Call to join the fight to stop our Isle of Wight NHS being dismantled

The IOW Save our NHS Group say we cannot just sit back and allow government policies to dismantle our NHS and hand it on a plate to the likes of Virgin Care. A march takes place on 3rd February from the hospital to Newport centre. All are welcome.

Save the NHS march

Christine Lightbody from the Save Our Isle of Wight NHS shares below the group’s thoughts on the coming year and the fight to save our NHS.

There will be a Save our Isle of Wight NHS March on Saturday 3rd February – meet outside the hospital at 10.30am for a march into St Thomas’ Square where a rally will follow. All are welcome. Ed

2018 will be a crucial year for our NHS. There are serious concerns about plans to move many services to Southampton and Portsmouth.

This will involve extra travelling for patients at a time when their health may be compromised. Some may not be able to afford to travel as there is no plan to provide funding except for those claiming certain benefits. The physical effort of getting to the mainland will deter many from accessing health services.

An increase in mortality rates?
We anticipate that mortality rates on the Island may well increase as a direct result.

The expense of travelling will also make it difficult for friends and family to visit loved ones, which is so important in the recovery of those who have had serious illness.

A £54 million funding gap
The Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) which was designed to cut £54 million on the Island between 2015 and 2020/21 is incompatible with the promise of improvements to our services.

However, its implementation is gathering pace. Meaningful public consultation and roadshows promised to us since January 2017 have not happened.

Public relations exercises
Various workshops held on the Island to determine people’s response to the redesign of acute services appear to have been public relations exercises.

We are worried that the decisions have already been made despite the declared intention to finally have a public consultation in the spring/summer of this year.

Heading further towards privatisation
Furthermore, there are fears about the introduction of so-called Accountable Care Organisations/Systems (ACO/ACS) in the future. These may well encompass what services are eventually left on the Isle of Wight, as could also be the case in Portsmouth and other parts of Hampshire.

The danger is that this will result in the NHS becoming a business model, conducive to further privatisation. We can expect to see the formation, albeit gradual, of an insurance-based Americanised health care system. Health rationing will become the norm and care will be based on financial targets rather than clinical needs.

Save our IW NHS
All these issues were discussed at a recent meeting of members of the campaign group (watch videos of meeting, IOW Save Our NHS.

The members expressed their determination to continue to warn the public of the damage being done to our NHS.

We encourage people to attend meetings of the CCG, the Hospital Trust and the Isle of Wight Council to ask questions wherever possible.

Find out more
We cannot just sit back and allow government policies to dismantle our NHS and hand it on a plate to the likes of Virgin Care, Care(UK)Ltd, Serco, G4S many of whom will pay no UK tax whatsoever.

Find out more about the IOW Save OUR NHS Group by popping over to Facebook and requesting to join.

If you’re not on Facebook you can visit their Website.

Image: rohinfrancis under CC BY 2.0

Saturday, 27th January, 2018 10:49am



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Dump 90% of the bureaucrats ‘running’ the NHS, dump the CQC, dump all the advertising budgets, dump non medical treatments (give up smoking clinics/gender swaps/cosmetic stuff etc), dump the internal market, and charge people for missed appointments. Above all, remove present and future Governments from any aspect of its control.

iain mckie

“Thousands of doctors are missing from hospitals and GPs’ surgeries during the ‘Winter Crisis’ because they are on jollies to medical conferences at 5 star ski resorts.”


Ah, the UKIP point of view.
At any one time some proportion of any staff cohort will be enjoying well-earned leave, but not in the Kippers’ bizarre world.

Ian Young
This is not about leave; it’s about attending medical conferences. Attending these conferences is, as it says in the article, a mandatory requirement, nevertheless, holding these conferences in December and January seems on the face of it far from ideal. You will not find many travel companies sending their Holiday Reps on training courses in the middle of August. Perhaps there is an explanation for all this;… Read more »
iain mckie

It would probably be cheaper to hold the conferences in the UK and improve availability in the event of a rush on services. I believe that was the thrust of the article. In the age of enhanced digital communication, I would add that most of the conferring could be done via skype etc. Save on carbon emissions from air travel too.

The HIOW STP of October clearly states:-“While these changes will mean fewer and shorter journeys for most, we recognise that some, particularly those on the Isle of Wight, may need to travel further for care than today”. It does appear that NHS services are being regionalised, and until some serious effort is made to improve cross-Solent transport links it looks like us islanders will be put to… Read more »

Be interested to know how Portsmouth Hospital can take on 140,000 island residents as potential patients when they were on BBC News a few days ago as being 40 million pounds in the red.

Geoff Brodie
Sadly the unrepresentative IW Patients Council seem to be supporting the current proposals for Acute Services Re-design. My experience as a councillor of those behind this element of the STP (NHS managers and Tory councillors) is that they are entirely complacent about the additional costs of travel for those who cannot afford it and the potential trauma of such mainland trips. We are talking about at least… Read more »

Eighteen months ago when I had pneumonia and spent several weeks in St. Marys, the doctors wanted to transfer me to Portsmouth or Southampton, but those hospitals could not take me as they did not have beds available. So there is little point in having a policy to transfer people from the IOW to the mainland if there are no vacancies.

Black Dog
It is a shame that St Marys directors and CEO dont turn the spotlight on themselves and look at the waste that they seem oblivious to. The doctors and nursing staff are exemplary and work very hard under the over staffed management structure (not the only waste) Every time they have recruited they have looked inward and to consultants, if they are serious and want to make… Read more »
I recently had the opportunity to watch the CQC in action carrying out an “inspection” at St Mary’s. It was farcical – no apparent preparation, no checklists, no structure. Utter waste of everyone’s time, especially the staff who were naturally nervous and anxious to please. How much of the NHS budget would be released if the ludicrous “internal market” were abandoned and all the paper-shufflers, bean-counters and… Read more »

Annual budget of the CQC is over £200 million
Old fashioned I know, but perhaps better spent.

It is now beyond doubt that Tory long-term policy is to privatise the NHS. The Americans are desperate to get their hands on it and have a version of TTIP waiting to sign the moment Brexit happens. We have seen copious examples of the chaos that results from hiving-off public services to incompetent private providers (G4S, Serco, Sodhexo, Virgin – they are queuing up!) and yet we… Read more »
The Tories are no more likely to “privatise” the NHS than cut their own hands off. The real problem is that there are many questions to asked as to what services the NHS should be providing and how it should be organised and funded. There undoubtedly needs to be an all party group or Royal Commission to consider and recommend how to move the NHS forward. The… Read more »
wellsm: Do you dispute that it is entrenched Conservative dogma that public services are better delivered by private enterprise and that the smaller the state the better? They have alreadsy tried Social Welfare delivery, care provision, prisons, utilities, transport – what makes you think they will stop short of health? The only “trade treaty” Trump will accept is one that gives the US access to all our… Read more »
Surely, if this is going to happen (and you can’t fight City Hall)it is the ideal time to press for a bridge to the mainland. The Chinese could knock one up from Yarmouth to Lymington in eighteen months or from Fishborne to Gosport in a couple of years. Mr Johnson could pay for it with the money he wants to spend on the cross Channel bridge. Soton… Read more »

Only if you have a car!
And who says you can’t fight City Hall?


Have car !! Around here (NE Ryde) it seems that everyone has at least three and some have four or five. You come and try and park ! How on earth they afford the tax and insurance I don’t understand. Explain that Mr E !”


A fiver says most of them aren’t taxed or insured.


Mr E. As I’m sure you know the ANPR system ensures that untaxed cars are picked up. And if you aint taxed to can’t get insurance. Same with MOT.
Please donate your fiver to Cats Protection, Ryde.


ANPR only works when Police do something about it and they have more pressing issues.


Not all police cars are fitted with automatic number plate recognition, only traffic patrol cars are as I understand it!


… and perhaps you’re forgetting that Boris doesn’t actually have any money, not even the mythical £350M a week. Funny, that.


But he knows a man who has lots


He exists in an environment where everyone has lots, that’s the problem with his government.