Ferrari F40(?) Crashes On The Isle of Wight

This might be the most expensive car crash on the Isle of Wight. Was it a Ferrari F40 that got mangled?

Blimey! This could possibily have been one of the most car expensive crashes that has ever happened on the Isle of Wight.

Ferrari F40(?) Crashes On The Isle of WightLewis Fugatt grabbed a photo of what looks like a Ferrari F40, after it crashed into a hedge, near the Westridge Garage, Ryde earlier in the week.

As you can see from the picture (larger below), there was some serious damage done to the front off-side wing.

An F40?
You may have noticed that there’s a certain lack of absolute language above. That’s because there’s some debate on Matt Creighton’s Facebook Wall among car enthusiasts on the Island around if the car is an actual F40 – value, somewhere around £350,000 – or a kit car replica – value, something considerably less.

Lewis said that after the quick look he had at the scene of the crash, it looked real and the older guy, who had crashed it, didn’t looked like kit-car type.

The funniest rumour that we heard was that someone looked up the registration online and said it was registered as a Vaxuall Nova!

What do you think?
What do you think? F40 or kit-car?

Thanks to Thomas Cowley for the story tip! Thanks too to
Tina Walker for the extra photo

Here’s a video of Clarkson saying the F40 is his fave Supercar (also from Tina). You’ll get some views of the F40 in the video that might help you decide if the Island one is real or not.

Click on images for full sized version.

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Thursday, 15th September, 2011 4:19pm



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When I went past last night the guy was picking up bits of carbon fibre and looking very sad for himself. If it was a replica to make it out of carbon fibre would be a little exuberant. Also the guy looked liked Flavio Briatore of ex formula 1 fame, now there’s a rumour for all to discuss.

We saw the scene of this incident yesterday 14th Sept. just after 5pm. We had driven toward Tesco looking for Travis Perkins, realised we were on wrong road, turned back round Tesco roundabout toward Ryde before the accident had happened. On our way back we were in jam caused by crash and had to drive past the car. The owner was on phone by the car and… Read more »

Can I just add its definitely not Flavio Briatore but it is the real deal (F40 original)


I bet it’s the MR2 with the Ferrari bodykit that’s often seen round Ryde.


How out of place a car like that on this Island! Understandable on a mainland motorway perhaps, but can you imagine disembarking from the floating bridge in one of those?

Bob Blake

Out of place on the motorway too… That beast needs bends.


That front splitter looks like fibreglass where it’s broken – which would make it a replica… ?

Bob Blake
It does look the real deal, right down to the alloys. The Toyota MR2 with the body kit is impersonating a Ferrari 355 rather than an F40. The Vauxhall Nova question doesn’t make sense as it can’t be a nova with a body kit, and a full kit car would have a Q plate. As the F40 has a clear engine cover one look through that should… Read more »
Bob Blake

I wish I’d been able to take a close look, once I’d stopped crying I could check several things for authenticity. “Gate” gearleaver. Door pull cords rather than handles, thin paint, twin IHI turbos and so on…


Comments on a facebook page elsewhere say he had been seen tailgating lots of drivers for the past couple of days up and down there so if true serves him right


It’s a replica. The bodywork is fibreglass, you can see that from the way the bodywork has broken and ripped. The F40 was all carbon fibre, a material that breaks and splinters in a big way when damaged. Not a nice thing for the owner to endure, but a great relief for Ferrari enthusiasts.


Well I saw a ‘Real’ Ferrari today at about 9.45am at the Tesco Roundabout – Driven by a gent with his wife in the passanger seat – he was of more ‘mature’ years.
You could tell it was the real deal as it sounded right!


Could be the same one I saw, MAY 51E I think the plate was! Nice to see these cars on the Island :)

Sailor Sam

Looks genuine to me. If it’s a replica, it’s a bloody good one. I actually saw it too comming back from Tesco

Still invetsigating this one. Upon further investigation looking closer there is only one winscreen wiper on the one that crashed and also the windows on the MR2 conversion are a different shape. I think guys we are looking more at a real one rather than a fake but my quest for this to proven continues. Has anyone got any photos of the driver as I am still… Read more »

Stu, please see my entry below your first one in response to your comment, it Was Definitely Flavio. We saw him and I checked him on Google where there are lots of pics.


The guy is not Flavio. The County Press page 4 story says he is a 55yr old Iw man – probably according to police. Briatore is older and not (as far as i know) a IW man. The car also seems to be a left hand drive. Who knows real or custom!?

Sailor Sam

F40’s were all left hand drive apart from 1 apparently. I reckon this was the real deal looking at the profile, the position of the badges, the tyres and the rear end of it looked accurate. As I said previously, it it was a replica, it was a good one!


If the CP said so, must be true then ;-)

The second photo added to this is far less distorted than the original one. It’s definitely the real deal. The F40 only had a carbon fibre tub. A lot of the rest of it would have been ‘composite’ which is a posh term for ‘glassfibre’. If you look at how it’s broken up it looks right for the structure of a genuine F40. Outstanding work for crashing… Read more »

If only we knew the number plate, it would be a simple matter to enter it on, say, a tyre sellers’ website and see what car pops up…. I was doing this with my own car the other day. Simples… assuming they recognise F40s of course. But an MR2 would defo show….

It looks real to me. I have been fortunate or unfortunate (which ever way you see it) to have seen a few F40s crashed and the front end always splinters in the way it has done here in the 2nd pic. It also has the correct F40 stamp on the right side of the rear wing. If it appears on the left as well its a fake!… Read more »
Bob Blake

One view through the engine cover would’ve been absolutely conclusive…

If the County Press say that the Driver was an IW Man, THEN FLAVIO BRIATORE MUST HAVE PROPERTY ON THE ISLAND. The CP can’t possibly be wrong!! Could be he was too embarassed to give give his identity if he was at fault! The CP picture shows the man we saw, Just Google him and you will see the same man, with a bit more hair than… Read more »
Bob Blake

I didn’t like Flavio before. If he’s done that to an F40 that puts him on my “most wanted” list. He’d better keep one eye over his shoulder…

Sailor Sam

Actuallay she is 33 years younger. He is 61 and she is 28. If ever she needs a shoulder to cry on though…

Alan Phillips

Saw two dogs fouling in the same place on Coppins Bridge roundabout, that’s what I call a pile up…

Karen ?????

The f40 I assure you is real. Your comments over this sad matter have entertained both me and the owner. Thankyou for putting a spin on this sad occasion.


Karen, the piccy of the gentleman involved (in the CP) looks like the same gentleman I saw in the other Ferrari….? I suppose someone who can afford one Ferrari can probably afford two (or more!)
My sympathies if he is reading this.


It was definitely 100% flavio.


Here is another link for those wishing to compare crashed Ferrari F40 cars:-


Could this be the Ferrari F40 that crashed:-

Martin Renew

The windscreen is often the giveaway when trying to tell if it’s a kit car or not. Compare the shape. When building a replica, you’re unlikely to find a car with the same shape windscreen that you can use.

Martin Renew
Martin Renew

Some fakes are quite easy to spot:

Martin Renew
The driver of this car is my second cousin. It is a genuine Ferrari F40. It probably wasnt his finest hour. It came back from repair in Italy and looks amazing. I can confirm that he is not Flavio Briatore. I dont think he has ever slept with Naomi Campbell and if he has he has never mentioned it which is surprising seeing as he and my… Read more »