Ex-Carisbrooke Head To Take Over At Sandown Bay Academy

That’s a bit of a surprise

Shaheen Khan-Jones, who resigned as head of Carisbrooke College in a surprise move in March earlier this year, has today been announced as the new Interim Principal for the next academic year at Sandown Bay Academy.

John Bradshaw, who was the head of Sandown Bay Academy and its previous guise as the high school, is to become an educational consultant.

The Academy’s governing body wished him well while paying tribute to the Mr Bradshaw’s work, picking out the transition from school to Academy in what they described as an “inevitably difficult first year.”

Friday, 6th July, 2012 5:29pm


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Never The Twain

Good luck to Sandown – they’ll need it as she’s flaming useless!


cant be any worse than Bradshaw


Strange…..when she left Carisbrooke at the end of April it was to ‘return to the mainland to be closer to her family and work in a city environment.’

So, that didn’t work out then?

shes an interim head appointed for a year by AET. After 12 months, interviews are supposed to take place. Whilst not said in so many words, lots of people think Bradshaw has in fact been shown the door and an interim head is a neccessary legal device to cover AETs backside. So Im sure Kahn Jones will return to the mainland as soon as a new head… Read more »
Coffee B

Well as her husband works in one of the island private schools, it would be a bit difficult to be close to him on the mainland.

Interested observer

I for one, wish Mrs Khan-Jones all the best. She tried her best at Carisbrooke, and was given very little time. I happen to know she’s missed by many at the school.


I really do hope Mrs Khan-Jones can bring some discipline to the school it really does need it. I wish her luck she will need it.

123hear we go

The school is a shambles it surely cannot get any worse!! there is no disapline and kids run wild the SLT are weak and need someone to kick them up the butt!!


Some years ago, I used to look at this school and think “Yeah, that’s a great place for education.”
But now? It’s a disaster. It’s chaos.
The students wouldn’t dare cross any of the teachers, and now…
I mean, what happened? Did their balls drop off?