Letter: Disappointment over ban on trailers at Isle of Wight dumps

Andy S-C feels strongly the Council should review their decision to ban trailers at any of the waste recyling centres (ie. the dump) and find ways to accommodate Islanders who rely on trailers to efficiently transport their garden waste.

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We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers – unsurprisingly they don’t always reflect the views of this publication. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch and of course, your considered comments are welcome below. This from Andy S-C. Ed

I am very disappointed to read, in a link from your piece about the new permit scheme for household waste, that the Council has decided to sneak in a ban on trailers over 1.8m from 5th June.

It’s very easy, after a weekend’s gardening, to have far more green waste than fits inside the car, and for me, a trailer is the only realistic option for removing the waste from hedges, trees and bushes, that my garden generates.

Three round trips nearly 50 miles
Yes, I could split it into multiple loads and take it a car-load at a time, but think of the carbon footprint! Three round trips to Lynnbottom from my house is nearly 50 miles. If we care about recycling and the earth’s resources, how can anyone argue that three trips is better than one with a trailer?

Although it takes longer to unload a trailer compared to a car, three trips (I estimate I can get about three times the volume in my trailer as I can inside the car), including queuing time, actually means my car would be at the recycling centre for longer in total than for one visit with the trailer.

Trailer bay seems to work well
I can see that a trailer temporarily obstructs several bays while it’s unloading, but there is already a trailer bay next to the skips at Lynnbottom, which seems to work very well. But maybe the Council could allocate a time, maybe first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, when trailers are welcome? Quite often when I visit Lynnbottom at those times, the place is pretty much empty, and my trailer causes no obstruction or delay to anyone.

Island-wide ban
Saying that trailers are not welcome at Afton Marsh or Lynnbottom makes it sound like it’s just those two that are imposing the trailer ban. But actually, that means there will be nowhere on the Island you can take a trailer-load of recycling material.

Urge decision to be reviewed
I feel very strongly that the Council needs to review this decision and find ways to accommodate those of us who rely on a trailer to efficiently transport our garden waste to the recycling centres such as Lynnbottom on the Island.

Image: lyre under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 26th April, 2017 1:48pm


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Fair point well made. Councils round the country are looing at waste services as a thing to cut or charge for and I can’t help thinking we’re paying more (in council tax) for a worse service.

I agree entirely with this and have only recently written to the senior officer for the waste contract regarding trailers and for some other curiously odd reason, small flatbed trucks thatcould or are able to *tip*. I have numbers of residents who have contacted me for both types of vehicles which, on the face of it, sounds like a knee jerk exclusion policy. Already, as many foresaw… Read more »
I agree entirely. Many people use trailers so that they don’t damage and dirty their cars. 1.8m (6 foot) is small and I can see no valid reason for this ban. Perhaps the councillor responsible for waste would like to explain the reason for this decision. And while I am on the subject,of the tips, the new hours are ridiculous. Who made that decision, and perhaps the… Read more »

Looking back at this contract, it was done under the watch of Cllr Luisa Hilliard who was the executive member for sustainability and the waste contract.

Colin: It is my view that the Council is now approaching failure on its statutory duties on waste disposal facilities and the times they are being opened to residents. The legislation appears very clearly to state that waste facilities for the public have to be open at all “reasonable time(s)” …which I think the current opening times fail to do. Afton opening times cannot under any circumstances… Read more »
Old Knobby
A sort-of-work-around to avoid the multiple trips would be to bag it up into something like the one-tonne builders bags, place these in your trailer, drive to as near to the tip as you can, park and detach the trailer. Now unload as many bags a you can fit into you boot, drive into the tip, empty bags, return to trailer and repeat until trailer is empty.… Read more »
As the owner of a 2m trailer I quite agree, the councils stance is silly, and more it’s antagonising. If, due to the failure of the the Westminster politicians – all colours bearing in mind the crash was under Brown’s watch – we have to keep suffering the effects of austerity, then it makes little sense for the politicians to hack the taxpayers off on the small… Read more »

I expect they will have to employ an official measuring manager (who no doubt will have to go on a course on how to use a tape measure) to ensure compliance with the said trailer size.


A permit is not required for cars, 4×4 (such as land rovers), people carriers or trailers less than 1.8metres in length (not including the tow bar).
You ‘may’ and I repeat ‘may’ be able to get a permit to still use a trailer over this length.

Reg Carpenter

What are people without vehicles and limited resources supposed to do ?
Why is their waste material not collected by the council ?
Why are IOW Council Tax funds being used to employ telephone answerers and letter writers who don’t know the IOW and are incapable of actually doing anything constructive ??