The mystery of where water that usually flows down the cascade has gone is solved

Well done to the Ventnor councillor and groundsman for solving the mystery of why the water had stopped flowing down the cascade – and where it was going

ventnor cascade

Thanks to the investigative work of Ventnor councillor, James Toogood and Stan Hayden (from John O’Conner Grounds Maintenance), water is once again flowing down Ventnor’s cascade.

Where has the water gone?
Residents raised concerns last week when the flow of water became restricted and eventually stopped on the iconic Ventnor cascade.

Jim and Steph Toogood set about trying to work out what had happened amid fears from residents about where the water might be diverting to.

Natural spring
The water that flows down the cascade comes from natural springs and some flows into the paddling pool (in the warmer months) whilst the rest feeds into the harbour.

Blockage at top of cascade
This lunchtime (Thursday) Steph Toogood reported that a blockage in one of the inspection chambers at the top of the cascade was causing the problem.

It’s believed the water was backing up into some of the culverts in the unused basement of No 13 Pier Street.

Well done to all involved for solving the mystery and getting the water flowing again.

Image: © Steph Toogood

Thursday, 27th February, 2020 3:22pm



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And what does the owner of 13 Pier Street say?

Benny C
Nice one. Councillors getting involved, fixing things and getting well deserved good press. Small but very meaningful. Meanwhile in Niton , the local Councillor wants to spend millions of pounds on a wobbly bridge to help prop up a few poorly run businesses he says he has connections with. Nice one. We could use that money to prop up essential services which have been deteriorating under the… Read more »

Steph Toogood is the wife of Cllr. Jim Toogood !


I answer to ‘Bones’ question I don’t think Steph Toogood is a Ventnor Town Councillor, but she’s very good at telling Jim what to do.

Benny C

Priceless, that’s made my day! Thank you.


Who is Steph Toogood ?


Oh ! Is she also on the Council?