Why does this councillor consistently park on double yellow lines, but apparently never gets a ticket?

The Isle of Wight councillor who introduced the removal of many free car parks and increased parking charges has himself been freely parking on double yellow lines. We’ve got the photos. I asked him at a public meeting – he didn’t deny it.

Many photos of Jon Gilbey parking on Yellow lines - x

Cllr Jon Gilbey has been near-daily parking on double yellow lines outside his business – and apparently not receiving parking tickets.

OnTheWight has been observing this for ten months.

Cllr Gilbey was the Isle of Wight council Executive who proposed the highly-controversial policy that removed much of the Island’s free car parking and saw parking charges increase.

Photographic proof
Back when the unpopular changes to remove free parking from many Isle of Wight car parks were being discussed, OnTheWight was sent many sets of photos taken by concerned residents of Shanklin showing Cllr Gilbey’s car consistently sitting on double yellow lines at all hours of the day.

The email that accompanied the photos said they just didn’t feel it was right that there was one rule for residents and another for this councillor.

Seemingly escaping parking tickets
It was reported to OnTheWight that in all the times Cllr Gilbey’s car was seen flagrantly abusing the yellow lines, not once had he received a parking ticket. Given the parking violations were near-daily, it’s unclear why Cllr Gilbey escaped being fined.

Since being alerted to this, OnTheWight has also observed this continued abuse by someone elected by the people of Shanklin, over a period of ten months.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, there’s more on top this – Cllr Gilbey was recently made the Chairman of a Special Committee that is looking at parking on the Isle of Wight.

Question in public to Cllr Gilbey
Last Thursday was the first meeting of that committee. During the public question time I took the opportunity to ask Cllr Gilbey the following, giving him an opportunity to explain his actions:

“As giving as they are, I hope we can all agree that councillors shouldn’t get special privileges when parking on yellow lines.

“Would the Chairman explain why he frequently parks on a double yellow lines in Shanklin – without apparently receiving parking tickets?”

This was met by furtive laughter from the other councillors, with one asking , “Tell us your secret.”

No denial
Cllr Gilbey didn’t deny it, but instead said,

“There isn’t a secret. Nine times out of ten, it’s either cash and carry delivery, or loading and unloading – and the car gets removed anyway after a period of time.”

Photos taken over months
I pointed out that we’d received photographs over a long period of time, with him consistently parking on the double yellow lines.

The evidence we have is that he parks from before 7am and the car remains in place throughout the day. OnTheWight has photographic evidence of this.

When pushed for an answer, Cllr Gilbey then declared it a ‘personal issue’.

Now chairing special committee looking at parking
I pointed out that it was highly relevant to the committee as he was in position as the Chairman of a select committee that was looking at parking on the Isle of Wight:

“You shouldn’t be making decision on things where you are flouting the rules yourself.”

This wasn’t listened to.

Hiding behind a written answer
Cllr Gilbey then ignored the request for a verbal answer, choosing instead to hide behind the offer of a written response.

After the meeting, I sought Cllr Gilbey to have a private conversation with him. I asked roughly how long he imagined it might take to provide the written answer he offered.

Gilbey: “How long is a piece of string?”
“I’ll answer it when I do” was his first reply. When pressed he said, “How long is a piece of string?” giving the impression that he either had no intention of providing an answer to the question, or it would take so long as to not be relevant.

Nearly a full week later, despite a reminder, we haven’t had the promised reply from Cllr Gilbey.

Encouraged to report him
Since the meeting, we have been contacted by a number of councillors who have suggested that we take this to council officials, reporting Cllr Gilbey for a breach of the councillors code of conduct.

Readers may remember Cllr Gilbey misled and then lied to the press just over a year ago over a far more trivial matter.

Next day: Car not there
It was notable that the next day Cllr Gilbey’s car wasn’t parked on the double yellow line where his car had been photographed so frequently.


Wednesday, 1st April, 2015 4:58pm


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Yes Brendan. Gilbey and Priest, two hypocrites of the first order!

The Auditor

Having watched the video, it is apparent that Mr Gilbey was caught on the back foot. The word hypocrite, plus some other words not fit to type come to mind. He is unfit to serve on this Council.

Simon Haytack

Fantastic article. Does he not realise that double-yellow lines are there because it’s not safe to park in that place? By parking there, it risks the safety of pedestrians and other road users in Shanklin. Knowingly doing this surely it makes his position as local councillor untenable.


Do as I say, not as I do!
What’s new?
Keep up the good work OTW.


Nice car by the way! Councillor’s allowance should cover running costs…

Mason Watch

Excellent work! What is going on here. One rule for them etc. This should be trumpeted from the rooftops of Shanklin. If anything a Councillor should set the best example. Shame on you Mr Gilbert and what a shame from such a prominent position when you were first elected.

I do recall how the Independents were so full of the fact only they had integrity and they were so much better than those awful people who openly declared their political allegiance. Truth is that this was a load of bull***t as Gilbey’s arrogant behaviour demonstrates. They pretended to be holier than thou but the fact is that people such as Gilbey are unfit to hold public… Read more »
not just him
Its also regularly noticeable that patrons of the Conservative Club in Shanklin regularly park on yellow lines and never get tickets – usually on a friday night. With Gilby, he really is taking the mickey. Just down the hill, less than 5 minutes walk away, is a council car park that he could use. I’m sure no-one would object if he parks on yellows for 10 minutes… Read more »
retired Hack

Congratulations, OTW. In the absence of a better explanation, this appears to be a clear breach of the IWC Code of Conduct, at the very least.

At the last local elections, Gilbey & Priest jumped on the bandwagon to oust Pugh & Williams. Very commendable, but at that time any tom, dick or harry could have beaten Pugh & Williams. Since then, both have shown utter contempt and deviancy to their electorate! In it for themselves, Giblet appears to put 2 fingers up to anyone who questions his behaviour and “The Priest” tried,… Read more »

He knows how to play the game. He’s got a Disable Badge and knowing he’s got 3 hours before moving a metre forward or backward and this move gives him 3 more hours. That game has been played by lots of disabled people and gives no chance to traffic warden to catch him.

Rubbish! The BB Scheme stipulates about parking on yellow lines. After the three hours have elapsed: “You must wait for at least one hour after a previous period of parking before you can park the same vehicle in the same road or part of a road on the same day.” Let’s see heftier fines for those inconsiderate people who park in Disabled Bays without displaying a BB.… Read more »
Hi Cicero, you are right but also you did answer why he’s never got a ticket. Let say you’re warden, you go and log him in at 9.15 am. He sees you from his cafe and a minute later he moves his car a metre forward. You come back to check 3 hours later and find he’s same street but different position. Stand as what the law… Read more »

Good point!


How frequently do CEOs pass the same spot?


That’s the point! He knows he’s parking in a low priority Road. Unless been instructed that road is out of the normal route: have a think where are the shop in Shanklin? Regent St and apart during holidays, the Old Village is always virtually empty. That’s why warden tent to leave that road.

There could be a number of reasons why Cllr Gibley (sic) flaunts the rules and gets away with it: 1. He’s in cahoots with Parking Services, perhaps offering to keep their jobs safe in turn for turning a blind eye? 2. One of his business pals is keeping an eye out for approaching traffic wardens and then tipping him off? 3. Perhaps he is displaying a Blue… Read more »

he displays a Blue Badge


Audi driver.

enough said.


Nice car though! Business is obviously good, or perhaps it’s paid for through all those generous councillor allowances and expenses? Nice little earner!

Lord Bermondsey

Isn’t he part of the ‘Shanklin Mafia’?

Or at least tries to look like one.

I understand he drives whilst sat on two cushions so he can see over the steering wheel.

Barney McGrew

Probably the same reason that other elected representatives drive around “tired & emotional” without fear of being taken to task.


Given the over-zealousness of one particular traffic warden in the Shanklin area, I’m surprised that he hasn’t been ticketed.
I can only hope that he reads this article and lurks around that particular area a bit more.


Is that the parkingnazi that did me for £35 because my BB was visible but upside down?


They are only doing their job. It’s your responsibility to display your badge correctly. Using the word “nazi” is a little inappropriate when it was your own fault you got a ticket.


Yes that’s true- my fault. Just like a friend got one for parking 8mm onto a white line in a car-park bay.

A bit “jobsworth” though and gives CEOs a bad rep.

measure up

And you want us to believe that story? Is it as accurate as the 8mm?


It matters not to me whether you believe or not as the BB badge tale is true but it might have been slightly more that 8mm as here was nobody measuring it.


The defence argument ‘I was just following orders’ was dismissed by the Nuremberg courts in the late 1940s.


I can’t believe that you are comparing the role of a low waged traffic warden with a nazi charged with war crimes and mass murder. That’s not only a little obscene but also just plain silly.


Helen- I was just pointing out that the excuse of “I am following orders” or “it’s company policy” used so frequently these days has an unpleasant history.

The message is that decision-makers at all levels should always apply some common-sense in making their decisions not just blindly follow rules or they risk being held personally responsible for those decisions.

Living in the Old Village and passing the yellow lines alongside Brian Cooke Furnishings,it is very noticeable that the expensive white AUDI is continually parked there before, after and during opening hours at the PARAMOUNT café. I know that Councillor Jon Gilbey is not a well man, and perhaps he cant walk far, so he should get a blue badge if he is to flout the parking… Read more »

While unloadimg my mother in laws shopping from my car i parked on yellow line for 3 minutes max & got ticket this was outside the old Berry Hill school during holiday period.
How does this above the law councillor get away with it must be the old boys network in action again.
One rule for us one for him.
Should be sacked & made to pay for past offencies.

Sapper 69
The gentleman in question has reluvent reason and correct paperwork displayed if you feel the need to assassinate his character why not do the British thing and address it through the correct channels you are making this a witch hunt for a man who’s dignety is up for public display. He is doing more for our failing town than anyone grow up and support it not condemn… Read more »

is this not the correct channel then….a legitimate news blog


If he has proper legal reason to park on a double yellow line all day why did he not give it to the man from here when he asked the question at the meeting or when he reminded him later?


No he’s a councillor with a blue badge “councillor ” it’s in the title if all the fact we’re collected none of this would be up for discussion .Is this man known to you or are you jumping on the band wagon as well


Oh deary me! – re Sapper69’s comment

Well little John may have a blue badge but he still cant cook chips!


Is ‘Sapper69’ Richard Priest? – I seem to recognize those same spelling mistakes from schooldays.


Disgraceful and so are the parking inspectors for not booking him. Perhaps they should be asked for a please explain as well.


You found the time to read my post and my spelling mistakes could you please read the rules regarding blue badge holders it makes great reading you may also learn a little

Some of these photos show him blocking the pavement which is an offence in itself, blue badges do not exempt you from obstruction. Being disabled himself and a representative of Shanklin, surely he would give more consideration to wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs, both residents and visitors. Expecting them to walk in the road to get round his car and put themselves in danger is unacceptable.
Well said, inconsiderate parking puts pedestrians at risk and if everyone just dumped their vehicles willy nilly then the roads would be blocked, children would be at increased risk from traffic and emergency services couldn’t get through. Everyone should respect parking laws, inc BB holders, for the benefit of all. Traffic wardens do a sterling job – don’t know why he wasn’t ticketed if he has breached… Read more »
You never know
This problem appears to go far deeper and into the connections, influences and associations of senior officers and Councillors which is always played down and silenced so that it goes away. The nature of such instances, as stated above, spreads not only to the Conservative club but too various other institutions, loosely linked by similar relationships. Often wondered why Cllr Gilbey never parked outside the local Lodge… Read more »

Replying to Sapper69’s latest gem –
and his recommendation to….

‘read the rules regarding blue badge holders it makes great reading you may also learn a little’

We must both have differing definitions of ‘great reading’
I’d rather read a copy of the Fish Fryer’s Manual to Cooking perfect Chips’ – and after reading it I’d pop it into the Paramount Cafe.


Poor Mr. Gilbey. He is not a well man. Go easy on him. He works hard at the Paramount and nothing is too much trouble for him. Who else would want the thankless task of being a councillor?

I can’t see that whether he is well or not well has any relevance. There are thousands of BB holders, probably quite seriously ill, who stick to the parking rules and don’t expect to be able to park indiscriminately. Why should this man be treated any differently? He does receive a salary for his councillor role, he doesn’t do it for free. The “he’s not a well… Read more »

Is this your hatred for the councillor or his buisness ?


I think you’ll find it’s neither the man nor his business – but his actions..


All we want is great leadership and good government. Is that too much to ask?


Whether his ability to cook chips had anything to do with his parking was my point .As a person who works in Shanklin he is trying his best to keep Shanklin from turning as bad as Sandown so if his parking is a bit iffy so what no body is perfect and the personal stuff should stay out of the context of this

I am also a good person doing, I hope, community minded activities – but should that mean I can deploy “iffy” parking and negate it by offsetting it against my community worth? As a councillor he should be seen to uphold the parking regulations set in law as an example to the others who pay his salary. I would expect Saint Mother Teresa, were she to miraculously… Read more »
Having been part of the widespread condemnation of this Councillor’s selfish actions, I’m beginning to think that there more important issues to focus on rather than continuing to hound this chap who I’m sure is now well aware of his shortcomings in the parking department. I’m sure that many local councillors set out to improve their community, whatever their political beliefs. I don’t think that many set… Read more »

This is a personal issue. There are more important things to worry about. If you are going to criticise him, at least spell his name correctly.
Leave Mr Gilbey alone.

retired Hack
Actually, if you warch the video clip, you’ll notice that during the course of the conversation, Cllr Gilbey changes his position from “it’s a personal matter” to “I’ll give you a written answer”. And so he damn well should. The allegation is that the chairman of a committee in charge of parking has consistently flouted parking regulations. That’s not a personal matter, it’s a matter of public… Read more »

RH do you know when and where the contenrs of “written responses’ are minuted?


Either way there are more important things to worry about. Leave the poor man alone. There’s no need to join in giving him grief.


Also, there’s no need to bring his business into it. It seems you people on the island have nothing better to talk about though.


@Amy “you people on the Island” eh?

If you are not an Islander, what is your interest?

bored of this drivel
It takes a special kind of vindictiveness for OTW to spend 10 months observing where a councillor has parked, and taking photos. I wonder if they would have bothered if Gilby hadn’t made the mistake of misleading them, which forced an apology to the County Press if I remember correctly. It strikes me that if it has taken 10 months to get the few photos above, then… Read more »
bored of this drivel
It also strikes me that OTW have made this look worse than it is. Several of the photos are taken on the same day, at the same time, or minutes apart. This is a vindictive attempt at a character assassination – not genuine news. Had OTW actually been intent on publishing this as a news story, it would have been published in May or June last year… Read more »
retired Hack

It was 10 months later that Cllr Gilbey chaired his first meeting of a committee in charge of parking. Do you not see the topicality? Or the irony? Or the hypocrisy? Or the consistency illustrated by pictures taken over many months?


There is one in the layby outside NatWest bank that I use from time to time.

retired Hack

The report says that OnTheWight was sent many sets of photos taken by concerned residents of Shanklin. Do you have any factual grounds on which to dispute that?

Interesting! Maybe I was wrong to castigate the CEOs involved. Maybe the problem of not issuing PCNs is in the back office? The Traffic Management Act 2004 Operational Guidance to Local Authorities: Parking Policy and Enforcement states: “Discretion 6.16 The Secretary of State considers that the exercise of discretion should, in the main, rest with back office staff as part of considering challenges against PCNs and representations… Read more »

Interesting that somebody continuously objects to the problem being aired. Why?

No visible sightings of the big white Audi on double yellows whilst pootling through the Old Village over the past few days and better still…… Checked out the chips since my last critique, and pleased to advise that they were tip-top and very hot! Credit where it’s due JB! Most excellent news all round for the good folk of Shanklin

It is strange that since being asked about his parking on double yellow lines last week, no one has spotted Mr Gilbey parking there again.

If, as his friends suggest, he was doing no wrong, why change his parking behaviour?


Hopefully Simon, you will publish the “written response” promised you by Cllr Glibey, if and whne you receive it so this item can be conculded.


Any sign yet of Gilbey’s written response? Another week has elapsed so there can be no reason why he has not sent it.


Corruption within the IoW Council? Surely not!


Stop the Press!

Hold the front page!

Local councillor’s alleged economy with the truth! :-))

Mr Magoo

Well done. Once again OTW is probing and asking unconfortable questions and not simply relying on sanitised press releases to report councillors’ activities

The Sciolist
Could it be that he just takes a chance – like a lot of us do occasionally? Have you asked him how many tickets he’s had in the past 12 months? Someone is certainly fairly obsessively taking photographs. For what purpose? And if you are saying a local councillor’s behaviour is expected to be well above the norm, even in parking matters, then who exactly will offer… Read more »

Sciolist. 2 points. Firstly, we are not talking about the “occasional” parking violation and secondly, yes, as a public servant, volunteer or not, he must completely be beyond reproach. Either that, or he goes! Simple really.


Good point about the volume of photos. I wonder who took them and passed them to OTW with what motivation?

(OTW did its job as journalists by raising the question.)

retired Hack

The motivation is explained in the article. And no self-respecting journalist would reveal his or her sources (plural).
As to Cllr Gilbey’s explanation, readers should judge for themselves whether the car looks as if it is being loaded or unloaded; and recognise for the truism it is his phrase: “…the car gets removed anyway after a period of time”.


RH I was referring to the motivation of the person who took the photos over a lengthy period and passed them to OTW, not the motivation of OTW asking the question as a journalist should.

retired Hack
I know you were Cicero. The motivation of the people who took the photos is explained in the article. “The email that accompanied the photos said they just didn’t feel it was right that there was one rule for residents and another for this councillor.” Now you can accept that motivation at face value, or not. But in any event the motivation doesn’t alter the facts unless… Read more »

Looks an ideal vehicle in which to move bulky catering supplies. Does fresh meat stain the leather upholstery or milk ever leak into the fitted carpets?

Isle of Wighter

The ‘I don’t think it’s right, so I have spent hours compiling a dossier against him’ explanation.

Now where have we heard that before? Recently too.

I do think that if you are in Public Office your behaviour should indeed be the “norm” or above the norm. If I park illegally I would expect to be ticketed. I would know that I was flouting the law and expect to be accountable for my actions. It really upsets and annoys me when people, especially people paid by the local authority or state, feel that… Read more »

“sociopath”? :-))


According to his yearly report he doesn’t seem to have done an awful lot in the 2013/14 year either.

Don Smith

It’s about time that this breaking of the law was punished, one law for the…Hard faced and disgusting.

Just what are the traffic wardens and the police doing in Shanklin?

I do so hope residents and his electorate remember this councillor’s arrogance and law breaking at the next local election.

Ian Loydall

This man is a law unto himself and should not be a counciler,should resign or voted out asap


Does anyone know what Cllr Giblet’s business is called?


(per IWC Register of Interests)

Paramount Cafe
74 High Street

(Opposite Pomona Rd where the alleged parking violations have taken place.)


Thanks Cicero. Just checked it out. Only scores a 3 in the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme!


Wow! Most places are 5s, I’ve seen a few 4s, but a 3!

I’d avoid that like the plague.

Possibly literally!!