TK Maxx Newport Coming: Rumour

Will it / won’t it?

Have you heard the rumours that TK Maxx might be coming to the Isle of Wight?

TK Maxx Coming To Newport: UnconfirmedThe whispers on the street is that they’ll be opening in March/April 2011 at a central site.

A source, who swears that he’s well-placed, told VB that it’s going to be at the current Somerfield supermarket site in South Street, Newport.

Anyone who has been in that Somerfield will know that there’s a lot of reorganising going on in there currently.

We’ve been told that Somerfield will be re-brand to Co-Op and downsize into the part of the store that was the shoe shop/cafe.

We contacted TK Maxx and they said that nothing had been signed, but would let us know if that changed.

What have you heard?

Friday, 26th November, 2010 2:29pm



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Auntie P

Yes I was told a couple of months ago by a member of staff there that the main part of the sore will be TK Maxx and the Co-op will move into the space which had been the shoe shop and the cafe.

Cpt Carling

This is correct. I have this info 1st hand from them wot know


that will be quite good , interesting things to see ,