Parish council will ‘step up to the plate’ to safeguard services

The parish council say that if they don’t step up to the plate and safeguard services, no one will.

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Community transport, youth outreach, and an all-weather pedestrian route between two villages were among projects given the green light when Niton and Whitwell Parish Council agreed its annual budget this week.

The Parish Council, which already runs its own public toilets plus the NitWhit minibus service – and helps to subsidise the No. 6 Sunday service – heard a warning that more and more services are being foisted on local councils, and approved a monthly increase in average Council Tax bills of £1.37. This follows a zero increase last year.

If we don’t, no one will
Parish Council chairman Graham Melville said:

“These are challenging times, and the decision to ask residents for a tax increase wasn’t taken lightly. But it’s becoming clearer by the month that if we don’t step up to the plate and safeguard services, no one will.

“Things we take for granted, like the recreation ground and the library, would be at risk without our support.”

£1.37 per month increase
The villages’ 2016-17 parish precept will rise to £34,167 from £18,839. The £1.37 monthly Council Tax increase is for Band D properties.

Full details of the budget are available on the Council’s Website.

Image: peterallen under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 28th January, 2016 8:52pm



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16 Comments on "Parish council will ‘step up to the plate’ to safeguard services"

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Luisa Hillard

I would praise the Chairman and his fellow parish councillors for showing such vision and a willingness to step up and protect local services for their residents.

steve stubbings

Indeed! Well done, Niton and Whitwell.

Geoff Lumley

What’s this ? A schmooz-session on the IWC Tory Group leaders’s local council, chaps ? They are only doing what Newport Parish Council and others stepped up to the plate to do 2 years ago…….. Cllr Stewart is still living in cloud-cuckoo land. He is unschmooz-able :)

steve stubbings

It’s nothing to do with him, Geoff. He’s not even on it. Just credit where it’s due.

Jon Young

Geoff, not only is Dave Stewart not a member of the parish council; he also never has been; and he wasn’t present at this week’s meeting.
So what on earth are you on about, please?
– Jon Young, Planning Committee chair, Niton and Whitwell Parish Council

Geoff Lumley

Just wondering why senior IW Councillors are falling over themselves to applaud you, after giving little credit to earlier examples of what you are doing. In fact making it hard for them to do so.


You may not realise it Geoff, but your comments of late are coming across as very bitter.

There’s providing opposition and there’s just plain nastiness, you seem to be slipping into the latter.

Geoff Lumley

Marjorie. I say things as I see them. Always have done.

steve stubbings

For the record, I always gave full credit to Town and Parish councils taking initiatives of this nature and at no time did I make it hard for them to do so.

Geoff Lumley

As you well know, as suggested by you Newport had £142k sat in its account for the whole of 2014/15, ready and willing to take on services. Nothing was forthcoming, despite their repeated efforts.This was confirmed by a Scrutiny Committee investigation a few months ago.

Luisa Hillard
@Geoff I do recall in the past praising Newport for being willing to contribute to beach cleaning (despite not owning a beach,) and for taking on recreation grounds etc. If your parish council decide to put out a press release outlining their protection of local services I would positively comment. I will not be political and have ‘favourites’ based on perceived affiliation to a party, or independent… Read more »
steve stubbings

Of course, Geoff, and I’m sure you will recall my fulsome appreciation at the time.

I concede that the council wasn’t ready, on an operational level, for the transfer of services which I proposed. However, you know better than most that there are plenty of opportunities to spend that reserve now.

Ok, so the town and parish councils are taking on duties previously done by IW council. Was not the purpose of creating the IW council not that many years ago to bring all these services under one umbrella with the associated cost savings and benefits? As another example, why did the IW council waste money to commission a parking charges survey for the whole Island last year… Read more »
Luisa Hillard
@Colin. I can answer your questions. You are of course correct that the IWC was created as a Unitary Authority to deliver all services. You might well wonder why the government has subsequently cut funding every year to the point where those services can no longer be delivered. With regard to the parking strategy. The straight answer is that due to having its guts ripped out the… Read more »
Mrs Retired Hack
Cllr Lumley seems to be suggesting that Niton and Whitwell parish council should not be praised for making a difficult decision, in order to save local services for their residents, because Newport parish council didn’t get sufficient praise when it did similar. Ah, I hadn’t realised it was a beauty contest. It seems to me that parish councils , big and small, are going to be the… Read more »
Robert Jones
I’m not going to comment (other than by artful inference) on Geoff’s points, because we know each other well, we’re friends, sometimes uneasily, and anyway – he’ll know perfectly well what I think about what he’s said…. Praise should go to all parish councils which seek to take on services which would otherwise simply stop. The trouble in the past was that some parish councils didn’t seek… Read more »