The George Hotel: Food hygiene failures revealed in 1 out of 5 score

Old food debris on chopping board for uncooked fish and black puddings nearly two weeks past their ‘use by’ date were just two of the failures that led to a food hygiene rating of 1 for The George.

Dianne Thompson - The George

The prestigious George Hotel in Yarmouth has once again failed to meet satisfactory food hygiene standards.

The hotel, which in 2015 hosted a pre-wedding dinner for family and friends of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, was inspected in February this year and given a rating of 1.

Understanding the ratings
  • 5 is top of the scale – the hygiene standards are very good and fully comply with the law
  • 0 is at the bottom of the scale – urgent improvement is necessary

Prior to this the Hotel’s has twice being given a 0 rating in the last three years.

Catalogue of failures
The inspection reports reveals extremely concerning food safety hygiene breaches, some of which the hotel had already been cautioned about in the past.

  • For example, despite being informed by staff that a system of stock rotation and control was in place, the inspector found black puddings in the fridge that were nearly two weeks past their ‘use by’ date (13 days), as well as a container of Anchovies three days past its ‘use by’ date.
  • Irregular temperature monitoring of the two fridges at the front of house might give rise to conditions that would encourage the growth of food spoilage bacteria, moulds and food poisoning bacteria.
  • The inspector found fish being stored on one of the shelves above bread in the walk in chiller, adding that this may lead to contamination of the ready-to-eat foods with food poisoning bacteria.
  • The chopping boards for raw meat had deteriorated to the extent that they can no longer be effectively cleaned. The board for uncooked fish, although it had been cleaned, was dirty with old food debris in the grooves of the board.
  • Eggs were not being stored in the fridge. This is important because eggs may contain low levels of Salmonella bacteria and storing at warm ambient temperatures may allow the bacteria to multiply, and if subsequent cooking is insufficient, sufficient bacteria may survive and cause food poisoning.

Inspector: “Major improvement necessary”
Following the inspection, environmental health officers declared:

  • Major improvement is necessary for management of food safety
  • Improvement is necessary for hygienic food handling
  • They found the cleanliness and condition of facilities and building ‘good’

History of failures
Since the hotel was bought by former Camelot Group Chief Executive, Dianne Thompson, and following the departure of Michelin starred chef, Robert Thompson (no relation), there have been a catalogue of low hygiene ratings.

In November 2015, the hotel was given a rating of 0.

This was followed by another rating of 0 from an inspection in July 2017.

Response from hotel
OnTheWight contacted The George to ask how it could repeatedly fail to reach food hygiene standards expected by the public.

At time of publishing they had failed to provide a response.

The report in full

Thursday, 3rd May, 2018 6:55pm



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One wonders if a restaurant receiving a national government food hygiene rating of zero in 2015, and a rating of zero yet again in 2017 is arrogant enough to consider that a rating of ‘1’ in 2018 a real achievement?


When a restaurant received a high rating I believe it is normal for them to display their certificate in a prominent position.
Ok wonder where the George Hotel display theirs ?

Mark L Francis

My mum used to work at Brading Laundry and she said the posher the hotel was the filthier they were.
Still, I always think somewhere is either safe to eat at or it isn’t. I would have thought zero two years running would be pretty close to closure.

I do not believe it

Come on! The hygiene report is not that bad. Not one Siberian Filigree Hampster featured in the inspector’ s report.


Pretty basic things, easily rectified, I hope this is overcome quickly, this wouldn’t bother me as the food items mentioned I never eat. I hope they manage a good rating soon.
I’ve been in the trade myself, so wish them good luck.


let me know where you worked, so I can avoid it.