New Library Opening Times

New opening times for all Island libraries

Earlier in the week we mentioned the new opening times for a couple of libraries on the Island.

As we’re short of time to produce an article for each individual library, see a full list of all new opening times below.

The council have said that “To give library users a chance to become familiar with the new times, IW Council will not issue any fines for the late returns of books, DVDs or CDs until Monday 18 April.”

The document below was produced by the Isle of Wight council and we cannot take responsibility for any errors.

Library New Opening Hours 2011

Image: Justin Marty under CC BY 2.0

Saturday, 2nd April, 2011 1:15pm



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The biggest error made by the IW Council on this subject is to believe that we, the Friends of the IW Library Service will take whatever the IW Council without a fight.

jane nash

I just feel it is so sad that 5 libraries on the Island are now closed. I also feel a burning rage against all those councillors and officers who allowed it to happen.
Librarians (sorry, library staff) certainly did not cause the deficit.

The closure of these libraries are probably just the beginning with further and deeper cuts still yet to come. The Wight Bus will end in September and there are plans to close some village primary schools. I expect the council also have plans to sell land, gardens and parks to developers, withdraw grants and subsidies from arts and other worthwhile projects plus further cuts to care and… Read more »

of course they are….the cuts are £32million over four years…we have the pleasure of another £8million next years…plus whatever this council cock up this year


TUPE is yet to raise its head to cause consternation in the councils ranks..the legal department will have its work cut out

TUPE has raised its head but the IWC are burying their heads in the sand as usual. Even David Pugh doesn’t understand TUPE as he proved at a meeting last week. No-one in their right mind would take on libraries until this issue is resolved. I also understand that there are no leases ready yet for the groups who might wish to take on the service (if… Read more »

From the Friends of the IW Library Service. We are glad to see there is still much interest in our attempts to save the libraries. Keep on fighting and “Watch This Space”

david pugh knows there is a real threat the council will be sued by the very angry and upset library staff, they can claim for unfair dismissal, by right their job has to dissapear… and of course as they walk out on their last day in walks a volunteer, or at least thats what they are hoping for, however thats not going to be that easy.. as… Read more »

Pugh has rapidly moved from shop assistant to leader of the Council which has obviously gone to his head. He shows his immaturity by acting like he is some type of Governor or ruler over the Island by treating people as if they are stupid. The time will come when this man will reap what he has sown.


I think Mr Pugh needs to get someone to explain TUPE to him, some of the library staff are being laid off this month- TUPE states quite clearly that no staff can be dismissed while there are on-going takeover negotiations- any one so dismissed has been “WRONGFULLY DISMISSED”, thats employment law.

DaveQ you are asking a lot. First of all you say someone needs to explain TUPE to David Pugh. We all know Mr Pugh thinks he knows everything and won’t listen, just talks at you and hopes to wear you down. He is supposed to have highly paid experts working from him, Davinia and Astrid and Steve Beynon but even they can’t understand TUPE. We also have… Read more »

Good point but we have to keep trying. As far as Cllr George Brown is concerned, I have emailled him on a number of occasions and every one has been answered fairly rapidly.


Daveq thanks for putting the record straight on George Brown, you are obviously having more luck than others. We thought you were doing a good job and obviously you are.

I always thought there was a redundancy issue in that a volunteer cannot take on the role of a paid member of staff for at least 6 or 12 months after the redundancy. If I’m right, how do you get round this, as I guess any member of staff made redundant that knows their role has been taken over by a volunteer has a case under employment… Read more »

Its constructed dismisal costs about 10k to get to court if someone does it privately.


I think you will find there are law firms who will take unfair/constructive dismissal cases on a “No Win, No Fee” basis


The no win no fee ones are not very good.If you fall off a ladder,or slip on a bit of water as in the TV ads they are OK.Employment law,breach of contract,the underdogs and that type will not take on.

Wight Portal
The trouble with the library service in this country is it is seen as a white elephant. It makes very little income and costs a fortune to employ staff, heat and light the buildings and also buy books. They should become bookshops. They’ve already got branches all over the country. If the whole service was amalgamated the buying power would be as big as if not bigger… Read more »