Isle of Wight County Press shareholders sell out to mainland co Newsquest

Ignoring calls made by the MP, as well as the CP journalists and those trying to put together a community bid, to delay their decision, the shareholders voted to a sell out to mainland publisher, Newsquest.

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The shareholders of the Isle of Wight County Press group met on the mainland yesterday to vote on whether to sell their shares to mammoth news publisher, Newsquest.

The buyout by the publisher – which has over 200 titles across the UK – was agreed at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders in Chandlers Ford.

The sale comes despite calls for a delay from Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely , a semi-retired businessman who wanted to submit a community bid and 99% of the journalists working on the paper.

Response from staff
Editor of the County Press, Alan Marriott, said,

“I look forward to working with the management of Newsquest.”

OnTheWight has written to the father of County Press NUJ chapel for a comment about the sale, but at time of publishing had not heard back. We’ll update when we do.

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Thursday, 13th July, 2017 2:27pm



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Email updates?
Mr Magoo

CHEEKY. That’s clever, anticipating probable changes imposed on the County Press by its new owners, Newsquest, OTW takes this opportunity to promotes itself.
And why not?


Shareholders want profit and sell the paper down the Medina to the mainland.
Alan Marriott would say that wouldn’t he, if he wants to keep his job for a while ?
I make a monthly contribution to OnTheWight and give them a bit more than I pay for CP each month. I suggest you do the same: keep it local !

I can’t imagine that many local newspapers have survived in this changed media landscape. In fact I understand that many have not survived; the County Press is probably one of the more successful in the UK. People want their news delivery in a digital format.. and yet the CP survives, for now. Buoyed up by the older generation and those not comfortable with technology it manages to… Read more »

It’s just typical that a local enterprise gets swallowed up by a larger organisation.
It might be for the better but I doubt it. Having said that, the County Press is quite boring in its content.

Mr Magoo
FAKE NEWS? Unquestionably the digital revolution has seen many newspapers close and others become borderline with uncertain futures. The problem is that no-one (that’s US the readers) wants to pay for their news so publishers are cutting costs and instead of employing professional journalists are using amateurs to write any old guff to fill their sites. At the same time traditional news sources such as courts, councils,… Read more »