Our Island: ‘A new start for politics on the Isle of Wight’ claim those behind a new movement

The Our Island movement say the “old fashioned mindset” of following any particular political ideology “leads us nowhere” and that “it’s time for change on the Isle of Wight council”

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Assuming we are not in a Coronavirus lockdown in May 2021, Islanders will be going to the polls to cast their votes in the Isle of Wight council elections, as well as town, parish and community council elections.

The Island Conservatives are currently in charge of policy at the council, with Dave Stewart as council leader. The former council leader David Pugh, is the Chairman of the Island Conservatives.

“Our Island”
Over the next nine months, Islanders are likely to start to see canvassing from all the political parties, plus those from a new movement called, Our Island.

Their Website states they are “not about national parties or arguments or national issues” and their aim is to field candidates from all backgrounds.

They say they are “tired of the party political infighting that has dogged the Island and its Council for so long”.

Aims of the group
The aims of the new group are:

  • To empower local voices.
  • To improve the quality of local politics by ensuring the focus is on what is best for the Isle of Wight.
  • To restore engagement and trust between the Island and the Council to create a Council that that works with and for Island residents and businesses
  • To change the way issues are considered and decisions are made so that the public and Island businesses are involved at every level
  • To achieve this through a new approach and a new organisation, based upon transparency and accountability.
  • It’s not just a matter of getting new people into County Hall but, even more importantly, the movement will seek to completely overhaul the way the Council is structured and operates.

If this sounds something you’d be interested in finding out more about visit their Website or Facebook Page.

Friday, 7th August, 2020 4:20pm


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Is this the same man who resigned as Leader of the Council, along with his Deputy just weeks before an election?

Geoff Brodie
As posted elsewhere when I first saw this earlier today – A quick check by any media outlet will show that “Our Island” has been registered as a political party by a certain Jonathan Bacon, who the last time I looked is “pale, male and (very) stale”. And also the coward who abandoned IW Council leadership In Jan 2017 when the going got too tough for him,… Read more »

The only possible way to get away from stale politicians and politics is to vote for candidates who have never served on the Council. How many of the critics regularly commenting on OntheWight will be putting their names forward since many of them seem to think they can run the Council better.


Very well said, but most never do. As for those posting critical stuff one here, well they most of them hide behind pseudonyms so you wouldn’t know if they did stand :-)


From the man who brought us floating bridge no.6…fills you with confidence!


It is registered on the Electoral Commission website. Registered on 7th July. Leader Mr Jonathan Bacon
Nominating officer Mr Jonathan Bacon
Treasurer Mr Jonathan Bacon
Additional officer Miss Laura Laurenson


I like the idea. Been suggesting it for ages. Trouble is, you can’t get the staff. Or can they?


Much as I yearn for an Augean mucking-out, this does have a strong scent of rebranding. It will take rather more to motivate islanders to return candidates other than the proverbial donkeys.


Now is the time to get rid of Dave Stewart that said the problem is can you trust any council the simple answer is sadly no.


Yet another bunch of people to join the infighting which is part and parcel of politics. Get rid of ALL politicians and find people that actually get of their backsides and actually do something instead of perpetual Committee meetings where nothing ever gets done except talking about what they ‘intend’ to do.


Will you be standing?

Mark L Francis

Ah seen ’em come, Ah seen ’em go…

Angela Hewitt
“Our Island” sounds like that which we have already have. The council is actually run by the officers not the councilors. Officers have to abide by Government guidelines. Unless we have a powerful lobbying group of Councilors that refuses to vote things through and cause mass upheaval then officers will continue to rule. This new sort of council – which I might add will not get in… Read more »
Alternative Perspective

Very astute observation Angela.

If you look at what’s happening institutions across the country are busy appointing hardened Conservative into key positions, chairmanships etc, ready to clean up once we have left the EU with no deal, whilst we are all busily consumed with nonsense, like Boris’s assortment of buffoonery and whether, or not, Dominic Cummings broke the lockdown rules.


This isn’t the only application for political party status from the Island. I searched the Electoral Commission’s website and found The Vectis Party. There was The Vectis National Party in the 1970s that sought independence from Westminster.


It’s important to recognise ideology as it’s about class. We have a current Neo Liberalist Conservative ideology that looks after the few and not the many with their heartless austerity policies that has broken Britain. The alternative is a truly Socialist ideology that looks after the many, addresses injustice and inequality in society something that Conservatism will never ever do.


Pigs in blankets, yum yum, a marriage made in heaven


“To restore…trust between the Island and the Council”

I wonder if part of this trust-building will preclude the party from fielding candidates found guilty of flagrant and serious criminal offences while previously in office?

Somehow I doubt it.

Robert Jones
Oh for God’s sake, how many more times? You tried this with the ‘Independents’ – who were all, or nearly all, ex Liberal councillors desperate to gain re-election, and now here you are again. Jonathan – we all know you’re not independent; we all know you offer nothing beyond the same old same old; we might quite like you, in our own weird way, and wish you’d… Read more »

This has more than a whiff of Bacon about it.
Of course had they actually practiced transparency – as opposed to talking about it – we’d know who was behind it all.

I met Bacon once, purely by chance. I introduced myself and he replied something like ‘but you know me right?’ or similar. It was very embarrassing for me because I had absolutely no idea who he was. I had to say ‘really sorry but I don’t’ he looked really sad and said ‘Jonathan Bacon.’ I really didn’t want to offend him, he looked really hurt, but even… Read more »

Oh Vienna…..