Here’s the letter that went to Sandown Bay Academy parents today

A new Principal, cited as “a highly acclaimed leader”, will start working at the Academy on Monday.

Sandown Academy

Below is the letter that was sent home to Sandown Bay Academy parents, before OnTheWight’s revelation that the previous Principal, was already working at a school in Kent.

John Gansler, Chair of Governors at the school says that “Mrs Khan-Jones has now left our employment”, and he records his “appreciation for her part in the improvements that have been achieved since the academy entered special measures.”

The majority of the letter focuses on Mr Eric Jackson, who will be starting his new role on Monday 18th November. He’s cited as “a highly acclaimed leader”, and we’re told, his “leadership has been judged as ‘outstanding’ in three successive Ofsted inspections.”

“I am delighted to be joining Sandown Bay Academy and will work tirelessly to help it on its journey to become a great school.

Eric Jackson told OnTheWight

“I have spent my career in the North West of England and have had the privilege of leading, or working with many schools. My first priority will be to gain a full understanding of the academy, what it has achieved thus far and what remains to be done because I want to build a school community where everyone is recognised, appreciated and their successes celebrated. I want to us to encourage all of our students to recognise the value in trying their best, accepting praise and preparing for a bright, and ambitious future. I want to build the confidence of everyone working at, and everyone learning at Sandown Bay; a good school will bring the very best in everyone and that is what I intend.

“I cannot do this alone and so I will focus of developing a great team of staff and students. I will listen to their views and harness their energy in order to take the academy forward. Likewise, I will listen to and respect parents and the community and help them achieve their aspirations but I will expect their full and unrelenting support and encouragement in developing the academy and establishing the standards the students need. I will work with the sponsor and governors in order to bring success as quickly as possible and to lay the foundations for the future.

“We all now need to look to the forward. No one and no organisation likes to be described as failing, but many schools have recovered well from similar Ofsted reports and progressed to become much stronger as a result; and so will Sandown Bay Academy.”

Friday, 15th November, 2013 4:23pm



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Email updates?
diogenes' barrel

Was Sandown Bay asked for references by Sheppey Acadamey?

Angry Parent's

Well let’s hope he’s not on the Gravy Train as well !

Guy Eades
How can all this happen and no one know about it? The Governors of the Sandown Academy have some explaining to do to the pupils, parents and Isle of Wight Community. To have appointed a new Headteacher in this space of time they must have known what the previous Headteacher was upto yet said not a word. Was this post advertised. If so how do I’d no… Read more »
Wendy V

The incoming head is, as the letter says, a “National Leader of Education”, ie a temporary trouble-shooter to bridge the gap until another permanent head is appointed. I do hope he can bring some stability to the school.

What a mess! The pupils (and I’m sure the hard working staff) deserve more than this.