Steve Beynon And David Pugh Receive A Vote Of ‘No Confidence’

Pugh and Beynon get vote of no confidence by local authority trade union

St George’s Park played host to a packed Special General Meeting of UNISON members this lunchtime.

Newport Football ClubStaff employed by the Isle of Wight council met to discuss the proposed job cuts at the council.

A number of motions were proposed including a demonstration at County Hall on 7th December, along with service users, campaigning groups and other trade unions. That evening the council Cabinet meet to discuss budgets.

400 people there
Around 400 members turned out for the meeting, which they heard that the actual number of losses was expected to be in excess of 535 as a around a further 150 were expected as part of the schools reorganisation.

Mark Chiverton, branch secretary of UNISON told VB after the meeting that a vote of no confidence in the Chief Executive, Steve Beynon and David Pugh, leader of the council had been passed.

We have a short interview with Mark to follow.

Get in touch in confidence
As we’ve said before, if any council employees wish to speak to VB in confidence, we guarantee to protect the identity of sources.

Friday, 26th November, 2010 2:39pm



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Email updates?

There really was no need for holding a vote to establish no confidence in Beynon, a quick glance at his CV would suffice.

Intentionally Blank

so is a vote of no confidence from councillors to follow? clearly the council staff have no confidence, but what about councillors?

Will a vote of no confidence from council workers be taken seriously? Will it be effective in any way, or is it just a minor embarrassment which Pugh and Benyon will laugh off and ignore?


Councillors will vote how they are told to vote, by Pugh, after he has been told by George Brown.

As for the staff I would imagine Pughs response would be F**king well leave us alone


sadly the vote of no confidence will do little more than raise awareness of the blithe, doctrine lead cuts. Public services are about to be ruined, they will never return thanks to these shortsighted tory halfwits. Quite why beynon is so far up brown’s backside should be scrutinised.

Playing the numbers
Is was wondering whether the numbers spoke for themselves. According to the BBC website ( the salaries of the top 7 (salaried) staff at the Isle of Wight Council was £875150. Unemployment on the Island is 2,824 (VB 17/11/10) an additional 535 jobs gone is adding nearly 19% to that total. If every job lost represents devastation both individually as well as for the family; for our… Read more »

When Winston Churchill was asked to cut arts funding in favour of the war effort, he simply replied ‘then what are we fighting for?’

When Pugh & Brown were asked to cut arts funding in favour of the long held tory dream, they replied ‘No problem, gone at a stroke’.


well they should have done that after the fiasco of schools reorganisation, which looks to go t*ts up.I have no confidence in any of them!

Block 8

They will completely ignore this, just as they did the vote of no confidence earlier this year. Just remember that as far as Beynon and Pugh are concerned, the customer is always wrong.

26 November 2010 Dear Ventnorblog How many Councilworkers are being cut from front line services? How many careworkers will be axed? In the current consultation on Adult Social Service provision for homecare, I have made a stunning discovery. Look for yourself. See what the proposal is for the hourly rate of care. And that it is proposed that there will be no maximum amount of money that… Read more »

Just to clarify the last post, the amount per year for 24/7 homecare plus 3 daily meals from “Meals on Wheels” could be prohibitive.

I wish to know from the Council HOW they will determine whether a person’s home will count as part of their “means”?

Either as part of an equity release, or on death?

Further to my previous 2 postings, what I MEANT to say, but did not express it properly is this: How will an ordinary person of moderate income and some savings be affected by the proposals for Adult Homecare provision if they have personal budgets? If a person is to be assessed, will their HOME be counted or DISCOUNTED as part of any MEANS TEST? That is what… Read more »

Interesting how I submitted a critical comment on the IOW Radio website yesterday afternoon regarding their ‘soft’ interview with Pugh, but they have decided not to publish as yet……..