Outline Business Case for council’s PPP Waste Contract released

The current PFI waste contract with Island Waste Services comes to an end in 2015. Cabinet papers released today reveal the long-awaited Outline Business Case for the next PPP waste contract.


Readers might remember a delegated decision to spend £500,000 on legal, financial and technical advisors to prepare the PPP [what’s this?] waste contract was made by Cllr Giles in April 2012.

£100,000 of this budget was put aside for the creation of an Outline Business Case (OBC), a draft of which has been released today.

Comprehensive document
The 244 page document is certainly comprehensive. It outlines the current and future waste needs, looks at the procurement, strategies, financial case, methodologies, the management case and much, much more, including the suggestion that services could be provided through a Community Interest Company (CIC).

We haven’t had time to go through the documents in detail, so have embedded them below for those of you who have the time or interest.

£10m pa waste budget
The council’s current annual budget for waste collection and disposal is almost £10m, so the contract is sure to attract many players from in the waste services industry (and others perhaps).

Cabinet members are being recommended to

  • Approve the commencement of procurement of the Project as set out in this report
  • Approve the scope of services as set out in paragraph 33 of this report to be included in project procurement;
  • Approve the procurement strategy, project timetable and evaluation methodology for the project a set out in this report;
  • Approve the delegation of the final approval of the Outline Business Case to the Director of Economy and Environment In consultation with the Cabinet Member for Procurement, Fire, Highways and Transport supported by the project team and the Member Review Board;
  • Approve the delegations required to take the project through to contract award in paragraphs 69 to 72 of this report; and
  • Approve the financial commitment of £1.94m to complete the procurement phase of the project.

The paper and the three appendices are embedded below for your convenience.

Image: M Glasgow under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 4th February, 2013 6:00pm


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martin william wareham

Having a cursory glance it seems a good idea export the Conservative Council to the Mainland and send all our rubbish as well.I guess recycling isn’t working.

martin william wareham

Oops Recyling

Biker Bill

eh! I think you were right 1st time!

barbara penman

The rubbish is already going to the mainland, why they had to change god only knows, the old system was working, your right about the Council though send them far far away.