Island UFO Sighting? Government Documents Released Today

A huge amount of official UFO documents have been released today

Today, the largest number of documents relating to reports of UFO sighting in the UK have been released by the government.

'UFO' on a houseWe’ve had a quick look at them to see if there’s any on the Island, but found the PDF form that they’ve been released in do not allow quick text searching – not surprising as they’re scanned letter reach back years in the past.

We were wondering if there was anyone out in VB-land that would be up for looking through the documents (it doesn’t need to be immediate) and identifying sighting that have happened on the Island.

Once you’ve found them, we’d welcome either an article written, by you, or at least the pointer to the document, so we can write it up for VB.

If you want to get involved, take a look at the document site on the National Archive and drop us an email – we’d love to hear from you.

(BTW – the image above is of a 1970’s Futuro house by Matti Suuronen on top of another house.)

Image: digitizedchaos under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 3rd March, 2011 11:42am



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Having had a mosey through one document at random during my lunch break I came across 2 lists summarising 2003 & 2004. There was no mention of the Isle of Wight though unfortunately. The closest in the two years mentioned was in Aldershot Hampshire on 30 Mar 03 – “A very large delta shaped formation of steady red lights – no noise” Quite boring in comparison to… Read more »

I can confirm there were reports of UFOs from the IW in the late 1950s/1960s so there should definitely be sigting reports if the records released haven’t been doctored! (My involvement was official during the time I was statione at HQ 2nd Tactical Airforce in Gerrmany 1959/1962

Several years ago there was a double ringed crop circle which appeared overning in a Culver Down wheat field(visible from The Mall in Brading and Brading Down). It was documented and examined by a UFO group. I also examined it. The wheat was perfectly flat in one direction in each circle,as if it has been ironed.No sign of footprints and the wheat and soil around the circles… Read more »

This website has recent Isle of Wight UFO sightings.

From memory there was an Isle of Wight UFO Investigation Society which was one of the longest-running groups of its kind. If there’s any one still around, they may still have some files. It was affiliated to BUFORA of which I was a director in the 1970s. I also remember a case in the 50s over Boniface Down where a Meteor jet was scrambled to investigate. One… Read more »
In the RAF in the late 50s, our radars often picked up contacts that were travelling many times the speed of the fastest fighter aircraft of the time. One time, the contacts were picked up by Ventnor’s (then) state-of-the-art aerials that had replaced the original CH aerials. “Have the Russkies jumped ahead of the Brits and Yanks in aircraft design?” was the question always posed. The boffins… Read more »
Radio Watctdog

In one of the documents there is a map outlining places a UFO has been reported and there was an x in ryde. Looking through the reports there is a lot resembling a cigar shaped plane(s), silvery in colour flying with and without contrails.

Just ;like the ones we see daily over the world. Some of them have been reported by commercial and private pilot


Why not ask the aliens on the IOWC for more info ?


Did anybody see the white lights over Sandown bay last night or hear that deep humming noise? I witnessed it with some friends and the care-taker of the Sandringham hotel, just wondered if anybody else knows or heard about it? It was just off the beach to the north side of the pier.

Spin Doctor
“These extra-terrestrials have obviously been monitoring IOW council communications for some time and are undoubtedly the first of the many additional visitors we promised as a direct result of our PFI roads scam sorry scheme. Their premature arrival is unfortunately due to the vast interstellar distances involved, and nothing whatsoever to do with our regretable but completetly understandable inbuilt implementation delay. We are confident that they will… Read more »

Too late I think the Council have been had an encounter of the third kind and been turned into reptile aliens,as they certainly are not of planet Earth!I expect David Ike might agree!


i have seen a few things over thorness bay over last 3 years off living there but have no proof but i am looking most nights and hope to record somthing soon and would like to meet other ufo watchers on the isle of wight

Chris. ive seen 2 unexplainable ufos on the island abt 2yrs ago, one was a green orb moving very erratically before fading out all at once when what i can only describe as green crack appeared in the sky. this all looked like it was happening very high up, possibly in the ionosphere or in space. the other sighting was very similar to the phoenix lights but… Read more »

It wasn’t a crack it was a port hole you may of seen grass or a different colour atmosphere either theirs or a different planet. most likely grass.

martin parr
Hi all, caught on video during a visit to lee on solent, a yellow light which flew from the south east of the isle of wight to the cowes area, my girl friend and me watched it for 30 minutes from 8pm till 8.30 ish, it wasn’t a plane as it had no blinking lights,wasnt a weathr balloon,planet or star, wondering if anybody else saw it, lost… Read more »

Interesting-could it possibly have been a Chinese Lantern which might appear yellow/orange and float in the sky for quite a while if it was not a breezy night?

Having seen a Chinese lantern floating over Bembridge last year (it was low enough to see the flickering of the flame), it seems like a reasonable explanation. Certainly not the International Space Station as the directions, speed and time doesn’t fit. Another possibility might be a weather balloon catching the setting sun, so might be worth checking wind direction at the time. Also depends whether it was… Read more »
sam salt

Ah, hence the car number plate Darcy.