Liz Earle to open new fulfilment centre

This looks like some positive news. Most welcome after the last few days of various jobs losses on the Island.

Liz Earle will be moving into the Artigiano building that, it was announced today, is being vacated. The new location is marked on the map below. A spokesperson from Liz Earle tells us that the Ryde headquarters will stay. This in their words – Ed.

The Liz Earle Beauty Co. continues to experience rapid growth in its business resulting in an ever increasing need for additional space.

The Company’s fulfilment operations – warehousing and packaging – have outgrown the headquarters in Ryde, which are currently managed across five different locations on the Island. Accordingly the Company, has for some time, been looking for a suitable site to house the fulfilment operation in one efficient facility to serve the Company as it continues to grow.

The Company is delighted to announce that it has now secured a 33,000 sq. ft. facility in Three Gates Road, Cowes, currently occupied by a clothing retailer.

Plans are in place to enable consolidation of the majority of its fulfilment operations within the new Fulfilment Centre in the second half of this year. The Company will then look to recruit additional staff to work at the new facility.

This is a significant and important development that will help the Company prepare for continued future growth and underlines its commitment to retaining the business on the Isle of Wight.

Friday, 11th January, 2013 11:25am



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6 Comments on "Liz Earle to open new fulfilment centre"

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This is an announcement from Avon right? It gets a bit confusing.


Good news for LE, though not sure what it means for Artigiano


Grim news indeed:


“The Liz Earle Beauty Co. continues to experience rapid growth in its business…”

But has just sacked 30 of its staff? Hmm…

Ammer ed

I thought that it was because of some internal redesign, rejig of staff who might being done by other parts of the Avon group, pay-role, marketing etc? Makes sense from business point of view IMO

Could that taking on additional staff mean that some who lose out with Artigarno might have a chance to be re-employed in Cowes?

Christine Taylor

hi i was wondering whether there was any Job Vaacancies as i am fed up of being on Benefits. Heard it was just packing boxes. I could do that.