Wyatt and Jack’s #inflatableamnesty spreads well beyond Isle of Wight

Since July last year, with the help of environmentally-conscious members of the public, Isle of Wight based Wyatt and Jack have managed to re-purpose around 15 tonnes of “broken inflatable weirdness” preventing it to from going to landfill.

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You might remember that last summer we shared details with you about how to get involved with Wyatt & Jack’s fantastic inflatable amnesty project.

The Isle of Wight-based company that creates sustainable bags and accessories from unwanted materials such as former deck chairs and bouncy castles announced that as part of their ongoing mission to help reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill, they would take your unwanted inflatables and turn them into gorgeous items for sale instead.

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“Blown away” by the response
The campaign has been incredibly successful with unwanted inflatables being sent to the team’s workshop in Bembridge from all over the country.

Former paddling pools, water-wings, banners, blow-up animals, dinghies, inflatable drinks holders, lilos, you name it, they’ve had it. They even have a life-size inflatable Stone Henge, hidden away in a secret location.

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Wyatt & Jack’s Founder and Director, Georgia Lovell, told OnTheWight she’s, “blown away” by the response, adding that since July 2018, with the help of environmentally-conscious members of the public, the company has managed to re-purpose around 15 tonnes of “broken inflatable weirdness”.

Why we love it
It’s not just the fact that this small independent company is preventing masses of unwanted plastic from going to landfill or littering the oceans, but that they do it with great style.

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The products that are created, be they shopping bags, weekenders, washbags or clutches, all have such fantastic attention to detail, making them highly desirable and showing that one person’s waste can be used to create another person’s treasure.

Supporting others doing great things
Georgia and her team also run support, praise and promote other people doing similar things.

They have a series called ‘making stuff out of old other stuff’ which is pushed out on social media on Mondays. It features other people ‘making stuff out of old other stuff’, such this week’s feature about the company that recycles crisp packets, tooth brushes and cigarettes for free.

Check back through their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account for more details.

See them in person
If you haven’t seen the products that are created, why not pop along to the flagship store in Union Street, Ryde. Check their Website for opening times.

If you can’t get to the store, all the products are also listed on their Website.

Get in touch
There are now 21 drop-off points (including Majorca) where you can leave your unwanted inflatables and they’ll be sent onto Wyatt & Jack.

Wyatt & jack deck chairs

If you want to find out where your nearest drop-off point is pop over to the #inflatableamnesty map or if you have a question for the inflatable superheroes, write to [email protected]

You can follow the journey of all unwanted inflatables via the Wyatt&Jack Instagram account.

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