Le Blanq gastro-cycling event cancelled due to new Covid-19 restrictions

The announcement has been made following new Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Government

Bradley Wiggins

Organisers of the Le Blanq gastro-cycling event, due to be held later this month, have announced its postponement due to new Government guidelines on Coronavirus (Covid-19).

They say,

“Further to the Government announcement on 9th September regarding the new guidelines and legislations, it is with great regret that LeBlanq:01 will not be possible to be staged this month.”

They added,

“Huge thanks to all our customers, partners and supporters. We will make sure next year’s event is even better than we planned for 25-27 September.” 


The event had attracted star cyclists Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sean Yates, as well as culinary legends Raymond Blanc, Francesco Mazzei and Ashley Palmer-Watts.

It will take place on the Isle of Wight in Spring 2021.

Thursday, 10th September, 2020 4:12pm


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5 Comments on "Le Blanq gastro-cycling event cancelled due to new Covid-19 restrictions"

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Benny C

And at two thousand pounds a head , exactly how many guests had signed up? COVID is a convenient thing. Next We will be told anyone returning from Southampton has to quarantine for a week.

Certainly those selfish, inconsiderate individuals using Wightlink who buy a cup of coffee/tea then sit and stare at it using it as an excuse the whole journey NOT to wear their mask should quarantine or preferably be thrown overboard! Obviously Wightlink put profits before anyone’s safety including their own staff. At least I am told Red Funnel make those eating and drinking go to the open top… Read more »

Those that don’t wear masks and have no respect for others should go into quarantine. Far too many people are ignoring guidelines and what is a legal requirement. It’s people that spread the infection show respect and mutual dignity.


What a shame 😅😂🤣 what will the elitists do now?


What a shame, what will Jaunty, Sebastian, Pricilla and Honey Cup do now for some posh nosh.