Deputy Mayor joins those objecting to guest house to help the Island’s homeless

Two Saints say tenants would not placed in the property directly from the street, but will have gone through a process to determine they are ready to live independently and successfully

Leed Street property

A prominent Isle of Wight politician has joined the objectors to a proposed house of multiple occupancy in Sandown to help the Island’s homeless.

Cllr Paul Brading, cabinet member for children’s services in the outgoing Tory IW Council administration and deputy mayor of the town,  said he was ‘acutely aware’ of the need to support the principle of housing provisions for homeless and vulnerable people.

Brading: ‘Incompatible and unacceptable’ use of the site
However, he was concerned about the application due to the potential ‘incompatible and unacceptable’ use of the site, such as the risk of anti-social behaviour.

If it were to be approved, he said, ‘very strict conditions’ would have to be added.

Not-for-profit homeless service
Applicants Two Saints, a not-for-profit homeless service, are asking to change the former Hendre B&B on Leed Street into an eight-bed house of multiple occupancy (HMO).

The HMO would be used as part of the council’s homeless pathway to reduce rough sleeping.

Local residents have continued to express fears about having the HMO on their street, as it was ‘not a suitable location’ for that type of facility, especially with other HMOs already in the area.

Already affecting residents
One objector said the proposals are already having an effect on residents with another pleading with the council’s planning department to allow them to ‘feel safe in their homes’.

Another said they were ‘heartbroken’ and ‘boiling with rage’ believing their children and grandchildren would no longer be safe or secure in the area.

Petitions to reject plans
Two petitions have been started both calling for the council to reject the proposals, signed by nearly 160 between the two and attracting signatures from across the UK as well Germany and Canada.

Many residents in their objections say the HMO would attract tenants like ex-convicts, which would go against the safe, family neighbourhood.

Tenants not placed directly from the street
In planning documents, however, Two Saints say the accommodation would be used as ‘move-on’ property with tenants not placed in the HMO directly from the street, but will have gone through an initial process to determine they are ready to live independently and successfully and not ‘negatively impact’ the local community.

Numerous comments were made about the lack of dialogue on the plans with residents and Sandown Town Council, who are also objecting to the proposals.

Comments on the application have now closed, with the Isle of Wight Council set to make a decision by 21st June.

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5 Comments on "Deputy Mayor joins those objecting to guest house to help the Island’s homeless"

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Mark L Francis
I am utterly disgusted by Brading & the nimbies to whom he is pandering. Does nobody ever think they could ever be homeless through unfortunate circumstances? Not suitable location? Where would be then? Maybe the virtually derelict Conservative Club round the corner. I look forward to Cllr Brading falling on hard times, so that I can step over him as he lies covered in his own urine… Read more »

It makes me wonder how many of the selfish NIMBY’s who are objecting to putting a roof over the head of some of the most vulnerable people in our society declared themselves to be Christian in the recent census?


Hmmm Bandwagon & jumping come to mind. Is there an election coming up by any chance?

Geoff Brodie
A Homeless Shelter and Assessment Centre – Howard House – is currently being introduced into part of the former and historic Barton Junior School site within my Newport ward. When the planning application was advertised earlier this year there was not one objection and none to me. I like to think that was because of my support, my communications and assurances to its near neighbours and positive… Read more »
Cllr Brading has every right to express his views on this application for the HMO in Leed street and local residents also have the right to express their fear for their homes and communities and object to what they feel this proposal if approved would mean to their immediate neighbourhood and town. Already having HMOs in Sandown residents are aware of the impact this has on Sandowns… Read more »