Floating bridge naming competition postponed ‘Due to the upcoming election(s)’

It’s not clear what the two upcoming elections have to do with the naming of the new floating bridge, but the council are citing them as the reason for postponing the naming competition, despite knowing about the local one beforehand.

new floating bridge

OnTheWight has been following up with the Isle of Wight council to try and find out why the promised selection of a name for the new floating bridge has been delayed.

They had originally said the best six nominations would go to a public vote and then be announced on 21st April.

However, today the council has said the competition will now be postponed.

They said,

Due to the upcoming election(s), the naming competition for the floating bridge will be postponed. Full details will be circulated at the appropriate time.

Floaty McSadface
Last month, following a several thousand strong petition, the IWC did a u-turn on their veto of the name Floaty McFloatface being allowed in the nominations – something that made national TV news.

Another petition started several weeks ago, to name the floating bridge after the Polish warship – ORP Blyskawica – that defended Cowes and East Cowes during WWII, mysteriously started gaining traction this week.

OnTheWight have asked the IWC what the two election have to do with the naming comp and will update once we hear back.

The new floating bridge is already on the Island and expected to be in service by early May.

Thursday, 20th April, 2017 2:55pm


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14 Comments on "Floating bridge naming competition postponed ‘Due to the upcoming election(s)’"

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Email updates?
East Cowes

Hardly a huge resource of Council time – suspending naming a floating bridge!

C Hunsicker

Expect it will be the name of our distinguished Island MP, er whats name?

Luisa Hillard

With limited officers to arrange a General Election in just 6 weeks, in addition to our own local elections in 2 weeks, I can understand that some projects have to be put on the back burner.


So who has priority at medina leisure centre on 8/9th June? Election count, school exams, or festival?

East Cowes

Luisa, yes, big projects. But this one takes two ticks to set up a vote. So that’s not a good reason.


Just imagine the outcry locally if the Floating bridges gets a Polish name just before David & Doris McUKIP are on their way to vote

Too incendiary on this little right leaning antiEuropean isle where there are a so many Polish locals too …..

Old Knobby

Shame that such people don’t remember what the Poles did for the Island back in WWII, or, indeed, the historic ties between the two countries.

Well said exactly why it should be named Blyskawica in order that this memory may go on and some information boards explaining the significance so some youngsters may take on board the history. The polish did a lot for the uk during the war such as follows By an agreement of August 1940 the PAF was granted independent status, though it remained under RAF command. Further national units were… Read more »

In the Cowes Blitz, the Blyskawica was relying on electrical shore power to fire its guns.
Don’t forget the stoker who kept the steam up and shore generators running during the raid. He stayed at his post.


IF this delay is due to the Polish name gaining too much ground then maybe, just maybe, it is because most of us don’t have a clue how to pronounce ‘ORP Blyskawica’ ! Anyway, whatever the name given in the end, it will always be ‘the floating bridge’ or ‘the chain link ferry’ just as our corner shops are ‘the Spa’ despite now being called ‘Central’.


As far as I am aware, IWC hasn’t nailed its colours to the mast and given us a restart date for the floating bridge. Will this be postponed until the new name is decided? I hope not.


Did germany not invade poland first, if basil fawlty has any thing to teach us, so yes they were merely helping themselves surely not helping Britain and if they were it was only as a by product of self protection or am i being cynical.


Is it me or is remembering the sacrifice of those who defended Cowes somewhat diminished by giving the Blyskawicas name to a chain ferry?

The Blyskawica deserves a greater memorial than that. It was a warship, not a ferry.


If we are looking for a name for the chain ferry; why not name it after someone who brought fame to the Island:
Uffa Fox, the sailor and yacht designer, Christopher Cockerell who developed the Hovercraft here, Sam Saunders of Saunders-Roe fame, Samuel White of the shipyard. But maybe these people would prefer not to be commemorated by a chain ferry!
How about Ferry McFlatface!!