Buzzard Capture Planned To Protect Pheasant Shoots

Islanders are urged to email the MP responsible for the plans to cull the native buzzard in order to protect pheasant shoots

Islander Joe Caudwell (aka didgeridoo musician Cephalodidge) has been in touch with his concerns about Government plans that could affect our native buzzards.

Buzzard:He says there are proposals to control the population of buzzards and that DEFRA and the Government are planning to spend £375,000 to destroy buzzard nests and capture this beautiful bird.

The reason for this action? To protect pheasant shoots.

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He is appealing to Islanders to write to Andrew Turner, the Isle of Wight MP and the MP responsible, Richard Benyon.

You can email them via and

Read more about the plans, that have been condemned by Conservationists.

Update: title amended to reflect capture rather than cull

Image: ahisgett under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 24th May, 2012 9:16am



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Email updates?

Please explain why tax payers money will be spent killing buzzards at the whim of a private business?

What about all the dead pheasants by the side of the road, are car drivers next on DEFRA’s hit list?

Write to Andrew Turner & if you so wish you can also comment on Richard Benyon, DEFRA minister, Facebook Page – I’m sure he’d love to hear your views


Haha! Write to Andrew Turner. That’s hilarious!

Seriously though, I would urge people to contact someone who might actually be prepared to do something about this appalling idea. Forget ‘nice little earner’ Turner though, please!

D W Roxborough

It is Ludicrous that native birds should be penalised possibly shot or moved for the non native pheasant,I see more buzzards scavenging rather than killing , Greater Black back gulls pose more of a threat to the likes of Grouse chicks and I would think that they also predate on pheasant poults, save the native buzzard
D W Roxborough

Yeah, right...

I imagine the shooter has become bored of killing pheasants. She and he have a more fun to kill animal in their sights now. And demand protection from the top.

Dave C
Possibly the most appalling idea I have ever heard All pandering to toffs and hooray henry’s. I guarnatee this will end up with mass killings of these birds. – ‘Come to the Isle of Wight, and lets all watch the wholesale slaughter of our magnificent wildlife’. A great advert This Benyon chap is out of touch with the common man/ woman. Our wildlife needs more protection, not… Read more »
I’m sorry, since when has shooting been the sole preserve of, as you put it “toffs and hooray henry’s” ? I shoot but I’m a builder. Before launching into such statements, maybe you should obtain the correct facts first. I would also add that the way in which this article is written is not objective in any way. It is designed to shock and for once, I… Read more »

having read the original document, I find this report adequaltly reflects its findings and proposals and the real shock is the fact that a government department is prepared to suggest such a rediculous idea.

Shooting is not the sole preserve of the rich….just they make up a major part of it with the rest just trying to get a foot on the ladder.

Ryde a Wight Swan

The same Andrew Turner MP who sponsors IW Hunt events?

Masons Watch
Someone’s posh mate or donantion source has complained…….remember “we are all in this together”? No, don’t think so but poor old Mr Turner needs to keep the landed gentry vote going – it may be his only voter base soon. What an appalling idea and SHAME on you if you support this……trouble is he’s likely to have the Boy Pugh snapping at his next selection meeting heels……… Read more »
Matthew Chatfield

See more info and some interesting debate on this interesting issue here:

(Posted in my personal capacity, not IWC)

Lars Torders

Interesting point made in that article asking why this is using public funds? If the shooting fraternity, posh or not, need this done, and if they are allowed to do this, then they should pay the cost themselves.

Dave C
‘I shoot but I’m a builder ‘ … well you are probably better off than most toffs etc. So what you are saying is that destroying our endemic wildlife is a great idea as it will give you more pheasants (an introduced species btw) to shoot at? ~NB I have no issues whatsoever with hunting, be it with guns or even with dogs etc for that matter.… Read more »

Where in my reply did I say “This is a good idea” or “Too right the public should fund it”?

If you can highlight those points, that would be handy!

Dave C

Do you think this is a terrible idea or not then?

It seems to me that our present government is hell-bent on destroying anything and everything at the drop of a hat throughout their term in office, David Cameron and his cronies have waited a long time to be in the position of waiving the big stick and bellowing orders at everyone. Cut this! Cut that! Destroy this! Destroy that! Is their war cry, as they push our… Read more »
Mike Starke
I think we are looking at this problem from the wrong end of the telescope; it is my experience on the Island’s roads, as a motorist and a cyclist, that some of the most dangerous hazards are caused by pheasants. They can do severe and costly damage to both cars and bikes. Believe me. So, surely, we should be eradicating pheasants, not buzzards (an inherently carrion bird,… Read more »
Ruzena Babicova

I cant believe what I have just read. I try really hard not to offend somebody, but.. are you crazy????????

Louise Simpson

This is appalling news, spending money and killing our wildlife.. surely there are more important things to do with the TAX payers money than murder these animals!!!!

Animals inhabited the planet long before mankind. As time progressed and humans joined them in the race for existence some became hunted for their skins, feathers and meat. With further progression of time attitudes towards animals began changing with more and more people killing them for sport, the sheer enjoyment of knowing they can wield the power. In many places around the world native species were being… Read more »
Steephill Jack

Maybe we should shoot herons because they eat goldfish in garden ponds ?

Dave C
The history of mankinds love affair with hunting has sadly gone hand in hand with the extinction of many marvellous creatures, the Great Auk is of course a classic example, almost unbelievably the last pair were found on a nest with eggs, so out came a lump of wood, and they were battered to death the eggs blown and that was the end of the entire species.… Read more »
I agree with this idea to a degree. Don’t forget that the Buzzards were re-established into the wild on the island, and since then the local populations of red squirrels, which are endangered, has plummeted significantly. To protect the pheasant shooting is not the only benefit from this. They do however need to find a suitable solution to this rather than mass culling of the bird, which… Read more »
Dave C
The buzzard re-colonised the island of their own accord after being exterminated as vermin early in the 19th century, coincidently the same time as the last English sea eagles , yes sea eagles were nesting on the IoW until the end of the 19th century. Nature and natural selection worked fine for 5 billion years, never before has a single species (man) caused the total destruction of… Read more »

Check out-
Just a few recent examples of what we are proud to have achieved, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. The sad reality is that it seems the planet is now too small for billions of humans and the remaining flora and fauna.

Dave C

Check out-
Just a few recent examples of what we are proud to have achieved, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. The sad reality is that it seems the planet is now too small for billions of humans and the remaining flora and fauna.


I’m sure that just recently in the county press there was such a hue and cry regarding someone shooting or trapping a buzzard and that it was against the law?

Dave C
It is indeed very illegal to harm or disturb any raptor at the moment, the point is shooters want the law change as they perceive Buzzards to be ruthless killers of young pheasants ( which they are not, and all the evidence supports this ) which are to be raised to be slaughtered for the enjoyment of a tiny minority. Buzzards in fact will eat a wide… Read more »
I live along the Military Rd & drive along it every day. In the mornings the road is always littered with casualties from speeding early-morning drivers, usually rabbits but also lots of bird varieties. There are places where buzzards sit and wait, in the same spots every day. I see them collect the bodies of rabbits etc, drag them on to the verge and eat them. They… Read more »
Don Smith
As a young lad, pre war, I acted as a beater on the moors in Lancashire. Grouse were plentiful in those days, alas the birds have now nearly all been shot out of existence. What do we see now? No beaters, just large wicker baskets of pheasants being taken to the woods or copses by tractor, and released at intervals. The shooters are waiting; the birds fly… Read more »
witchfinder general

We should all petition parliament to get the pheasant put on the protected list.

Dave C

What sort of people get a kick out of this slaughter of living creatures?
….. Well judging by the response on here, not the average joe . Most of the sickest murderers in history started out slaughtering and torturing animals.