FB6 out of service due to problems with the prow (again)

The precaution has been taken to suspend the service. A passenger launch service will be in operation from 9am

floating bridge suspended sign

The Cowes Floating Bridge has been suspended due to another failure with the prow.

The prow cable has deteriorated, rendering the operation of the west prow unsafe.

The precaution has been taken to suspend the service from 8.30am, whilst the Floating Bridge Technical Officer inspects the problem.

A passenger launch service will be in operation from 9am.

Thanks to Cllr Cameron Palin for the heads-up.

Wednesday, 10th March, 2021 9:04am


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Never has the saying “you can’t polish a t*rd” been more appropriate.


The overall design is faulty, constantly repairing it doesn’t fix this fundamental issue. If simply throws good money after bad.



Be a shame if this affected the upcoming election…


Almost as bad as the £37 billions spent on ‘test and trace. The common denominator it is Tory run. I’d check and see if party donors are involved. They get in on everything you know.


Test and trace has proved to be a con, another waste of money which would have been better invested in the NHS and social care which has been run down and underfunded for years under this heartless Tory Government. More lives would have been saved and more lives protected.


Isnt hindsight a wonderful thing….


Dealing out unsubstantiated conspiracy theories is not helping the issue here

Steve Goodman

Dealing out taxpayer’s money to undeserving doners and chums certainly doesn’t help most of us, and especially when done behind closed doors, denied, or otherwise lied about gives cause to the credibility of ‘conspiricists’, and there is no shortage of information on the costly (and mainly con., right wing, and big business) sleaze, screw-ups, and chumocracies reported reliably by Private Eye and others for decades.


Just get rid of it why do we continue to spend any more money and give it media coverage. It’s never been fit for purpose and a disaster.


Take it out to sea and blow it up