Letter: Uplifting experience shows there’s ‘still hope for humanity’

Kerstin shares details of an uplifting experience she had this morning, which gives her “hope that in these darker times (yes, I mean Brexit) there is still hope for humanity out there”

kerstine voight

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This from Kerstin Voight. Ed

At 9am I was on a number 9 bus from Wootton to Ryde in order to catch the 9:47 fast cat and subsequently my train to Gatwick airport.

Short before Quarr Abbey all traffic came to a standstill, due to Queens Road closure in Ryde – that was the start of the queue into Ryde!

I was sure I will miss all my connections. By the time we arrived at top of Binstead Hill I asked the kind bus driver to let me out. And off I ran down- with suitcase and bag.

Cutting through via Spencer Road I realised despite fast walking/ running I would need help to make the ferry.

Window cleaner to the rescue
And there it came in the form of Paul, the window cleaner, who in his red car would happily take me on, after I frantically flagged him down.

He drove me all up to the pier head and I was indeed the last one to hop on the cat – phew.

We even had a little chat about East Germany, my home country, and how he once spend time there.

This was a very uplifting experience for me and gives me hope that in these darker times (yes, I mean Brexit) there is still hope for humanity out there.

Thank you, Paul!

Tuesday, 15th October, 2019 2:20pm


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Good for Paul, yes there are (still) friends and neighbours who will help in times of crisis – often the problem is summoning up the courage to ask!

As for Brexit – we are not leaving Europe, just the rigid, inflexible, un-democratic EU . . .


Let’s hope we’re not leaving the EU, which is both flexible and democratic.

Stop swallowing the lies from the tabloid press!

Steve Goodman

Or the lies of our serial liar latest leader, famously recently found to have lied to parliament, people, and monarch as part of the latest attempt to lumber us with what almost all informed individuals in finance, business, industry, science, law enforcement, and so on say will be seriously damaging?