Isle of Wight Labour candidate says manifesto is a ‘real game changer’

Labour candidate in the 2017 general election, Julian Critchley, says the Labour Manifesto is the most radical produced by either of the main two parties in nearly forty years. Hear more from him at upcoming public events.

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Labour Candidate on the Isle of Wight, Julian Critchley, today (Wednesday) declared the Labour Manifesto published this week as “a real game-changer”. So much so, that he’s taking it to towns all over the Island to talk about it in public meetings open to interested voters.

Most radical in nearly 40 years
The manifesto is the most radical produced by either of the main two parties in nearly forty years.

Its provisions include:

  • No tax increases for anyone earning less than £80,000, with taxes increased on large companies and wealthy individuals;
  • Re-nationalising the railways, the post office and utility companies;
  • Free school meals for all primary children, and the abolition of university tuition fees;
  • 500,000 council or housing association homes;
  • Raising the minimum wage to £10 per hour and banning zero hours contracts;
  • £30bn extra for the NHS and ending privatisation;
  • A new Clean Air Act and a total ban on fracking.

Incredible response
Mr Critchley said:

“The response to this has been incredible. For so long, both main parties have been offering different ways to manage the same system.

“This manifesto wants to actually change the system. It’s a blueprint for a better Britain.”

He added,

“Labour Party supporters are obviously delighted. But I’ve also had people literally approaching me just to say ‘great manifesto’!

“I think it’s a real game-changer, and one which could determine the outcome of the election both nationally and here on the Island.”

Hear more at public meetings
Mr Critchley will be holding public meetings all over the island to talk about Labour’s policy proposals and provide voters with an opportunity to ask questions.

Confirmed meetings so far include:

  • Saturday 20th May, 6.30pm at Aspire Ryde, Dover Street, Ryde.
  • Wednesday 24th May, 7.30pm at Northwood House, Cowes.
  • Monday 5th June in Ventnor, Green Room, Dudley Road, Ventnor

Isle of Wight Labour party members will also be holding several voter registration events over the next week (before the deadline on Monday 22nd May). Check the Facebook page for details.

Image: © With kind permission of Allan Marsh

Thursday, 18th May, 2017 4:33pm



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Don Smith
I do like the Labour Party manifesto, and think it is a vote winner, especially now we have seen the Tory manifesto, that inflicts yet more poverty on the young and old; and what’s more when they (if they do win the election there will be far more serious cuts) However, I do feel that because of your present leader’s unpopularity you have no chance of being… Read more »
Cheers Don. After Brexit and Trump, I quickly got out of the political prediction business. I think three things are happening which are changing the game a bit. Firstly, as people are prone to do, there’s a greater focus on policies during an election campaign, and this really is a good manifesto. You don’t have to be a left-leaning person to want to the post office and… Read more »
This is true. I’m actually beginning to hope. I’ve just been leafleting for Labour in East Cowes, telling people about your meeting tonight in Ryde and the one on Wednesday in Cowes. This is not something I ever thought I would do. There were a few comments about Jeremy Corbyn that repeated the approved media line, but I was surprised by the level of sympathy for Labour,… Read more »
It doesn’t really matter. Labour’s problem isn’t with its policies. It is that no-one trusts them to manage anything well and no-one trusts them to ever be able to pay for it all. After all, look at the way they run their own party! And, more to the point, Labour can never win on the Island, nor even come second, so a vote for them is effectively… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Apparently to believe there is a media conspiracy against Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic.
If Labour can stop stabbing itself in the back (or as Columbo would put it “One last thing sir – the killer was Right-handed”)and gets with the program they could get in on the basis that the majority of the population actually support their policies.


Even with some good points in the manifesto how would a Labour Government achieve any of its goals with the deep divisions within the Party. 172-40 MPs voted for his removal as leader a year ago. At a time of such national importance with Brexit I do not think that we can risk having such a weak government.