Isle of Wight forecast as high risk Coronavirus ‘pressure point’ – Oxford University research reveals (updated)

The data measured for the risk maps include things such as age, social deprivation, population density, ethnicity and hospital resources. Details within

oxford university researcher toolkit

The Isle of Wight has been revealed as a potential ‘pressure point’ for Coronavirus (Covid-19) by university researchers.

An online tool created by the researchers at Oxford University’s Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science, identifies areas that are likely to suffer further outbreaks of Coronavirus. It uses data about Covid-19 vulnerabilities. such as age, social deprivation, population density, ethnicity and hospital resources, to create the risk maps.

High risk for the Island
The Isle of Wight and Lincolnshire are two areas that show to have high hospitalisation risks, broadly due to our older populations and high levels of social deprivation.

The online tool was experiencing loading problems when we tried to use it this morning, but if it gets stuck, you can reload the page and start again. Users can search view region, county or NHS clinical commissioning group.

Stewart: Island is not at any immediate risk of a lockdown
Isle of Wight council leader, Dave Stewart, said,

“I want to reassure everyone that despite reports today that suggest otherwise, the Island is not at any immediate risk of a lockdown of the sort we are currently seeing in Leicester.

“Our rate of infection remains among the lowest in the country and we hope that with our outbreak management plan in place and the community’s continued support we can keep it that way. “

Isle of Wight stats
The number of confirmed Isle of Wight Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases is 203, but the death rate is around 40 per cent.

A total of 82 people have died after testing positive to Covid-19 – that’s the same rate per million of population as Kuwait. This is made up of three at home; 39 in hospital; 39 in Isle of Wight care homes; and one at the hospice.

A breakdown of national figures can be found on the Covid-19 Dashboard.

Article edit
15.35pm 30th June – second paragraph added to Dave Stewart’s comment

Source: IET – Engineering and Technology

Tuesday, 30th June, 2020 11:35am



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Hey Dave Stewart: the point is not lockdown. The point is another and potentially bigger wave of infection, more infection and more death. There is growing evidence that younger people (30s to 50s) — people who are economically active, since that’s all you care about — who have so-called mild cases may continue to suffer debilitating symptoms for several months, and we do not yet know what… Read more »

Unfortunately stupidity is often inherited and some who didn’t inherit it aquire it from standing within 2 metres of others. One only has to look at the politicians, partygoers, packed beaches, litter louts, fireraisers and protesters in recent days to name just a few, to realise that many are terminally stupid.


Protesters are not in the same class as politicians who fail to lead by example, partygoers, litter louts and people who make fires in totally inappropriate places. Some protesters may have been there for a day out. Many were there because they believe passionately in justice. The sensible ones wore masks.


Protesters should’nt have been protesting during lockdown-no matter what they believe in.
Stay at home you were told.

Rhos yr Alarch

I think Cllr Stewart is referring to reports in the national press that the Island and Portsmouth are among thirty or so areas where infection rates are rising. But both these areas have only one new infection ahown on charts over the past fortnight. Leicester, however, seems to have had many more new infections than shown on equivalent charts for their area, so clarification is needed…

Angela Hewitt

It’s about statistics, size of population. If you work out million per i of w population you will be shocked.

I’ve tried to load the web page a number of times this morning, but it isn’t playing ball. However, until we have regular community testing, we won’t have any idea of the true ratio of deaths to confirmed cases. I’m guessing that this level of testing will not happen. I have taken this seriously from Day 1 but have not self-isolated, washed my hands and taken my… Read more »
Should we be worried ? The tested cases & St Marys Hospital admission figures only refer to those with an IW postcode. As said many times before on here, the actual number of infections is likely higher than the official count Certain IW residents are shipped off (then admitted/tested) to Portsmouth/Southampton or wherever, so not included in IW count, non ‘normally resident’ are not included at all,… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

Since when did Dave Stewart become an eminent scientist??! That man is completely bonkers. Is there a system for deselecting councilors that show evidence of madness?!
It is clear we are a nation brimming with uneducated people. I can’t say selfish and self centered, because if they were they would be looking after themselves and staying at home and protecting their elderly loved ones

How very restrained, Angela :). If you want to look at the stats, there is a piece from the FT by a chap who does graphics for them and his Twitter account The consensus remains: the UK is still second worst in the world for excess deaths (above the norm), at over 66k, and lack of testing is still a big problem. Thanks, Half-Sausage, for… Read more »

You can find the 111 reports here – you need to change the default display to show ‘All’ reports inc 999

In other news, the US has just cornered the short-term market in remdesivir, one of the few drugs thought to be effective in treating serious cases of Covid: there is no more supply for the next 90 days; the US bought it all. I wonder if Trump has grabbed it to sell at black-market prices and get a nice little kickback, or whether he intends to give… Read more »