Watch: Amazingly cute Isle of Wight dog jumping high to catch the rain

We couldn’t help but share this – While most of us shy away from being out in the rain, this rescue dog is never happier than being able to jump and catch the rain in his mouth. Watch the video to brighten up your day

jumping dog - stills from video

Here’s a sight to brighten up you day.

Whilst many of us don’t like being caught in the rain, especially during the downpour we had yesterday, this rescue dog would disagree.

Bella – whose nickname of Tigger will become apparent after watching the video – absolutely loves catching the rain in her mouth.

Sara Truckell was out walking with Bella yesterday when it started to rain and the result was this wonderful video.

Thanks to Sara for letting us share it with you – she asked only that we link through to animal rescue centres on the Isle of Wight, so we’ve created a list of the few we know below. If we’ve missed any, just let us know.

Isle of Wight animal rescue

Tuesday, 25th August, 2020 12:44pm



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