Road closures due to excessive mud (again!)

Four more roads having to be closed whilst excessive mud is cleared from the carriageway.

road ahead closed

Island Roads have issued more emergency road closures, necessary due to the clearing of excessive mud from the carriageway.

Various roads in Ashey have been closed whilst the specialist operation takes place (West Lane, East Ashey Lane, Green Lane, Harding Shute).

The road closure follows warnings from the NFU, CLA and police over the illegality of excessive mud being left on the carriageway by farmers and landowners.

Can lead to fatal accidents
An NFU South East spokeswoman told OnTheWight,

“Besides being illegal, excessive mud on the roads can lead to serious and even fatal accidents and so it is essential that farmers and growers take steps to minimise its impact.”

Image: thelocalpeople under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 18th October, 2017 11:19am



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Who is currently policing excessive mud on the roads?

The police – who have better things to do. Island Roads – who’s job it is to clear it up and issue the bill to the guilty farmers. Perhaps instead of asking who is policing it, we should be asking who is causing it – and putting pressure on Island Roads to make sure the culprits – who are fairly obvious – pay what they have to… Read more »