Shaheen Khan-Jones appointed permanent Principal post at Sandown Bay Academy

Governors at Sandown Bay Academy hope the permanent appointment of Mrs Khan-Jones will establish the Academy as a flagship school for the Island.

A letter from Sandown Bay Academy’s chair of governors, John Gansler, to parents last week confirmed that a permanent Principal, Shaheen Khan-Jones, had been appointed from September.

sandown-bay-academy-logo-230Mr Gansler said, “I am pleased to tell you that we have appointed Mrs Khan-Jones, the current interim Principal to this vital position. I am sure you will want to join me in wishing her every success in her now permanent role of leading the academy post‐Ofsted, raising the school out of special measures and then establishing Sandown Bay firmly as a flagship school for the Island.”

The Academy was placed into Special Measures earlier this month after an Ofsted inspection in January 2013.

Thursday, 21st March, 2013 11:33am



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The Governors share responsibility for this terrible situation and should all have gone.

After reading this womans comments two weeks ago in the CP where she firmly stuck her head in the sand, I can’t see the school improving


Flagship school eh? Like the “Mary Rose” perchance? :-))


So she wasn’t good enough for Carisbrooke high school,didn’t do any good,leaves the island,comes back and is suddenly the best thing for Sandown high. Apparently she has a very good track record for what?

Suggest that you ask Steve Beynon (and be quick about this) exactly what HE did about this -in respect of The Trust’s CX, Judith Richardson and the plotting and scheming that they both (JR & SB) did to SHJ? This goes far deeper than you think and the governing body at IIT may well know far more than they are letting on! Wheels within wheels but it… Read more »
L R Traite
The remarks attributed to Ms Khan-Jones in the County Press were her honestly held views. The fact that they are totally incompatible with good teaching practice is regrettable. When dealing with Ofsted however she spoke Ofstedese and was credited with the right policies “which have not had time to come to fruition” and that frankly is highly unlikely. She has been appointed by default. She learnt Ofstedese… Read more »

Dont understand the last comment? How can nodehill be put into special measures?nodehill not only no longer exists, but if you are referring to the sixth form thats there, then it would not have had a “seperate” ofsted report but would have been reviewed as part of its home school ofsted report so it cant be put into a category on its own?

L R Traite

Apparently the three units of the Island Innovation Trust were inspected separately. Node Hill is the 6th form unit taking students from Carisbrooke and Medina. Carisbrooke and Medina are inspected as units dealing with students aged 11-16.
Hope this answers your question

You seem very sure on that last point, from some basic reading of federated schools on ofsted websites it appears that the schools would be inspected seperately as 11-18 schools and receive one report per school (i.e two reports in total!!) but seems like your sure of yourself so will be interesting to see what happens! Whatever does happen both Medina and Carisbrooke are clearly ahead of… Read more »