Flood damage to Island Line trains causes weeks of disruption

There’ll be weeks of disruption to Island Line trains after floods washed away land in several places.

Side photos of Ryde Esplanade train line flooded 24 Dec 2013 by Talk to Tippers

This in from Island Line trains, in their own words. Ed

Due to damage caused to the track following severe flooding at Ryde, on the Isle of Wight, Island Line Trains has advised passengers that it expects the current service disruption to continue for up to three weeks.

Flooding on the track was caused by heavy rainfall which has also affected roads and homes in the south west.

Land washed away
As a result there are about 20 locations near to Ryde in which flooding has washed away the land, which means that tracks are currently unsupported.

Specialist engineers are assessing the situation this weekend to determine the time it will take to repair.

Bus and taxi replacement service
Because of this, the following changes will apply until further notice:

  • A bus replacement service will run between Ryde Esplanade and Shanklin at 50 minutes past the hour and from Shanklin to Ryde Esplanade at 38 minutes past the hour
  • A taxi replacement service will run between Ryde Esplanade and Ryde Pier . These will meet the bus replacement service on arrival

A spokesperson for the Island Line said:

“We apologise to our passengers for the disruption to their services. Bus replacement services are in place to make sure people can travel to their destinations. Our engineers are working hard to fix the problem.

“We are providing updates for our passengers through our website as well as our @SW_Trains Twitter feed and our staff are providing information and assisting passengers at our stations.”

Image: © @TalktoTippers

Friday, 27th December, 2013 1:55pm


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Bob Huxtable

Looks like a gondola service is required not busses!


Whilst a lot of this is just pure bad luck, something really needs to be done about the tunnel. Perhaps some sort of pumping system?

Equally, the problem spots on the road network need some work too – Briddlesford Road and Morton Common are both known problem areas.


There are pics on various internet sites showing the exterior of the pumping station for Ryde Tunnel.

The bigger question[s] surely are;

to where would the pumped water be discharged?

and then

how to prevent surface waters from flowing back to the lowest point in the tunnel?

I have lived in Ryde for over 60 years and have never seen the tunnel flooded so badly. There used to be a large pumping building next to the entrance of the tunnel,which kept the tunnel clear of water. The trouble is now caused by the building of so called Ryde harbor,the councilors of the time were told that the sand would build back over the outlet… Read more »
Island Monkey

Certain photographs published online clearly show the fire service pumping water across the road and IN to the tunnel?

Was this a deliberate plan?


It flooded the same way just a few years back, and will no doubt do so again – Monkton Mead simply can’t cope and so uses the railway. The outflow is irrelevant in this instance.

The tunnel isn’t the biggest issue here – it’s virtually guaranteed to fill up if Monkton Mead overflows as the railway from south of St Johns effectively becomes a river, but there’s little to damage and it was pumped out pretty quick. The weeks of delays are from the fast flowing water washing out the trackbed, especially where it has carved out a huge chunk of the… Read more »