Richard Priest and Jon Gilbey stand as Independent candidates in Shanklin

Richard Priest and Jon Gilbey are standing for the seats currently held by Cllr David Williams and Cllr David Pugh, both Conservatives.

Richard Priest and Jon Gilbey

With the local elections just over a month away (2 May 2013) we receive the first official release from prospective candidates. Ed

Shanklin Town Councillors Richard Priest and Jon Gilbey have announced that they are going to stand in the forthcoming Isle of Wight Council elections, for the Shanklin South and Shanklin Central Wards, respectively.

Richard is a former Shanklin Town Mayor, and Jon is currently Deputy Mayor, and both are non-aligned candidates, not representing any political party, and have stated that their wish is to put Shanklin People First and that the Community is more important than Party Politics.

Listening to residents’ views
Launching a joint campaign on Friday 22nd March 2013, with their Website going live, Richard and Jon plan a series of events, including listening to residents’ views in Regent Street from 10.00 am on Saturday 23rd March, and canvassing residents during April, with their team of supporters – all not aligned to political parties.

Details of Richard and Jon’s backgrounds are contained on their website, and you can contact Richard and Jon at their campaign headquarters in the Paramount, High Street Shanklin or email

Encouraged by local support
Richard said, “Local people have encouraged Jon and I to stand for the two Shanklin wards, to represent the views of local people and to champion the interests of the local community – we are local people, who care passionately about our Town and we believe we can make a positive difference.”

Jon added, “We have received concerns from local people about the Schools, Shops in the High Street, Parking, issues about Tourism and the Esplanade, and countless other areas, and we hope that by giving the local community a non-political option we can focus on making a difference and not letting party politics get in the way.”

More details of the campaign will appear on their website over the coming weeks.

Friday, 22nd March, 2013 10:00am



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  1. Man at the back

    22.Mar.2013 10:50am

    Is it right that Pugh hasn’t declared where he’s standing yet?

    Perhaps he was waiting to who he’d be up against. Pugh doesn’t have a chance against him.

  2. Keith Fagan

    22.Mar.2013 12:06pm


    The people of Shanklin would be honestly represented in County Hall by both Richard Priest and Jon Gilbey.

  3. danielclarke

    22.Mar.2013 12:10pm

    People can stand as independents and say no cuts but the reality is that government funding is being cut to help balance the nation’s books and this is sadly affecting local govenment services. If independents came to power they would face the same spending envelope unless if they drastically raised the council tax like the last time independents did when they ran the council with the lib dems.

    • I would not mind an increase in the Council Tax IF I knew there was an honest man representing the Island and me and not playing party politics.

      • danielclarke

        23.Mar.2013 10:04am

        You must be one of the few people who could afford tax rises when most other people are seeing other bills rocket. No tax rises are wanted by the majority!

        • phil jordan

          23.Mar.2013 1:25pm


          As a matter of interest (..and I am NOT advocating a Council Tax rise) …at what point in the future do you think the Council Tax should rise? and by how much…?
          Or do you think Council Tax should never rise…?
          [if so, how do you budget for inflation over, say, 25 years?]

          phil jordan
          Independent Candidate for Ryde north West

          • danielclarke

            23.Mar.2013 2:01pm

            Of course I’m not saying never raise council tax in the medium term but it should not just be frozen but cut in the short term when inflation is above target and people’s wages are stagnant. One of Britain’s economic problem is that the state is too large and taxes are too high.

          • phil jordan

            23.Mar.2013 3:02pm

            @danielclarke: [below]

            So no increases but cuts..? Is that right?
            How does one make up the inflationary aspect which is running around 2.5% pa (last year and this year) about 5% less in money spend capability in the two years (7.5% over three years)amounting to about £1.4M.
            If you cut Council Tax as well you can add any of that cut to the £1.4M …is this what you are are proposing?
            To get another perspective (and once again I am NOT advocating a Council Tax rise) to keep pace with inflation at about 2.5%, for an average Band D household the increase would be ….about 80p per week.
            Anyway, when would you raise Council Tax and by what amount?

            Phil Jordan
            Independent Candidate for Ryde North West

          • Instead of grilling another poster here, Phil, how about you answering your own questions? After all, it is you who is seeking to be elected.

            For example, you say you are not in favour of a CT rise, so at what point do you think it should rise, & by how much, & what about inflation… You are not chairing a panel here, give your own views, which are more to the point, given that potential voters need to know.

    • Black Dog

      22.Mar.2013 5:10pm

      You are absolutely right about the public purse being the same. However, it is how that money is spent and the priorities set that is the real difference.

      I for one would love to see the back of all the overpaid consultants and directors who are unable to do their jobs. In addition I would want to examine the excesses of the present regime i.e. what has happened to monies from the sale of assets like Pan Meadows?

      I would actually spend more in key areas to drive Tourism and provide real support to children’s services and education. In addition I would be summoning the ferry operators in to discuss their part in the drive to improve tourism and industry.

      Tangible projects like our own abattoir to promote Island beef, pork, lamb, etc. Additionally it reduces the obvious stress on the animals.

      Instead of selling off property under questionable and secretive deals at £16500 per plot. Why not consider a part self build for Island people who have no hope of getting on the property ladder?

      All of the above thoughts are entirely sustainable and self funding.

      The biggest problem Pugh and others at the council is that they have absolutely no idea – CLUELESS, this lets the Officers and Directors to dominate. The role of the officers under the Independents will be to carry out the policies of the group and not the other way around.

      • danielclarke

        22.Mar.2013 9:49pm

        I agree that this council is spending too much money on consultants and that there is waste to be cut out.

      • phil jordan

        23.Mar.2013 5:40pm


        Quite happy to post my thoughts on this….However, I do think it is equally justified in posing questions as it is an open dialogue after all….
        In my personal view, Council Tax should keep pace with inflation and that should be done on an annual basis. I am not advocating a Council Tax rise (in real terms) whatsoever, but inflation will take away the overall budget spend (about £230M pa)by about 2.5% this year and at the end of the Council Tax freeze in 2014 this will have amounted to about 8% over the three years of freeze. So about £2.5M budget deficiency for the one year. About £8M over the three years.
        Any Council Tax increase above 2% requires a referendum!
        Perhaps it’s worth noting that the Office for Budget Responsibility expects council tax to rise by an average of 0.8 per cent this year, followed by rises of 2 per cent for another four years after that. About 40% of Councils are set to adjust Council Tax by the above from April this year. As you know, this ruling administration has set the budget at no Council Tax increase for 2013/14.
        Any incoming administration faces the same issue.

        phil jordan
        Independent candidate for Ryde North West.

    • Jonathan Bacon

      22.Mar.2013 10:05pm

      Same strictures yes, but there is much more that you can do within those strictures to serve the community.

  4. Mason Watch

    22.Mar.2013 12:20pm

    Pugh knows he’s in for a fight and no mistake…… I can only hope that all right minded residents vote independent and get rid of his particular brand of incompetence.

    • Knowing there is a good man standing against the boy at the next election gives me hope for the future.

      • Remember one thing about the Conservatives, they might be small in numbers but they have always been organised. They have had the media and authorities behind them in the past.This is now changing but we still have to take it on board. Our thoughts, ideas and policies have to be more organised.The Tories have their back up organisations, their Conservative clubs,their publishers for leaflets, their Masonic groups, gentlemen’s clubs, legions etc.
        But we have ours too. Youth clubs, Community organisations and centres. Today we can challenge the Press with blogs and Facebook, publish leaflets and posters and their community organisations are diminishing. Local businesses support Conservatism less and less because they are bankrupting them, even in areas of traditional support they are losing any mass base. Their Party is deeply divided. Independents these days are becoming more true independents, though not all yet. Today we even have a more lively and active Trades Council organisation that is more vociferous and active along with Trade Union community support.We have a growing Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils that is formulating important policy that affects the future of the island such as area assisted status.
        Independents will need to focus more on collective approaches to policy. They will need to adopt a more pro-social agenda.They will have to concentrate on the economy to address the jobs issue.They will have to come together more often to discuss issues on the island and become more consolidated.If the independents can form a reasonable core within the Isle of Wight Council acting truly on behalf of the public then real progressive changes will become possible.Hopefully more independents will stand against the Conservatives such as in Ventnor. Scoccia must be removed.People will have to be encouraged to take up the mantle and have the courage of their convictions.Pugh must be challenged strongly in his own backyard and it looks, with Richard Priest that he is. The disastrous situation at Sandown Academy lies squarely with the Isle of Wight Council with Beynon (now finished) and Pugh.
        The times they are a changing, there is a new trend. the nettle still has to be grasped otherwise it will not be able to fulfill its promise. So come on people join in!!! Do you hear the People sing?

        • Mat, I agree with your sentiments. How do we motivate people to get out and vote! There has been some very low turnouts in the past with voter apathy or no confidence. I fear that if people are disillusioned they might just not care enough to vote. If Pugh gets in again I will consider moving house to get away from him.

          • Yes, this is a problem. People are fed up with the usual Cartel of Westminster Parties, even at local level.We have to capture people’s imagination, I think. One thing is people are starting to be affected by the Conservative policies in terms of job cuts and ferries etc. The independents have got to make people believe and that is hard.Also laziness is a factor and that in itself is capitulation to the powers that be. People should not be lazy, its against their very being to become lethargic and inactive. Secondly people have to be inspired so that they feel that they are involved.There is no doubt about it this independent thing is a trend. We have to speak to people in the cafes, the few pubs that have people in them, the work – places,supermarkets,Posters have to go up in people’s own windows and cars. People need to be spoken to in the bus stops and on the trains and Ferries. We need people to know that there is a difference in the air and local politics is going to be the first to change. The Isle of Wight is the biggest parliamentary constituency in the country and change here will not go unrecognised in England.

          • The people will vote if they believe that there is someone worth their vote.

            What struck me recently, canvassing in Lowtherville, was the many who said that they had never had the option of voting for a Labour candidate in past elections.

            Previously they have had the option of Conservative, Independent (who last time stood mainly on an education platform) or, sometimes, Green.

            I was also struck by the fact that many so-called candidates don’t even bother to meet or introduce themselves to electors.

            Laziness deserves no reward.

  5. I do not believe it

    22.Mar.2013 3:32pm

    For the sake of all islanders Richard and Jon (and everyone else standing against the current cabal in County Hall) need and deserve all the help they can get in order to dethrone Pugh, and all his collaborators, In the May election.

    Just think of the improvement in morale of ordinary islanders, and all the people who work under the auspices of Pugh and his pals, if he were to be extirpated by the electorate. The national standing of the island would undoubtably improve too.

    I see from today’s CP that Pugh wants all island dogs’ DNA registered at County Hall so that owners can be traced through DNA records and prosecuted for any public dog-fouling offences.

    Will someone please register Pugh’s DNA so that he can eventually be prosecuted for his long track record of fouling offences whist in a public office?

    Punish Pugh – Jilt Giles – Sink Scoccia etc., etc.

  6. Ken Thomas

    22.Mar.2013 4:18pm

    As a Shanklin resident I am delighted that Richard Priest and Jon Gilbey are standing.
    As independents they do not have a Head Office Campaign fund so they need support. I’m no longer mobile so will have to help with the publicity they need. I understand that sums of under £50 to a candidate are allowed to pay for posters and leaflets. That’s what I’m doing.

  7. For several posts now I have used the slogan,”BE AWARE MR PUGH,BE VERY AWARE”.
    Well you have a challenge now from a caring compassionate man who is well aware of your “Dirty Tricks” and involvement in trying to ruin the Riverside Centre for some perverse reason.Richard Priest is articulate and well respected throughout the Island however his strength is based rightly in his home town of Shanklin.Does it make you want to retreat into your Bunker David?The Pughreich is crumbling,next when the truth comes out I look forward to the Pughgate expose!!
    I will continue in my efforts to get people to vote out this bunch of despots,we need open minded individuals able to represent the population not a council run by Boy Blunder and his Fawning Sheep.

  8. Mason Watch

    23.Mar.2013 11:12am

    If the Boy Pugh comes a’knockin ask him to provide his CV of business experience……… As far as I know a year behind a till selling pens and photocopy paper possibly explains why we are starting to look like a case worthy of help from Comic Relief

  9. danielclarke

    23.Mar.2013 4:54pm

    In response to phil jordan on council tax:
    Yes I am pursuing cuts in coucil tax because I believe people should have more of their own money to spend in their way. Also I’m pleased that you are not advocating council tax rises but independents are having a no cuts agenda over the past 4 years even though funding from govt is being cut to repair the nation’s finances. The only other way you could protect all the affected services is to drastically raise taxes as well as cutting out waste and consultants.

  10. peaceful_life

    23.Mar.2013 5:07pm

    Hi Danielclarcke.

    No amount of cuts will repair the nations finances, the debt* is unpayable.


  11. Black Dog

    23.Mar.2013 6:03pm

    The biggest issue I have with our national Government is the fact that they trot out endless statistics on what our costs are BUT NEVER ACTUALLY GIVE US THE REAL INFORMATION.

    Welfare is our single biggest issue and yet they tell us nothing. Let us have a complete breakdown please – Like what is the cost of European Migrants (as a percentage of the whole budget) on the NHS, Police, Housing, Prisons, Schools, etc. If any Government dare publish these figures the entire country will be outraged.

    I doubt that these statistics will ever get published as this and previous Governments will continue to pursue ordinary people who through no fault of their own have fallen on hard times, as they are easy targets. Welfare should be a safety net not a way of life.

    The way this and other governments control things is: “They police policy in Britain through the consent of communities.” Basically they ignore the very top and the very bottom as there is actually nothing they can do about them – so they control the middle ground (middle classes) by the consent of the middle ground.

    I am an advocate of (lived through a couple of recessions) growing the economy as cuts on their own are not the answer. We can learn a lot from history, a fact that seems to have escaped our so called leaders whatever political party is in power.

    • danielclarke

      23.Mar.2013 6:21pm

      I agree entirely with your point about european migrants which is putting huge strain on public services and thats why we need to leave the eu.

      • Only UKIP will keep them out – The threat of some UKIP candidates being elected will force all parties to change their thinking much quicker.

        2015 is far too late for action. we need it now.

      • Meursault

        24.Mar.2013 1:06pm

        ‘A study evaluating the fiscal impact of immigration from the A8 countries (those which joined the EU in 2004 and which did not already enjoy right of entry to the UK) found that in the four fiscal years after 2004 (i.e. 2005- 2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 and 2008-2009), A8 migrants made a positive contribution to public finances (Dustmann et al. 2010). While A8 migrants work mostly in lower wage occupations, they have high labour force participation rates and employment rates, a fact which offsets the impact of their lower wages.’

        @danielclarke It would be interesting to see your research that suggests the contrary?

    • Meursault

      24.Mar.2013 1:02pm

      Yes it is important to treat all government statistics with a pinch of salt, well at least their interpretation of them. However there are some very good academic networks that attempt challenge both government and populist views on many areas of public policy.

      Oxford University has a very good Migration Observatory that ‘provides independent, authoritative, evidence-based analysis of data on migration and migrants in the UK’.

      They put out a very good paper in feb this year titled ‘The Fiscal Impact of Immigration in the UK’ which interestingly concludes ‘For the UK (and most other countries), the majority of studies conclude that the overall net fiscal impact of immigration is positive but small.’

      Even more interesting was a study by Dustmann et al (2010) that finds that even if A8 migrants had the same characteristics as UK-born
      individuals they would still be less likely to receive government benefits and social housing.

      This is contrary to populist rhetoric and you find that the likes of UKIP, the Tory-far right, right-wing press et al will find individual examples to whip up hysteria for their own political ends, which is generally based on fear, which incidentally studies have shown has existed in UK society since the 1950s, even during periods of relatively low immigration.

      The research is not perfect and assumptions have to be made (the government doesn’t collect data on illegal immigrants due to the obvious reasons) but equally you will find the most robust peer-reviewed analysis presents conclusions that directly challenge populist held views.

      Interestingly in regard to Dustmann et al’s (2010) research it would suggest that those holding immigration up as a massive burden on UK society should be looking closer to home.

      There are those who will hold up the weaknesses within some of data sets and assumptions made to attempt to discredit it, but equally they need to respond with research to the contrary, not tittle-tattle from the Daily Mail.

      I agree with Black Dog that we do not have a full set of data, but do not believe that is some form conspiracy, and if we had it all you are most likely to find that it supports the conclusions of the most up-to-date peer-reviewed research on the subject.

  12. peaceful_life

    23.Mar.2013 6:09pm


    Growth is the problem, the monetary system (ergo tax system) is dependent on growth, there is no longer growth, and it will not return.

    See the problem?


    • Black Dog

      24.Mar.2013 1:27am

      When looking at the UK problem as a whole it appears to be insurmountable and hopeless. However, by micro managing the economy and specialization (not all about financial services)we can grow the economy organically.

      For example – One has to look at our little old island and do a standard SWAT analysis; it would soon become obvious just how we could turn things around and if it works here it could be rolled out nationally with regional variations. Not rocket science just something successfully practiced by industry all the time

      Let us not forget just how rich we are as a country, it is how we spend (waste) that money that counts. I truly believe that if we concentrated UK issues (micro managed down by area) first we would all be better off. Having established a solid foundation we could build on that and then and only then look to deliver that message/help others. If we are strong and well then more people/countries would benefit.

      I would immediately either suspend Hedge Funds (They are crooked and designed to provide self fulfilling prophecies for their fund managers) or tax them heavily to offset the rising costs of utilities which their actions have caused.

      Lastly I would re-nationalize Water, Gas, NHS (we may think this is already a nationalized organisation – think again) Electricity and the Railways to bring stability of supply and cost under direct control. Take British Gas – Now between the gas field and you there are at least 5 different companies, all earning a profit, and coincidentally at the mercy of the speculators, encouraged by this and previous governments.

  13. peaceful_life

    23.Mar.2013 6:38pm


    Sustainable growth is an oxymoron, besides….it’s simply impossoble to pay off debts left in the wake of exponential growth, especially when the currency is monetised debt, are we then to expect future generations to attempt a steady state economy…..AND….pay off the prior deficits (of a defunct sytem) with ever dwindling resources?

    To imply that migrants are somehow an overbearing strain on public services is quite the statement, you would of course have proof of this?……..I’d hate to think we were simply entering into a political ‘blame game’ while ignoring the root driving factors.

    Far from going off focus, let’s stick it in the crosshairs, otherwise…it’s just rearanging the furniture.


  14. “There is something not quite right about this. I know both men and they are the best of mates. Apparantly, it was Pugh that put Priest up for his OBE! This is Pughs way of getting out of the council leaving him free to take up his other role as a private educational consultant.”

    I picked this up from another blog today. Would anyone like to confirm or deny this information as it’s a bit worrying. Or is just part of the Tory well-oiled propaganda machine?

    • What and intriguing concept (leaving aside that there will be lots of misinformation flying around between now and the election, which could well include this).

      I had thought that the ‘Pugh vs Priest’ headline was a most un-CP headline (as good as it was). They NEVET go for confrontation, so why this time? … on something that they use so much ink supporting.

      • “… his other role as a private educational consultant…” Surely that beggars belief if we are talking about DP of all people & in all places. My bet would be on him trying to save face by putting out this idea.

    • It’s all very well giving the messenger down ticks but it’s a reasonable question. Surely at least one of the Indie Councillors or candidates who frequent OTW can shed some light. Believe me, I don’t want it to be true.

  15. Mr Priest has informed me that he does not know who recommended him for his OBE.

    Mr Richard Priest was once a staunch Tory supporter, or at least that’s the impression he gave me when he chaired a hustling at the Riverside Centre some years ago; where he gave his over-whelming support for our MP Andrew Turner.[Tory].

    I was stopped from asking an independent question from the floor. I persisted that my question be heard. I was ejected from the meeting by Mr Priest; so much for an independent view.

    It is possible that Mr Priest has changed his political views or has not seen eye to eye with the Tory council since that time. As far as I am concerned I see this challenge to Councillor Pugh as a personal vendetta against Tories for the trouble at the Riverside of late.

    Mr Priest may save his deposit but remember: This is Tory island.

  16. @Don Smith “remember: This is Tory island.”

    (New flat-rate pension) “But people who have already retired when the new system is introduced will NOT qualify; they will keep their existing entitlements, which will often be less generous.”

    41% of current Island residents claim state retirement pensions and thus will not qualify for the new higher flat-rate pension.

    As a result, many will review their traditional support for a Conservative party that plans to make them second-class retirees in 2016.

    • WightyWight has several times put right Don Smith about ‘Tory Island’, saying that for most of modern history we have not been Tory. But that doesn’t stop Don trotting it out!

      I hope that Mr Priest wouldn’t disagree with Andrew Turner on principle, (that would be absurd), but would agree with him as merited on an individual issue. That’s probably what happened at the meeting referred to, & it’s certainly an attitude I would hope for in an Independent.( Or RP may have simply been polite & chairing the meeting).

      If Don got evicted from the meeting by Richard Priest (of all people), I suspect Don may not be a very reliable witness on this matter.

  17. Island Monkey

    24.Mar.2013 10:49am

    If Don Smith is correct, we have the answer.

    If Andrew Turner and Richard Priest are on the same Tory side, it seems to tell us why a Pugh lead council declared war on the Riverside Centre doesn’t it? Civil war could yet cost them all their jobs.

  18. Ken Thomas

    24.Mar.2013 11:12am

    It seems to me that some of our bloggers are getting their knickers in a twist.(Or perhaps they are closet Tory’s) Does it matter who suggested an OBE for Richard Priest. Does it matter that at sometime he supported our Tory MP.I have written to Andrew Turner and thanked him on two occasions for doing what the council should have done, and I’m not a Tory.
    I don’t know Richard Priest or Jon Gilbey but they are standing in an endeavour to rid ourselves of an undemocratic party machine and a leader who aspires to become a Tory MP who makes decisions that he thinks will help him on his way.
    Family and friends who know them both tell me they are good guys who will do their best to put things right in County Hall. They’ve got my vote and support.

  19. Don Smith

    24.Mar.2013 2:31pm

    Good MP? who now ownes four properties.
    From acorns…I have a spare room, tax me if you can.
    How many rooms does the Queen need? Time to size down mi thinks!

  20. peaceful_life

    24.Mar.2013 4:48pm

    @Black dog.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Indeed nationalising utilities and services across the board is a must, it’s profit that’s the problem here, but…tell that to the shareholders and pension funds.

    Absolutley agree with a suspension (abolition?) of hedge funds, although….we could do with some hedges being funded, quips aside…. a new monetary system is needed as it’s obvious systemic flaws are laid bare.

    I’m not quite sure what you’re implying should be micro managed, and by whom?
    If we’re talking about bioregionalism then yes…..I’d have to agree, and these things need to be brought loudly into the lexicon.

    We need to re-cognise our definitions of our countries wealth*, is this the paper representations of abstract binary concepts?….or are we talking about the pay master general itself, which is of course….the land and the materials gleaned from it, of course the latter then presents us with another quandry, continue with… extract, process, consume, waste……which leads to the break down of ecological regeneration of said materials, or………are we to challenge our very core beliefs and enable ourselves to engage with more holistic systems such as biophysical economics?

    Growth in consumption terms is indeed over, the question is….are we prepared to replace it with true regeneration, as we’re already in hock with the limitiations.

    These are fundamental issues that the electorate and candidates need to be discussing, to a larger degree…’s beyond the games of politics.


    • Good to see people reading my Posts; even though the majority disagree with
      my comments regarding messieurs Pugh and Priest.

      Leopards do not change their spots, and I feel that most of these Independent candidates
      are defecting from their Tory beliefs (sic), because they see a chance to strike whilst the iron
      is hot, and the dog is down.

      Mr Pugh will retain his seat, and will continue to be leader of the Council. I have only met with
      Mr Priest once, and I was far from impressed (Better the devil you know). More expences
      (Second pensions) come to mind.

      Anyone wishing to have a wager on the outcome – Visit a bookmaker. Remember: this is Tory island
      and all the OAP, and those in nursing homes always vote…Well they may get a ballot paper.

      • wightywight

        25.Mar.2013 8:24am

        @Don Smith:

        Well Don, you continue with your absurd assertions which fly in the face of factual evidence. You are a dangerous man because of that.
        Clearly you have an agenda by posting here in the manner you do and each and every person can make assumptions what that might be.
        So, you “feel” that “most of these independent candidates are defecting…..”
        That’s your opinion – based upon very little, of course – and is no more than that. There are something like 32 Independent candidates already and I do not believe you are anything to do with any of them to make any such statement about their “beliefs”.
        So, to be sure, as you used the words ..”most of them” let’s have your numbers …you’ll need at least 17, I think, as that would be what most rational and sensible people would understand “most” to be out of 32.
        Of course, if and when you put a number to it ..I am going to ask you to identify each and every candidate and I will go away and personally check with each and every one of them. Got that?
        Now, as with your T*ry Island diatribe, it is factually INCORRECT , you’ve been told about that, I have personally given you the actual years of administration for each party that has run the IOW Council and the majority of years – by a long way – has been the Liberals(+Dems).
        I am about to put your new assertion concerning Independent candidates into the same rubbish bin as your tired old one.
        You seem to struggle with this notion of most/many/majority/minority though don’t you….?
        You think the “majority disagree with my comments ” (sic) when in fact it is EVERYBODY that disagrees with you.
        In fact, Don, you are fast becoming quite an obnoxious man posting false assertions and mis-truths as I have shown to you in the past.
        There is nothing wrong with you or anyone voicing an opinion and that being debated….quite healthy actually….but slurs, mis-truths, and continual incorrect assertions are not acceptable.
        Finally, Don, I personally could not care less what YOU think the outcome of the election will be…you will not make the slightest bit of difference as you have ONE vote. Your one vote clearly won’t be for an Independent candidate and I suspect if there is a candidate standing (that is) it will go to emanates all those sorts of values frankly…anyway, just my own personal thought on that. Your one vote is all you have. You tell people here to go to the bookmakers….I suggest you get down and buy a lottery ticket in the sure knowledge you will be very rich by next weekend…after all, if you can predict the outcome of an election campaign that hasn’t even started yet ..picking just 6 correct numbers is a breeze!


  21. Don, Knowing both gentlemen might I suggest that you were ejected from the meeting because of your behaviour. Both men are even tempered and for Mr Priest to have taken this action your behaviour must have been unacceptable.
    Are you suggesting that those who work in nursing homes are tampering with ballot papers and falsifying votes? That is a pretty damming accusation if you are.
    I think Don for all involved you need to change “This is a Tory Island” quote. It may seem it to you that the Tory’s have been in power for ever but we certainly have had more years of Liberal Domination than Tory in my time. Time is now for change and I hope Shanklin get behind Richard Priest and not only do the decent thing for Shanklin but the Island as well.
    I never thought I would see Don Smith advocating voting for David Pugh but as I have seen with my parents when you get older you lose all tough with reality.

    • To sum it up Sam, anyone who advocates voting for Pugh must be in his pocket, stupid or related to him

    • wightywight

      25.Mar.2013 8:36am

      @Sam salt:

      I agree Sam. What is worrying though is that someone like this Don Smith writes about an event ‘sometime’ in the past, describes what took place (subjectively, of course)and it gets put onto a platform of almost acceptibility or reality.
      There’s no evidence the event took place in the way described (or at all!)…we only have this Don characters’ vague recollection. It was even written as though Richard Priest (alone) orchestrated the whole situation and had him ejected….! It’s an assertion – like many of this mans dangerous assertions – and may have NO basis in fact.
      So, why not we ask Don for some details about this event, the date (or roughly, which month & year if it’s a way back)of the meeting, who else was present on the *panel* and the reason for the meeting and where it was held.
      I will personally contact Richard Priest to then verify that aspect of the, the facts surrounding the actual meeting specifically…not the claims of what occurred.
      I am beginning to think there is a game plan here with this Don who is intent on disrupting and playing ‘dirty tricks’. If that is so, I shall work towards exposing those ‘tricks’ and to discredit him.


  22. @Don Smith “Remember: this is Tory island
    and all the OAP, and those in nursing homes always vote…Well they may get a ballot paper.”

    This must be this year’s Tory PR mantra! Say it enough times and people will start to believe it (as Josef Goebbels pointed out 70 years ago.)

    To repeat: 41% of resident Islanders draw State Pensions. The Cameron government will deny those existing pensioners the increase to the new flat-rate pension in 2016. Further it was reported that their current benefits “would be less generous”.

    Why should OAPs vote Conservative knowing that such a vote will make them relatively poorer in 3 years time, despite the majority having paid National Insurance premiums for upwards of 50 years?

    Cameron/Osborne have probably written their political death-notice in that jeopardising their traditional Grey Vote! With 41% of the Island electorate so affected, elections in May 2013 could well be a shocking surprise to local Tories relying on their traditional supporters.

    Candidates from other parties and Independents should ensure that is message goes out in their promotional literature and meetings, otherwise they lose an unique opportunity to win.

  23. There appear to be some doubt regarding the husting when I was ejected by Mr Priest, for just requesting to speak at the meeting. Mr Priest made it impossible for me to speak at the meeting, because he knew that I was to ask Mr Turner MP questions about his expenses. I did confront Mr Turner MP later at his office, and put my questions to him directly. What took place in that office is known to Mr Turner MP and his partner Miss Dennett, and is confidential; however, the meeting did take place. Mr Priest will remember this husting very well, he organised it.

    I have never voted Tory in my life, and I supported the Labour Party until they became second rate Tories, and they still are. Most Independents are now jumping on the band waggon because they see a chance of success, because the Tories are out of favour. Not because of a threat from Independents but from UKIP.

    If you want the Tories out UKIP can do it, because people want our country back. No political party at present in office has the guts to even mention migration let alone stop it. Our children can’t get work. People are losing their jobs and being taken over by foreigners. I fear for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. The future is bleak. Independents will not make one iota of difference either locally or nationally. I ask you: we have a very good Labour Councillor, he works hard for his Ward [Pan] but what can he do on his own? Nothing, they [Tories] have banned him from meetings.

    An Independent standing in my Ward would get my vote and full support. [Newport South] can this group of Independents supply a candidate? Or is just Wards where they think they have a chance?

  24. OAP and care homes – Voting – contact me email; donjean2269@gmail,com

  25. Only Phil Jordan, Independent candidate for (Ryde, North West) emailed me to be given the facts and my experiences regarding voting in care homes. To all those who poured scorn on me…The truth will out -Enough written.

    My email address is still displayed; also my phone number is listed in the BT book
    Number 15 will guide you to the correct D Smith.
    Please do not phone between 13.00 hrs. – 16.30 hrs.

    Thank you.

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