwater.

Neil Clark said his 12-year-old son was left to walk several miles in his PE kit from Freshwater Co-op to Yarmouth, via the cycle path, in the dark on Tuesday.

The bus had been returning to the West Wight from Carisbrooke College.

Driver told children not going to Yarmouth
Neil said:

“His mother was worried out of her mind, but thankfully all was safe and well.

“The kids were told by the bus driver that she wasn’t going to Yarmouth, and that’s why they got off the bus before it went even further to Totland.”

Staff at depot not “bothered by distress”
Another parent took to social media and said she had called the bus depot after none of the Yarmouth children arrived home.

Nicola Hinchliffe said:

“Went down to the bus depot and told the lady on the phone that none of the Yarmouth children had arrived home — this was at 5.10pm.

“She said the bus had got back to Mount Joy and didn’t seem bothered by the distress caused to parents and children.”

IWC: Bus went to Yarmouth
In response, the Isle of Wight Council said:

“The route was operated in reverse on November 20 due to road closure signs still being in place at Shalfleet.

“This meant students due to be dropped back in Yarmouth first were actually the last to be dropped off. Some students opted to get off at Freshwater instead of staying on until Yarmouth.”

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Starting to look like an ‘economical with the truth’ answer from the Council. Who would have thought it? It’s almost like they see the public as a nuisance to be hoodwinked and ignored.

Mr Magoo
This is an “I said, he said” story which left me confused and which merits further examination. According to a parent none of the children arrived back on the bus while IW Council said ‘some’ students stayed on until Yarmouth. Which version is true and why, if the council is right, did some opt to walk and the bus continue empty to journey’s end? Didn’t the driver… Read more »

I also encountered diversion signs at Shalfleet and had to detour several miles without any further diversion signs. Someone needs to get their fingers out and make sure diversions are current and properly advised.