Ventnor Council chosen as pilot for Government led programme

The Our Place! scheme aims to give people more power over local services and budgets in their neighbourhoods, aligning these with all the other resources that the community can bring. Ventnor has just be chosen as a pilot council for the scheme.

Our Place Illustration:

This in from the town clerk for Ventnor Town Council, David Bartlett, in his own words. Ed

Ventnor Town Council was told this week that its application to be one of the 160 areas in the country involved in the next stage of the Department for Communities & Local Government’s Our Place! programme has been accepted.

Our Place!
Our Place! (the ‘!’ is part of the brand) is the second stage of a DCLG programme originally run as 12 pilots under the heading Neighbourhood Community Budgets. Two of the pilots were Town Councils.

This second stage involves the roll out of the approach deployed by the pilots, enhanced by their experience, through the involvement of a further 160 areas supported by a £4.3M budget providing a combination of funding and consultancy to the selected areas.

Help with Operational Plan
These areas will each commit to the production of an Operational Plan by 31 March 2015 to address the challenges their areas are facing. Ventnor’s Mayor Steve Stubbings and Town Clerk David Bartlett attended a DCLG seminar on the programme in Birmingham last September and expressed an interested in the town joining the programme.

That interest was progressed in a visit to Ventnor to meet with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and staff team by the programme’s DCLG lead officer, Camilla Sheldon, and her colleague Jennifer Craft on 23 January.

Grant and support
Our application process for this stage of the programme was submitted on Friday 17 February and its acceptance was confirmed in an email this week.

That comes with a grant of £3,000 and the fully funded support of both a Relationship Manager – the link between us and the DCLG – and a consultant for assistance with the production of a Development Plan by 9 May on the basis of which the 160 will be reduced to 120 to go the full distance and produce an Operational Plan for the area by 31 March next year.

The core of the programme is the active engagement of all the Agencies active in the town and its communities in the identification of priorities and identifying the available resources to achieve the programme’s outcomes. Further funding is available as the programme proceeds.

More information about Our Place! is available online

Thursday, 27th February, 2014 3:10pm



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Well done David, Steve and VTC. That’s a lot of hard work for Ventnor: congratulations.


Well done, sounds like a really worthwhile initiative and in line with the ‘Big Society’ policy. Fully-funded individuals whose jobs are to do just this one thing will make the difference between a working living plan and throwing pooh sticks off a bridge – which is what happens with most ‘initiatives’ initiated by Government. The very best of good luck.


Interesting. But don’t be too cynical David W with your tongue in cheek innuendo.

I hope we will continue to be involved and engaged as SS and DB indicate in the development plan, as often government sponsored initiatives are controlled and have strings attached.Transparency is the key.

“Big society” can mean big business take the decisions while society carries the can.

Chris Whitehouse

Great to see Steve Stubbings and so many OTW commentators so enthusiastic about such a great Conservative Government project.

Cllr Chris Whitehouse (Newport West)

steve s

I’m an Independent, Chris. I’m happy to accept good ideas (and funding) from both sides.


“…you will be put in touch with a Relationship Manager, consultancy/coaching support tailored to meet the needs of your neighbourhood”

The “Relationship Manager, consultancy/coaching support” wouldn’t be coming from the private sector by any chance, would it Chris as yet another way of channelling public funds into private pockets? :-))


Odd that Chris Whitehouse is jeering at those who favour something he supports. Prefers old-style adversarial politics I suppose, rather than anything smacking of consensus. If people agree on something positive – rejoice, encourage it!

Chris Whitewash
What a shame to see Chris Whitehouse once again jumping on whatever bandwagon he can and politicising everything in sight. Chris, can you please go and do your job as a councillor instead of trying to twist everything to fit your PR policy. Incidentally, I think I may speak for the majority of OTW readers, not to mention the country as a whole, in saying that the… Read more »
Man in Black

As we have your attention Mr Whitehouse, perhaps you could enlighten us as to why you weren’t in the chamber for the budget vote? Given it’s one of the most important council meetings of the year, it was surprising to hear you’d left the chamber before the vote.


… and arrived there late. What’s going on?

Cllr Whitehouse, it’s look at me comments like you have just posted that puts people off the Conservatives. You really should stop doing it. Grant funding projects is far more of a socialist initiative than any Tory capitalist idea. So, Cllr Whitehouse, I am happy that you follow my socialist values and morals, and that as a capitalist party, acknowledge that socialism is a good thing and… Read more »

Yes Hermit, extraordinary he got that wrong.

“… it’s not a Conservative government, it’s a coalition,” Chris was subconscoiusly revealing the ugly truth. It is a myth that Coalition politics prevail in Westminster. The LibDems have sold their souls for the “mess of pottage”, believing that gaining a few unimportant government posts actually gives them some kind of power over policies. Patently, it doesn’t. Clegg’s sole role is to act as a Nodding Donkey… Read more »

Nick Clegg has detailed the specific ways in which the LibDems have made a difference, while recognising that they have made significant compromises.
And when the country has voted such that a Coalition is required, there is going to be an internal mix of loyalty and struggle.


“Nick Clegg has detailed the specific ways in which the LibDems have made a difference, while recognising that they have made significant compromises.”

…… and you believe him? :-))

“Significant compromises” involved reneging fundamental manifesto promises.

Now he is flirting with the third useless nonentity (after the PM and himself), Milliband.

Where is any political leader today who can match those of yesteryear in charisma and statesmanship?


I “believe” that in a Coalition the smaller party has to make most compromises and accept most losses, and do what they can to gain some positive achievements and ameliorations. That is the very nature of Coalition. (Such a flurry of ‘ad hominems’, Cicero!)

But let’s not de-rail this topic.


@tryme No ad hominems are aimed at you Tryme- not my style as you know.

However politicians are fair game! :-))

(As a final word on coalition politics- so as not to incur Sal’s wrath for disrupting the thread- the strength of minor parties in a coalition depends on whether their votes are critical or not to swing major decisions.)




“subconscoiusly”= subconsciously


I predict that the LibDems will leave the coalition before the next election.
That will make them appear to be free of attachments and available to any party that needs them.
Political prostitutes IMO.

That’s just common sense, isn’t it steephilljack ? The Coalition isn’t a party; each wanted to be sole party of government but the electorate obliged them to ‘coalesce’. Each will again wish to be the sole party of government next time round, so they must become distinct entities once again, so we can assess what they each offer. Nothing wrong if 2 or more parties are again… Read more »